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Welcome to the Best Betting Sites in India

Welcome to Betopin’s ultimate guide to the best betting sites in India! We have employed a team of exquisite experts to research and find the best betting sites targeted towards the Indian market. You can rest assured that you have come to a page where you can find the most honest and exclusive reviews of online betting sites. Our specialist team has been in the business for years — you can check out our work by reading some previous guides. For this article, we are focusing on India and the best gambling platforms on the market.

It’s no secret that India has a friendly relationship with sports, and cricket, badminton, horse racing, and field hockey are the most played and watched sports in the country. Fortunately, the Indian government has not passed any laws that make online sports betting illegal. Thus, the majority of sports punters have made it a practice to place wagers online and mostly on offshore betting sites. The largest international sportsbooks, such as the ones based in the United Kingdom, accept players from all states in India.

This article will lead you on a journey of finding and selecting the top Indian betting sites. Our readers can rely on the list of the top online betting sites in India provided in this article, as all sites have been personally tested and selected by our team of experts. Apart from that, you can check out which payment methods you can use if you’re based in India, which features we test, different types of betting platforms, and much more. Stay with us and keep reading!

Take a Look at Our Exclusive List of Top Betting Sites in India

The list below represents the sites that are best suited for Indian sports punters. These sites include the most popular sports in India and the instructions on how to place bets on them. Moreover, you can experience in-play betting while watching live streams of the game — all in one place! All these sites accept players from India, so you can sign up and expect various promotions and welcome bonus packages to start you off. Aside from the amazing features that come with each of these sites, you can rest assured that all sites have been regulated and licensed by proper authorities, so your betting experience remains secure.



Things We Look for on Indian Betting Sites

Keep in mind that these sites were not randomly selected, based on popularity or the fact they accept Indian players. What’s more, we have made it our mission to pick the best of the best. All sites have gone through rigorous assessment tests so to make sure they are worth your time and hard-earned money. We have been following and updating our strict criteria for years so that you can have faith in our reviews and that we will deliver only the best betting sites that we firmly believe in.

Keep reading to find out which criteria we rely on to provide you with the ultimate betting experience online.

Bonuses and Promotions

As avid sports punters ourselves, we know how great welcome bonus packages and regular bonuses and promotions are. All betting sites that have made it to our top list offer generous bonus and promotion offers that will not only be an excellent starting point for most players but also keep them going for a while. We have checked out most bonuses and promotions on these betting sites so you can join any of them without the fear of being scammed.

However, some bonuses and promotions are not what they seem at first glance. If you decide to steer clear of our list, you need to take into consideration that some offers do not match up to what has been advertised. Betting sites do not advertise all conditions that come with accepting a welcome offer. To be specific, you will need to read the terms and conditions of the chosen betting site in order to learn all the details regarding your welcome offer or promotion. Once you have read and determined which requirements you need to fulfil, we can talk more about bonuses and promotions.

For this purpose, we have made sure to double-check all bonuses and promotions on the betting sites we advertise. With this in mind, you can accept these welcome offers and win some real money while playing for free. Moreover, you can enjoy not only a hefty welcome offer but regular weekly and monthly promotions and rewards targeted towards Indian players. Besides, some betting sites also have exclusive VIP offers for loyal players.

Safety and Security

Although it’s easy to get distracted by flashy website design and hefty welcome bonus packages, that’s not essential when it comes to choosing the top online sports betting site. Keep in mind that most betting sites that try to diverge your attention with more than generous bonuses usually have something to hide. In most cases, players will not be able to withdraw any winnings or the site will seize their previously made deposits. With that in mind, you should always put your security first because that’s what we do.

Our priority is that all our readers have a safe and secure gambling experience while on the online betting sites that we have recommended. To make sure that a sports betting site is legal, we check if the website has been regulated and licensed by a validated gambling authority. What do we mean by that? Gambling authorities, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, are in charge of checking online sites and making sure that they provide a safe gambling experience to players. If those sites do not pass strict tests set by these authorities, they will not be licensed. Thus, if a website is not licensed, it means that your gambling journey on that particular site could be compromised. Online betting sites that have been regulated will present a licence number at the bottom of their homepage or in their terms and conditions.

