Tradefred Latest Promotions Review

It may not seem immediately obvious, but it may surprise you to to learn that Tradefred does a roaring deal (take a look at our full review here) when it comes to promotions and bonuses, and seek to reward both new and experienced customers with equal finesse. This is a massive appeal for a product which can externally feel a little dull and really helps the site to stand out from the competition. This is one of many reasons Tradefred have elevated themselves above their rivals to score consistently well and place themselves as ones to watch within the industry.

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Before we proceed, it is important to understand the unique position held by Tradefred within the industry; it is a curious combination of the trading platform and sports broker, and simultaneously straddles both of these with surprising elegance. As a result, there is a chance to get your hands on some pretty neat deals if you know where to look.

You will be rewarded whenever you are active with your trades, and this follows basic sense. The more active you are on the site, the more you will be rewarded by Tradefred. The Trade Cash Reward is the main goal, and this can allow you to enjoy up to 50% on the spreads on your trades at the elite level – this acts as a brilliant motivator, and rewards regular, committed traders to prevent any ill will or a bad feeling. It also helps to inspire traders who are less active to up their game. To qualify, you need to make 100 transactions in three months; this will allow the bonus fund to automatically enter your account, and they can then be sued as you choose. Enter more lucrative trades, or withdraw the funds from your account; your loyalty can be rewarded in many ways.

More Tradefred Bonuses and Promotions

As well as the Trade Cash Reward, players can also see bonuses on your birthday, providing you have been active in the last quarter. Again, this bonus depends on the level of activity you have shown, and so it really pays to be proactive and engage in as many trades as possible – you could see your birthday cheque seriously elevated! With Tradefred, you get out what you put in – and that makes for pretty good incentive to try your best!