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Snooker World Championship

The 2018 Snooker World Championship takes place between April 21 and May 7 when, as usual, it will be hosted by the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

There are many fun ways to bet or sports trade on the Snooker World Championship, with Betting Exchanges and Spread Betting Firms offering a varied selection of popular snooker bets and tournament specials.

Popular Snooker World Championship Betting Exchange Bets

The best Betting Exchanges offer some great snooker markets and, whether you’re a backer or a layer, there are plenty of markets you might want to get involved in.

Betting on the outright tournament winner is always popular and there will be many punters hoping to profit from favourite Ronnie O’Sullivan winning his sixth Snooker World Championship. Alternatively, if you think O’Sullivan is past his best, you can bet on there being a First-Time Winner.

However, for betting exchange punters who prefer not to put all their snooker balls in one basket, you can also bet on which quarter the winner will come from, meaning you have several world-class players on your side. Meanwhile, other popular snooker betting exchange bets include Match Results, Name The Finalists, and Total Number of Century Breaks.

Popular Snooker World Championship Spread Betting Bets

For punters who have strong opinions about how the 2018 Snooker World Championship may play out, there is some great spread betting markets to get involved in – whether you’re a buyer or a seller. You can compare sports spread betting bookies here.

Popular spread betting match bets include Frame Supremacy, Total Frames Played, and Frames Won. There are also a couple of more volatile markets that the more daring punters may want to get involved in. The Multi-Frame Spread is a chance for punters to predict what the total of frames won by player 1 multiplied by the total frames won by player 2 will be. However, the most volatile market must be “The Volcano”! To profit from this bet you must successfully predict the total points difference between two players in any match.

Other popular match bets include predicting the Highest Break or predicting the amount of 50 breaks (50-ups) or century breaks (Ton-ups). There are also handicap spreads when one player starts with a virtual advantage over the other player and the match result is settled taking that handicap into consideration.

Spread Betting Snooker Tournament Specials

Sports spread betting also allows for a variety of Tournament Specials. The Highest Break market is always popular with punters hoping to see a maximum 147 break during snooker’s most prestigious tournament.

You can also place a spread bet on what number you think the winner will be seeded or what age you think the winner will be. Meanwhile, if you have a strong feeling for both seed and age, how about a bet on the Age x Seed market in which the two are multiplied together to give the winning total.

However, perhaps the most original spread betting snooker market at the 2018 Snooker World Championship is the Great Ball of China. This market is settled on the total number of frames won by Chinese players throughout the entire tournament.