NFL Betting Tips – Top Draft Picks

NFL Betting Tips – Top Draft Picks

The NFL draft is essentially the way that NFL teams receive new players. The rookie players enter the draft and are picked by teams who have decided their needs at certain positions. The draft is super important for keeping the NFL competitive. The worst teams of the previous year get the best picks. This is a way of ensuring going forward mediocre and bad franchises remain competitive in the league as a whole to keep the league as competitive as possible making American Football one of the best sports to bet on.

What is the NFL Draft

The 2019 NFL Draft was the 84th annual meeting of all 32 NFL franchises to select newly eligible players from college or free agents. This year the draft was held on the 25-27th April in Nashville, Tennessee. Consisting of second rounds of picks the first round was held on the 25th, followed by second and third on the 26th and the remaining rounds on April 27th.

The NFL draft serves as the most common way of player recruitment for NFL teams. Each year relative to the previous years placing in the standings of the league a team is given a drafting position. So, for example New England being this year’s Super Bowl winners will have been given the final draft pick. A team cam either pick a player with their draft position or else trade their draft pick to other teams for players or other draft picks etc. Some elements of the draft have changed since its inception but the fundamentals remain the same.

Currently players who have been out of high school for at least three years are eligible to enter the NFL draft. Players do not have to have attended college but the majority do so. The location of the draft has continually changed throughout the years as the NFL draft has gained popularity. Now a prime-time television event the NFL moves the draft as it determines its needs.

Leading up to the draft there a number of events that happen or can happen so that eligible players can showcase their skills to teams that are interested in them. The NFL scouting combine is held yearly and is 6-day event that assesses the skills of players in different areas. Each university or college football league has a Pro Day where the NCAA allows NFL scouts to visit and watch players go through NFL combine type events. It is believed players can feel more at ease and comfortable in their own surroundings and may perform more to their abilities. There are also Pre-draft visits where NFL teams transport players for exams, interviews, test etc to assess players on many different levels.

The Top Draft Picks

As is likely in every year there are always a number of players that enter the draft that garner a little more attention then the norm. The best players from college, the best skill players like running backs, wide receivers and of course quarterbacks. Top defensive players are also always in high demand for teams in need of defensive help, and this year was no different. Kyler Murray, Joey Bosa and Josh Allen are three first round picks that should have starring roles for them new teams into the future.

Kyler Murray No 1 Pick – Arizona Cardinals

Drafted number 1 overall the weight of expectation is now on the shoulders of quarterback Kyler Murray. For many teams he is too small to play the position of QB in the NFL but with Arizona in need of a franchise quarterback for the future they have put their trust in Kyler. Kyler was a prominent baseball player in college also and was drafted ninth overall to the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 MLB Draft but has forgone his baseball career to pursue football.

Voted the Heisman Trophy winner as the best collegiate football player in the country in the 2018 season Kyler Murray threw for more then 4,000 yards and 40 touchdowns last season. This is a savy move from the Arizona Cardinals. Their head coach Kliff Kingsbury coached Kyler in his first college starting QB position at Texas Tech. He will create an offence and system around Kyler to suit his smaller stature (he is 5ft 10 and 207 pounds, relatively small for a NFL quarterback) and the Cardinals might surprise a few people this year.

Nick Bosa No 2 Pick – San Francisco 49ers

Coming from a family of NFL talent Nick Bosa was selected as the second overall pick in the draft by the 49ers. His brother is a standout defensive player for the Los Angeles Chargers and his father also was drafted years ago to play in the NFL by the Miami Dolphins. Nick is a defensive end and played his college football at Ohio State the same as his brother.

Spending much of 2018 injured Nick is more known for his starring role in 2017. He was named defensive lineman of the year in the BIG TEN conference with 32 tackles and 14.5 for a loss of yardage. He led his team with seven sacks also. With some political views that garnered attention in the States in was feared Nick might fall in the draft. However, selected second overall he has signed a contract and will begin his career with the San Francisco 49ers. This is a good fit for a team that is need of defensive help. Richard Sherman playing cornerback for the 49ers is also a former Super Bowl winner and a leader. He can help mould Bosa in the future of San Francisco’s defence for many years to come.

Josh Allen – No 7 Pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville have turned their fortunes around in recent years and become a franchise capable of pushing for the play offs in most season. Last year however was a bad year. They struggled defensively, very unlike the Jaguars of the last few years. They needed defensive help and drafted Josh Allen to do so. This is a match made in heaven for both sides. Josh Allen finished the 2018 college season with numerous defensive awards and was named the defensive player of the year for 2018. He produced 51 pressures resulting in 14 sacks, nine quarterback hits and also 28 hurries. He is a pass rusher of the highest calibre. With Allen on their team the Jaguars should once again push towards a play off spot in the AFC.

 The Forgotten Draft Picks

As with every year some players draft stock falls or they are overlooked by teams who value other players ahead of them. We must remember that Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round in his draft and has gone on to win 6 Super Bowls for the New England Patriots. This year some players I feel were over looked are Tight End Zach Gentry and Quarterback Brett Rypien.

Zach Gentry – No 141 Pick – Pittsburgh Steelers

Starting his career as a quarterback Zach transitioned to a tight end. Many analysts believed he should stay in college for a fifth year to enhance his skills at his new position. Scouts cited dropping the football and catching it with his body as major stumbling blocks for Zach. However, he does possess the body to make a decent NFL tight end. With a quality team in Pittsburgh and quarterback Ben Rothlisberger it would be foolish to overlook Zach Gentry. If Zach sharpens his skills, he could easily become a touch down target for Ben with his 6-foot 8-inch frame and 265 pounds body. He doubled his catches tally in his second season transitioning into a tight end and averaged 16.7 yards per catch. Not to be overlooked.

Brett Rypien – Undrafted – Denver Broncos

A guy that went undrafted is a funny one to put in here but Brett has the right intangibles to make a decent NFL quarterback. He hasn’t the best mobility or arm strength and this led to his draft stock falling. He has played in an offence that is similar to the Pro level in the NFL. He went to Boise State University and they play a pro style offence. Also, he has NFL pedigree with his uncle having played for the Washington Redskins. He threw 90 touchdowns to his 29 interceptions in college and 13,578 yards. He might struggle to escape a fast pass rush in the NFL game but if put behind a strong offensive line he can pass the ball efficiently. Again, another guy not to be overlooked as he enters the pros.

Brett did however go undrafted. The Denver Broncos though signed him as an undrafted free agent in may and he will enter the season as a back-up quarterback for the Broncos. Given a chance to start Brett might be able to win the starting QB position.

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