We understand that money is your main concern, as well as any personal information. Rest assured that all high-quality betting sites use state-of-the-art SSL encryption and firewalls to prevent any breaches in security. The best online betting sites put their users first, so all sites on our list are up to date with modern encryption technology.

Game Variety

If you are an enthusiastic punter, you should know the importance of betting varieties. The best online betting sites offer tens of available sports to bet on, including the most popular sport in India — cricket. Therefore, we prioritized cricket betting, as well as other popular sports, such as field hockey, badminton, football, shooting, wrestling, boxing, tennis, and more. These online betting sites should also include betting on non-sport events, like other contests, politics, award ceremonies, and similar.

However, you need to keep in mind that the variety of available sports to bet on isn’t the most critical factor when choosing a sports betting site. It happens that an online betting site offers more than 50 betting markets but that the number of monthly matches is low, and vice versa. Consequently, you should decide what matters to you and choose a betting site that suits you best. Preferably, you will find a betting site that offers a large number of betting markets and a high number of monthly matches.

There are many more things to take into consideration when talking about Indian betting sites and game variety, but we will go into detail on that a bit later. Until then, you should stick to your goal of finding the best betting site in India, while keeping in mind your safety and security, aside from the wide variety of sports to bet on.

Customer Support

As a newly registered player, you are bound to have an abundance of questions, no matter if they are about online registration or navigation on the betting site. Here’s where customer support comes in handy. In all honesty, players do not appreciate betting sites that are sloppy when it comes to customer support. If you, as the best betting site operator, want to attract new users, you need to offer top customer service.

Thus, when you have a question regarding the website’s organization, you will turn to customer support. Most modern, up-to-date sites offer a live chat option where users can contact the customer support staff and get the answers to their inquiries quickly and efficiently. What most Indian players need when joining a betting site is the ability to contact customer support 24/7, especially when joining an international sports betting site because of the time difference.

Other methods of contacting customer support are equally important since players value variety. Thus, offering a support email where you can write about your problem in detail is necessary. Other efficient ways include a free phone number available to Indian players and a FAQ section for important, frequently asked questions.

Since we put great value on customer support, we have tested all betting sites’ customer service for efficiency and helpfulness. We are glad to report that online betting in India has never had better support than with these online gambling sites from our list. Players can rest assured that all their questions and problems will be solved in a blink of an eye.


A top Indian betting site should have numerous deposit and withdrawal methods to offer to its users. As you are aware, the same payment methods are not available in all countries around the world. Thus, we emphasized payment methods that are available in India so players could easily deposit money by using Indian rupees. However, keep in mind that not all betting sites will accept Indian rupees as a payment method.

The availability of payment methods is important because not all players use the same credit card or the same e-wallet to make their deposits and request withdrawals. For that reason, we made sure that all online betting sites from our list have various credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and prepaid methods on their Banking list.

Moreover, we have considered the processing times of these payment methods as well. Being sports punters ourselves, we know how crucial it is to process payment during a live betting session. Moreover, we noted that fees could cause players to steer away from specific sites, so we tried to find Indian betting sites that offer low or non-existent fees.

We will tell you something more about banking when joining an online betting site, so keep reading!

User Interface

If you prefer a smooth online betting experience, you should pay attention to the site’s interface. Sportsbooks that have made it to our list have a user interface that is easy to navigate, as well as a smooth and lag-free operating platform. Placing a bet should be done in a few seconds by two to three clicks of a button. Furthermore, we want to make sure all the information on the site is provided in plain sight and is explained in detail, so nothing is missed or overseen.

What most players are concerned about when it comes to online betting on cricket is if they can do it on their mobile devices. All the sites on our list have been tested for smoothness and bugs, so you can rest assured that your online gambling experience is safe.

