As he prepares to give away his 400th car we catch up with BOTB CEO William Hindmarch on running “the” airport supercar competition business

For 15 years, among a select group of people, probably Top Gear fans, he’s the man that everyone wanted to see on a Tuesday morning.

Since founding BOTB (Best of the Best) in 1999 he’s given away nearly 400 cars worth over a staggering £20m. While all the time looking like he’s having a lot of fun and seeing the BOTB share price rocket giving the company a current valuation of just over £30m

Now spending more time in the office than surprising winners (that’s now done by Christian Williams) we catch up with William Hindmarch to see how the business of giving away super cars is going.

How’s the move from monthly to weekly competitions going and any plans to do daily competitions?

The move has gone well and our customers much prefer the more regular format. I think weekly is quite a nice time frame as it gives time to get excited about the results each week. We are looking however at some other competitions for the site as well as the cars.

Do you miss the being in front of the camera and doing the winners surprises?

Yes I really do, it was great fun to see the winners faces every week and every surprise was different and always a bit of an adventure. However, it is also great to have a bit more time in the office to get through some work. It was a great way to see lots of places I have never been to before.

Favourite win so far?

Wow, there have been so many great ones. Being a massive Caterham fan (and having built one) I loved it when Craig Wood won the Caterham 620R – a bonkers car and he has really used it, taking it all over Europe.

What’s your average player like? Do most players come back each week?

Our average player is generally male (not exclusively) aged 18- 70 and loves cars, so it’s fairly broad. Like most businesses we have some who play every week and some just occasionally when a particular car takes their fancy.

Do you think you will ever become digital only or do you think the airport stands are too great a conversion and trust tool for new players?

Like most businesses the online side has grown a lot but we are known for the airports and I think they play an important part in growing the BOTB brand. We are in less airports than we were before but intend to keep the core ones.

What was your major break in getting the business started?

Getting Heathrow Airport to take on a new business with no track record was definitely the hardest thing – it was a new concept and no one knew if it would work…..

What’s been critical to the success of the business so far?

I think like any business a good team is critical. Always hire people who are better than you I was told – not hard in my case but I have tried to stick to it…

And finally, having overseen every competition and judging what top three tips do you have for players to improve their positioning?

  1. Make sure you use all in the information in the picture
  2. Watch some judging videos
  3. Try and visualise what is going to happen next

New players can get £5 worth of free tickets when they sign up to BOTB here.

Read our BOTB review here

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