Football – All the Latest News, Events, Tips, and Best Betting Sites

Football is without a doubt the most popular sport boasting millions of fans and gamblers from around the world. It’s played all-year round thereby offering gamblers a vast number of fixtures to bet on – in fact most punters consider it to be the best sport for gambling.

Like any other sport, it is important to acquire in-depth knowledge of football if you’re looking to succeed betting on it.

On this football category page, you’ll find valuable insights into the most popular football events as well as the best betting markets to consider for high returns on your wagers. We’ll also show you the most reliable betting platforms as well proven tips for beating these platforms at their game.

Popular Football Events

Every year, thousands of football events are held around the world ranging from international cups, friendly matches, and national leagues. Some of the top events that offer great betting fixtures include the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Emirates FA Cup, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Copa America, European Championships, and the Africa Cup of Nations.

As a punter, you can bet on these matches in different ways. Some common betting markets offered by bookmakers include match betting, double chance, Asian handicap, European handicap, over/under betting, total goals, correct score, goal scorers, corners, cards, etc.

Betting Platforms

As a rule of thumb, the first step to becoming a successful sports punter is to pick the right betting platform. This means understanding how the different platforms work and thereafter choosing those that offer to meet most of your betting goals.

Betting exchanges

Football betting exchanges allow players to set odds and place bets against one another instead of playing against the bookmaker as is the case with sportsbooks. Exchanges earn by deducting commissions from winning players’ accounts.


A sportsbook, also known as a bookmaker or bookie, is a betting platform where punters wager on sporting events of their choice. They allow you to cash out your winnings when your bets are settled.

Spread betting

This is a type of betting where bookmakers set a point spread on a particular event to level the playing field for both teams. The supposedly weak team is given a slight point advantage which makes the chances of it winning the event relatively equal. Find out more about Football spread betting.

Sports trading

Sports trading refers to the buying of bets at a low price and selling them at a higher price to make some profit. Here, you apply the same concept used in financial and stocks trading.

Matched betting

A form of betting where the operator allows players to wager on both wins and losses so they can make profit no matter the outcome of an event.

News and Opinions

At Betopin, we guide you through the fundamentals of successful sports betting by providing you with the latest tips, news, and winning strategies for football betting. Be sure to check out this category page to learn the most effective ways to earn genuine profits betting on football.

By studying and implementing the information we’ve organised for you here, it will be far easier and more rewarding betting on this truly beautiful sport!