Trustworthiness and Reliability

As the majority of players are concerned with their safety, trustworthiness and reliability made it to the top of our list. Sports betting has never been easier with the advanced technology of today, so you can stay calm and continue gambling with the crème de la crème that is our list.

We have personally tested all betting sites to ensure our readers have a safe online gambling experience. All sites have been regulated and licensed, as well as checked for security measures and previous players’ reviews. These sites have not had any complaints or lawsuits in the past, so you can stay calm and enjoy online betting!

Different Types of Markets on Indian Betting Sites

Now, we are coming back to market variety as we promised earlier. We will explain why we find it important to have an abundance of different betting types so you can maximize your winnings. With more options of betting markets, you will have higher chances of winning real money. The possibilities are plentiful when it comes to types of markets on betting sites in India.

  • Money Line — Money Line is the simplest and easiest bet you can play online. Punters will only need to choose a team or a player they think will win and place their bet on. The odds are based on statistics, previous records, and similar.
  • Point Spread — If you decide on a Point Spread bet, you are betting on a margin of victory. This is a popular bet on basketball, where you can guess the number of points by which a certain team will win or lose.
  • Parlay — Parlay bets or Accumulators are multiple bets on one betting slip. The odds of each game are multiplied so you get the final odds of your slip. However, if you don’t guess the outcome of one game, the whole betting slip is invalid. Some Indian sports betting sites will give you a cashback if your online cricket bet fails by one.
  • Outright — If you’re feeling truly confident, you can place a bet on the entire competition instead of a single game. This bet is called Outright, and you can, for example, bet on Mumbai Indians to win the Indian Premier League before the competition even starts. Since this is a challenging bet to predict, the odds are pretty high for Outright bets.

Most Popular Features on Indian Betting Sites

Luckily, the advancements in technology have brought a lot of exciting and eye-catching features for betting, especially for Indian players. Thus, if you choose one of the Indian betting sites from our list, you will be welcomed with an abundance of thrilling and useful online betting features. These sites offer much more than simple wagering on sports teams and players. Indian players can indulge in live betting (during the match) or they can watch the match while placing bets (live streaming) or even place bets on the go with mobile apps. Moreover, there are plenty of sports to bet on, such as horse racing, cricket, badminton, and so on. Let’s dive in!

In-Play Betting

The last several years have brought many changes in betting on Indian states, and with that in mind, in-play betting has turned out to be one of the most popular ways to place a bet online. Not surprisingly, as players tend to choose in-play betting over pre-game betting since in-play betting brings much more excitement than anything else. Think about a Test cricket game that can even last three days and the amount of intensity that comes with placing a bet for cricket online during this game. Whichever sport you choose to bet on, you will surely enjoy a lavish experience with live betting. Simply take your pick!

Live Streaming

Only the best Indian sports betting sites will have the option to place bets while live-streaming a match. In all honesty, it’s difficult to find something that brings out the excitement more than watching a game live and placing wagers at the same time. Online sports betting has never been easier and you won’t even need a TV to get the full experience!

In order to stream a game over an online sports betting site, you will need to place a minimum bet to enable the streaming service. This makes your live betting experience much easier if you’re a big fan of in-play betting. You will be able to change and adjust your bets during the live streaming of the game. Moreover, all streams are in HD quality, so you won’t be missing out on anything if you choose to watch online. Keep in mind that not all sports events will be covered, but all major sports events are usually available on sports betting sites.

News and Tips

Although most sports punters prefer to rely on luck when gambling, some enjoy the process of educating themselves before and during placing an online bet. That’s where the News and Tips section of a website comes in handy. These sections are usually located under the Blog section and there you can find all the information you can on future games, including the teams, previous matches, injury reports, team form, and other important reports that could impact the outcome of the game.

These sections are essential since they hold crucial information about all the factors that could influence the final outcome. Without this information, punters are not able to get the full picture, which can lead to a negative balance on your account. Furthermore, some sites employ experts that give their professional opinion on these games with possible predictions. This could be of tremendous help and increase your chances of winning.

