Mug betting: how to avoid the perils of matched betting bans

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The biggest challenge to your matched betting success is arguably the bookmakers. Bookies make their money when punters lose their bets. With this in mind, when someone wins too much or only seems to bet when they’re offered bonuses, this can make the bookies suspicious.

If a bookmaker notices this type of activity, it could close or limit your account and severely hamper your matched betting profit margins. Fortunately, mug betting gives you a way to carry on gambling to your heart’s content. Here’s how:

What is mug betting?

Mug betting is a way to make you seem like an average gambler who isn’t using matched betting to cancel out their losses. A great way to do this is to make wagers that matched bettors usually don’t. For example, you could place bets of different sizes on events with no offers. You can also bet on major sporting events, or use football accumulators.

It’s worth noting that no betting exchange will ever ‘gub’ (limit) your account. This is because the likes of Betfair and Smarkets only allow you to bet against other punters and take a percentage of the winnings, so they don’t care whether you win or not.

Bookies hardly ever disclose the reasons for closing or gubbing a betting account, so it’s impossible to know for sure what they look for in their attempts to weed out matched bettors (or when they do it).

However, if you find your account has been gubbed, there’s rarely anything you can do to lift the restrictions. Sometimes, bookmakers close or gub accounts for no apparent reason at all. So as your ability to make a profit and have fun is at stake, we recommend never leaving anything to chance.

When should you start mug betting?

You don’t need to start placing mug bets until you’ve exhausted all of your welcome offers. If you have sufficient funds and time, you may wish to place a couple of small mug bets after using up your welcome bonuses just to be on the safe side. Keep placing those mug bets from time to time and you’re more likely to keep receiving those bonuses for years to come.

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