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Spread Bet on Ice Hockey

Are you tired of always losing to your best friend when you bet him that your New Jersey Devils are going to beat the Chicago Black Hawks. We know that you are passionate about your team winning but losing money in a bet that is highly likely to go against you isn’t helping anybody. Well I have some good news. You can still bet your friend about the outcome of the game but we are going to do it in a way that will benefit both your ego and your wallet.

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We are going to take a look into the world of Spread Betting. They have Spread Betting for just about any Sport you can imagine and Hockey is no exception. Take the match-up we talked about earlier for instance. The Blackhawks have been Stanley Cup contenders for the past few years and are a very talented and hot team. The Devils are no chumps but the odds are greatly in favour of the Blackhawks pulling out the win. Luckily instead of betting your friend that Chicago will win or lose you can bet on how much they would lose by.

Your friend is always saying how much better his team is then yours so why don’t you put his belief to the test. Make a Spread Bet with him. He says that he thinks the Black Hawks are going to beat your Devils in a landslide by four goals. Being the savvy better you are, you tell him that you think they will win but you think they are going to win by less than four goals. You bet him $50.

The game ends and indeed the Black Hawks did win but they only won by a score of two to four. At first your friend was so excited that his team won and then once the euphoria wears off he then realizes that he lost the bet.

This is an everyday example of how Spread Betting works for Hockey. Now that you understand you can take your knowledge to the sports bookies and start making some money!

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