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Compare the best online sports bookies in the UK

How can you pick the best bookie in the UK?  It’s simple, go with an established name that is financially secure, makes great odds, have a wide range of markets and also offers a good sign up welcome bonus. We’ve put a table so you can compare the top online bookies in the UK below:

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How to compare online bookies?

There are three main things to look at when comparing online bookies in the UK.

  • Odds
  • Markets
  • Offers

When looking to place a bet online make sure that the odds quoted are not too short.  You can usually find slight differences between book makers in specific markets.  Also betting exchanges will usually have better odds on single bets.  But traditional fixed odds bookies will always have the best odds for multiple bets, which is where there is serious money to be won.

Which is the best bookie for odds?

It’s always worth using an odds comparison service when looking for a new bookie.  Take a look at our table of the best bookies in the UK and quickly review what sports you bet on the most to see who offers the best odds for you.  Clicking through them only takes a few minutes and can make a big difference to how much you can win.

Decimal odds verus fractions…

Traditionally bookies would have quoted odds in fractions for example 2 to 1, but since the introduction of betting exchanges which act more like stock exchanges they tend to offer odds as a decimal.  Decimal odds can be slightly easier to understand as some odds fractions can be quite confusing.

Only use regulated and financial secure bookies

This is common sense, as with any company you are trusting your money you need to make sure that are on the level.  Some bookies have offers that are too good to be true.  Punters should always check the footer of a bookie’s website to check if they are regulated.  Only regulated bookies make it into our comparison table of the best bookies in the UK.

Punters also need to make sure that their bookie is financially secure.  Most hughstreet bookies in the UK are worth hundred of millions and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  A good example of this are the main players such as 888, Ladbrokes and William Hill.

Best bookies for specific sports

If your focus is on a single sports take a quick look at our comparison tables for these sports.

How Fixed Odds Betting Works

These are the traditional players in the market, so you can expect good welcome bonuses and some reasonable odds.  Fixed odds bookies will never be able to offer as higher odds as betting exchanges.  This does not really make a difference if you are betting on the favourites, but if you are betting on an outsider they odds difference can be huge.  For example, if you wanted to bet on Holland to win the World Cup you can get odds of 42 at Betfair (£10 wins you £420) but only 33/1 at William Hill (£10 wins you £330).  Traditional fixed odds bookmakers make up for this by offering significantly better offers once your accounts is open.  They can do this because they make more money from their customers.  Betting exchanges make money by charging a percentage of winnings ranging from 2% to 5%, whilst fixed odds bookmakers take everything from losing bets.  Of course they have the disadvantage of having to pay out on long shots and favourites, but there are very healthy margins.

The key to winning with fixed odds bookies is to take advantage of the continual betting offers.

A great strategy is to bet and lay arbitrage from one bookie to another.  This is when the odds differ slightly between bookmakers and can be taken advantage of.  For this to work you need to have funded accounts with as many boomakers as possible and keep an eye out for changes in prices.  The World Cup is an excellent platform for this as it is held over a short period of time and player changes can effect winning chances.  Here we highlight the key traditional bookies and the welcome offers.  Remember though, the best offers will come after you have opened your account as they want you coming back for more….

Free Fixed Odds Bookie Bets

Traditional bookies or fixed odds betting sites offers some of the best welcome offers around.  You’re not playing against other players so you have a direct relationship. Because of this the bookies want to keep you happy and coming back for more.  Bookies need loyalty from their customers because it is a fiercely competitive business.  So, the welcome bonuses are the tip of the iceberg.  You can bet follow up offers on a regular basis to stretch your betting buck further.

Sign up with the below bookies to get the initial welcome offers, and keep an eye out for even better follow ups!

Sports Spread Betting

Sports Spread Betting is one of the most exciting ways to bet.  It may seem complicated, but it is actually very simple.  You basically trade on sports like you trade on the stock market.  You can buy and sell, bet on a team to lose, hedge bets.  The variety of bets is slightly wider that with fixed odds and you can cut your losses or take profits early.

Sporting Index are one of the top spread betting sites offering a no deposit bonus of £100 when you open a new account.  See here for more details.

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