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What are binary options?

Binary options are a way to speculate and potentially make money in short term price movements in the financial markets.  As opposed to financial spread betting where you are basically trading the underlying instrument with binary options you are betting on a specific price being reached or not.  For more information on how binary options betting works see here.

Binary option broker reviews

There are seemingly hundreds of binary options brokers marketing for new business on the internet.  Before you apply for an account make sure you read our binary option broker reviews for more information on who owns a company, their regulatory status, welcome bonuses and what range or markets and prices are on offer.

Learning to trade binary options

Trading binary options is actually quite easy.  The terminology may be quite daunting at first, but once you get your head around that and the mechanics of how binary options works the principle is simple.  Learn how to trade binary options with our guides and articles.

Getting started in binary betting

The first thing to do if you want to start binary options trading is to pick a broker.  Our binary betting comparison tables give a good overview of the brokers that provide online binary option betting platforms.  Our getting started guide to binary options guide will talk you through then best places to get started and give some simple tips on strategy and what you should expect from the market.

Puts and calls?!$#!!

Puts and Calls are the terminology used in traditional options trading. Binary betting has been derived from options so the terms still loosely apply. A call is simply the right to buy meaning you think the market will go up if you are a buyer. A put is the reverse i.e. you think the market will go down and you have the right to sell.
With binary options it is much simpler, you either pick yes or no to an event and the prices settles when the time expires. Some brokers use the phrases put and call to make the product sound more professional.

Are binary options a scam?

Binary options themselves are not a scam but there are some unscrupulous so called brokers operating in the industry.  To avoid trouble always go with a UK regulated firm that offers binary options and be sure to check the main office is based in the UK.  Find out more about binary options scams here.

Is it investing or trading or betting or what?

Firstly, binary options is certainly not investing. Because of the absolute nature of the product it can hardly be called trading either. The most appropriate label would be betting. Binary options are a form of betting on an event either happening or not happening.

The regulation of binary betting

There is some confusion in the industry as to who actually should regulate binary betting. Most binary options brokers seem to be located in Cyprus and use variants of the local Cyprian authorisation to operate in different domains. It is expected that at some point binary options betting will be regulated in the UK by either the FCA or Gambling Commission.

Binary betting welcome bonuses

These are fairly standard across most binary betting brokers. Binary options welcome bonuses generally work on getting a percentage of your initial deposit as a bonus once you have placed a certain amount of trades or bets.
For example a 100% bonus on a £100 initial deposit would result in getting a further £100 in bonus funds. There are of course the usual terms such as not being able to withdraw bonus amounts and a time limit to claim them. In order to claim you will have to bet an equal or greater amount that you will be receiving so take them with a pinch of salt.

Can you actually make money binary betting?

As with any financial product binary betting is there as a mechanism to speculate on price movements. Whether or not you make money is totally dependent you your ability to predict the financial markets. So the answer is yes you can make money if you call the market right. You can also lose money if you call it wrong. Even though binary betting is predicated on either yes/no outcomes it should be noted that the odds of winning are not 50/50.
The odds will always be stacked against you. Even though there is an element of skill involved when comparing it to online gambling it is more like online poker than an online casino.

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