E-Sports Betting

Interestingly, the world of e-sports is taking over the world in the last few years. Not many people have thought that online betting on e-sports would enjoy such popularity, as there isn’t that much excitement in e-sports. However, they have proven many people wrong. Indian players have become a big part of online betting on e-sports, making this an important feature in this segment.

Indian punters can make a lot of money by betting on their favourite player or e-sport team to win. The most popular events in e-sports include League of Legends, CS: GO, Dota 2, or Fortnite tournaments, meaning that you can find the majority of these events on Indian sports betting sites.

Online Casino

If you like to bet online, you might like to place a bet or two in an online casino. We know there are many specialised sites that offer live casino games and high-quality table games, but if you’re both an avid sports punter and a casino player, you might want to kill two birds with one stone.

Only the best betting site will offer a Casino section on their website, where you can choose to play one of many popular casino games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, video slots, craps, bingo, keno, and so much more. New players will be thrilled to know that these games come with their own separate bonuses and promotions so you can start your casino journey on the right foot. If you’re interested in betting and winning big, you might want to opt for progressive jackpot games that are worth millions of Indian rupees.

Mobile and Apps

The majority of Indian players own mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and most betting sites are compatible with mobile platforms, while some even offer mobile apps. So, if you are interested in online betting in India, you might want to look into betting on mobile devices instead of desktop or laptop devices.

Horse racing and cricket betting have never been easier with mobile-compatible betting. You can choose to place a bet on the go, while stuck in traffic or if you are running late. Luckily, all sites that have made it to our list have mobile-optimised sites so you can safely place bets online and enjoy live betting features, among others.

Some websites also offer betting apps that you can download to your mobile devices, no matter if you’re using iOS or Android smartphones. These betting apps have no significant differences from desktop sites, and some even offer mobile-optimised bonuses and promotions that will make your mobile betting experience richer.

Best Sports for Your Wagering Needs in India

Any sport is generally a highly watched and followed event in India, but there are some sports that take the cake in this Southeast Asian country. Since the most popular sport in India isn’t extremely popular in many other countries, we had to pay close attention to available sports when we decided to rank the best betting sites in India.

There are dozens of available sports that you can choose to bet on, but here is a couple of them that represent the most popular sports for Indian punters:

  • Cricket — Unsurprisingly, cricket is the most popular sport in India. Cricket has had a long tradition in all Indian states and it’s regarded as the national sport. Online betting in India is not possible without cricket, so you will be able to find all popular cricket events on these websites to make betting in India more accessible. Most of these sites offer the possibility of cricket betting on the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and many more. You can place bets during the games or you can live stream the most important cricket matches.
  • Football — The most beloved sport in the world is also quite popular in India, so it’s no surprise it has made it to our list. Indian players can find an abundance of football events to bet on, including domestic games and many famous international competitions. If you are interested in live streaming bets, you will find the most options if you choose to bet on football.
  • Badminton — Although badminton hasn’t gained international success, it is highly rated in India. An Indian badminton player has even brought home a silver medal from the Olympics in 2016. Online gambling on badminton is not easy to find, so only the top Indian online betting sites will give you the opportunity to place online bets on badminton.
  • Horse Racing — The horse racing industry in India is centuries old, so avid punters will feel surprised to find this sport on our list. The majority of websites from our top list offer the possibility of betting on major horse racing events, such as the Indian Oaks, the Indian Derby, and the Indian 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas.
  • Field Hockey — The golden years of field hockey might have passed in India, but the sport is still considered one of the national sports of the country. Major events, such as the Hockey India League (HIL) are still widely watched and followed in India, so avid punters like to have the opportunity to place a few bets on their favourite team. With that in mind, many online gambling sites offer the possibility of betting on field hockey.
  • Tennis — Although singles tennis matches are more popular and followed around the world, India keeps its focus on their doubles players. All major tennis events, such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open, are present on online gambling sites, so Indian players can safely place bets. Other than that, punters can wager on the International Premier Tennis League.

