Tradefred Open An Account

Getting started with any new site can be a daunting prospect, and this is a challenge which applies equally to sportsbooks, casinos, and brokers, Tradefred falls firmly into the latter category, and this can be a little overwhelming for those making their first foray into the world of trading and brokers. In reality however, the site are committed to making the whole process as pain free as possible, and this is a massive bonus for customers – follow our guide and get signed up today!

How to Open a Tradefred  Account

As part of their commitment to putting customers first, Tradefred pride themselves on a super simple sign up process – you will be registered in no time!

Step 1 – Head to Tradefred

The first step is to head over to the site at – this is the first step to success!

Step 2 – Join Here

Once you visit the site, you will be greeted with a ‘Open an Account’ button located in the top right hand corner; click this to begin the process.

Step 3 – Fill In Your Details

Clicking this link will direct you to the joining form, and this will start by asking for your name, phone number and email address.

After this step is complete, you will be directed to the next page which asks for your address details, your trading history and your motivations for joining. You will also be asked to pick a currency and set a password.

The third page asks for employment and education details, as well as questions surrounding citizenship and previous trading experience. This helps the site to build a more complete picture of your needs, and your motivations for requesting membership of the site.

Page four is similar, with questions about your financial history and commitments. There will also be a chance for you to prove your financial and investment savvy by answering some challenging questions; this helps the site to determine whether you will be eligible for membership, and the best ways in which they can advise you in future trades and investments.

The final page is your confirmation. This means you can begin trading!

Step 4 – Verify Registration

Your account will need to be verified via email, and you will receive a link for this. Clicking this is the final stage in the process, and will allow you full access.

Making a Deposit at TradeFred

Once you are registered and verified, you can make your first deposit and begin trading!