Best sites for betting on US college football – plus a guide to the best bet types

Want the best odds online? (Compare the top three betting exchange sites here)

We’ve collated this handy guide to betting on, and the best sites to bet on college football, so you’ll be confident about placing wagers with a degree of understanding.

If you looking for something new to add to your sports betting strategy? American college football betting might look strange but fear not! Here we highlight the best sites for betting on US college football and also explain some of the most popular bet types.

Where to bet on US college football?

All key sports and spread-betting sites offer American Football. The NFL is the main market (see the best bookies for betting on NFL here), while a few will offer the college football (look out for NCAA) market. With college football being the less well-known, there may well be good opportunities.

  • Spreadex offers college football in both spread betting and fixed odds format. There’s a large range of match markets include yardages, touchdowns, field goals and more. Read our Spreadex review
  • Betfair offers college football with money line, handicap and totals markets, together with a host of alternative markets for those more experienced. Read our Betfair review
  • Smarkets does have NCAA betting, but options are more limited on a straight result (money line), limiting opportunity. For example, you can back Michigan to beat Western Michigan, but only at odds of 1.04, so you’d have to bet £100 to win £4. Read our Smarkets review
  • Matchbook does not appear to offer college football but has a full range of NFL money line, totals and handicap betting opportunities. Read our matchbook review

As always betting exchanges offer by far the best odds over regular bookies – so it’s worth looking at our betting exchange comparison tables to see which one has the best current offers.

What are the types of US college football bet?

If you’re used to the home/draw/loss or first goalscorer market in European football, you’ll find things a little different with US college football. These are the main types of college football bet.

  • With a handicap or point spread, you’re backing the number of points a team is expected to win (or lose) by.

Western Michigan +25.5

Michigan -25.5

In this example, Western Michigan is such a favourite to win at Michigan that the handicap is +25.5 for Western Michigan. You’re now betting that they’ll win by at least that margin. In the UK, how much you win is determined by straightforward displayed odds. In a US sportsbook, you’d see a different set-up, with the “vig” or “juice” set at, say -115, meaning you have to wager $115 to win $100.

  • Money lines. You can bet on straight who will win or lose. In the UK you’ll see straightforward odds, whereas in the US it would look different. Here’s how a game might look there.

Notre Dame +270

Michigan -330

In this case, Notre Dame is the underdog. If you wagered $100, you would win $270. If you backed favourites Michigan, you’d need to bet $330 to win $100. The UK normally displays money lines as straightforward odds.

  • Totals are simple. The total is given, which is the same for both teams, as the total number of points expected in the game. You bet on whether you think it will be higher or lower.
  • Think of these as multiples bets. Wager a smaller amount but on the outcome of multiple games.

Bets can also be placed across only halftimes and quarters, yardages, touchdowns, field goals and more if you’re feeling more adventurous!

With these new betting types to try, you can now enjoy spreading your wagers across a new sport.

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Smarkets BetDaq Matchbook Spreadex Karamba Sporting Index Betfair
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