Deposits and Withdrawals on Indian Gambling Sites

Only the top betting sites will offer various deposit and withdrawal methods for Indian players. Naturally, the most popular methods to deposit money while betting in India is by using credit and debit cards. Indian punters opt for Visa or MasterCard, beside the widely accepted Indian card Payu India.

Aside from credit and debit card payments, Indian placers opt for more modernized payment methods such as e-wallets. Commonly used e-wallet payments for Indian players are Skrill, Stripe, and BlueSnap. While some players opt for PayPal as a method of depositing and withdrawing money, others prefer to connect their BlueSnap account with PayPal and authorize payments in that way.

BlueSnap is one of the most popular methods of payment in India, so many punters can also choose to pay by invoice while using BlueSnap.

Although some Indian sportsbooks have started to accept crypto payments, they are still rare on most sites. However, if you are interested in crypto online betting, you could probably find a site or two that accepts Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Other than these methods, Indian players opt for bank transfers, mobile payments, prepaid cards, and more. Always check the site’s Banking section to see all available payment methods for your country.

Keep in mind that the processing time and fees depend on your preferred method. Not all sites offer all these payment methods, and some offer even more. If you are interested in more information about online betting in India and available payment options, you should check the site’s terms and conditions page.

Keep in mind that not all payment methods are compatible with the welcome offer. For example, most betting sites do not allow Skrill payments for the welcome bonus.

Different Types of Betting Sites in India

Online betting in India has a prolific spectrum of betting sites for you to dive into. We wanted our readers to get the full information, so keep reading to find out more about all the various ones that are accessible to you.


Not surprisingly, the most common type of betting site in India is a sportsbook. If you decide to join a sportsbook, you will be greeted with numerous bonuses and promotions which you can use to place bets on a range of available sports, such as cricket, football, and tennis. With sportsbooks, you can choose the type of bet you’re interested in, like point spread, parlay, outright, money line betting, or others.

Betting Exchanges

If you prefer to bet against other people rather than bet against a machine or odds, you can do so on betting exchanges. These platforms are quite exciting if online gambling and socializing is your cup of tea. Moreover, you can bet on other events and not only sports. Think big and bet on the outcome of your favourite TV show or politics and current affairs.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is intriguing if you’re interested in betting on finance, in addition to sports and other areas. For example, you can place wagers to predict the movement of currencies, shares, and other finance areas. Try out your luck with spread betting if you haven’t before!

Online Casinos

As we previously mentioned, online casinos have taken the gambling world by storm. You can have your cake and eat it too by joining a sports betting site that has an online casino section as well. Take your chance on a game of blackjack while you’re waiting for the final score of a football game. Anything is possible with the right betting site!


Hopefully, we have reviewed every nook and cranny that interested you regarding online betting in India. If you are interested in betting sites, this ultimate review probably gave you a new insight into the world of online gambling. Sports betting is still in a developing stage in India, but you can enjoy the variety of sports and welcome bonus offers that top Indian sites have to offer. You won’t need to dive into research yourself — just take a look at our list of the best betting sites in India. Pick one or two of the many excellent operators that have passed our assessment tests and try out your luck online!

We have made sure that all the sites are up to date with security and safety, so you will not need to worry about your hard-earned money on these betting websites. If you are of age limit, you can freely join any of the sites from the list and make some real money.

Remember to gamble responsibly and good luck!


Is online betting in India legal?

Online betting in India has not been legalised. However, there are no indications in Indian laws that these operations are illegal. To be safe, it’s best to stick with offshore betting sites.

Are Indian betting sites safe?

Not all Indian betting sites are safe since many of them appear daily with the intention to scam people. However, if you stick to our list of the best online gambling sites, you will be protected, along with your personal data and funds.

Are there any bonuses for Indian players?

Yes, there are. All top sites offer hefty bonuses and promotions for both new and regular players from India. Take a look at one of the sites from our list to find a welcome bonus that suits you best.

Can I win real money on Indian betting sites?

Yes, you can! Online gambling can bring you a lot of money if you correctly guess the outcomes of all the games you have played on your slip. Good luck!

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