Politics Betting – Latest News, Events, Tips, and Best Betting Sites

Besides sports and casino games, a section of betting firms have ventured into new markets including politics. They allow you to prove your prowess in the game of thrones by determining the future direction of political affairs. The inspiration to establish this niche comes from the existing differences in political ideologies by people living in various sovereign regions.

Platforms that offer politics betting sell odds for opposing leaders, political parties, and regional fronts looking to assume power or occupy certain elective positions. If one of your passions is to be part of the big equation and participate proactively in your governance, this is an area you’ll certainly love checking out.

In this category page, we explain all the key events happening around in the world of politics including how you can bet on your favourite political leader or party. While at it, we’ll furnish you with great tips on how to perfect the art of political betting by sharing tips, strategies, and the latest news on what’s happening on the ground.

Political Betting Events

Due to the dynamic nature of politics, there are practically no fixed events to bet on in this field; they come and go while their magnitude depends on the popularity and the charisma of the contestants. However, looking back, we have good examples of past events that took the politics betting scene by storm.

Trump Betting

This was the trendiest event in 2016 when the current US president Donald Trump went head to head against his opponent Hillary Clinton. Online bookmakers carefully nurtured political betting then by offering a sea of odds on the results. This, in turn, built a new market encouraging punters to debate on the future political affairs by betting on their favourite candidates.

Catalan Independence Referendum

Catalan, a province in Spain, attracted immense global attention in 2017 when it pushed for independence from its mother country. The political debate was too hot spawning aggressive gulfs which encouraged bookmakers into the playing field. Popular bookies including Ladbrokes were at the centre of this event.


In 2016, the UK made good on its threat to exit the long standing European Union in a deal that came to be known as Brexit. This political event was so colossal to the extent of bookmakers creating a political betting market out of it and which still reigns to date.

Betting Platforms

If you’re already participating in political betting, here are alternate platforms where punters are members:

Betting exchanges

These platforms allow you to sell or buy odds for various betting markets as well as interacting with other bettors.


Popularly known as bookmakers, these platforms sell odds to players and pay winnings for successful wagers.

Sports trading

A sports trading forum allows you to shop for the best odds across various sportsbooks on the internet and trade them for profit in the same manner as forex traders.

Matched betting

Platforms offering this betting type are excellent if looking to profit from events where the margins of probable outcomes almost overlap like in politics and volatile sports.

Spread betting

Keep your excitement up with Political Spread betting and stay engaged with buying or selling your favourite picks.

News and Opinion

Here at Betopin, we offer you the hottest, latest, and trendiest opinion articles on politics betting. Our goal is to help you conceptualise the idea of politics betting, the various markets available, and effective tips that help you hone your prediction skills.

As if that’s not enough, we show you reputable platforms that support and offer great odds and a variety of markets for politics betting. Keep checking this page to ensure that you stay up to date with the political events which is key in your success as a political bettor!