Top Basketball Betting Sites in India

Basketball is one of the most popular sports on the planet. It is played on every continent and it has hundreds of millions of fans. Among those fans are plenty of sports bettors who like placing wagers on basketball games that interest them, which is why basketball is an indispensable part of every betting website.

Since there are so many betting sites that include basketball on their list of betting markets, selecting the best ones might prove to be a difficult task. So, if you want to enjoy basketball betting, you probably don’t even know where to start. But, don’t worry, as we are here to give you a list of the finest basketball betting sites in India!

After countless hours of research, we were able to compile a list that contains betting websites with very rewarding bonuses, extensive betting features, and a wide range of basketball events and markets. Choose one of the websites below, and start betting today!

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Most Popular Basketball Fixtures

While there are hundreds of sports betting websites that offer basketball betting, not all of them cover the same variety of fixtures. Competitions like the NBA, NCAA, and Euroleague are present on almost every basketball betting website, together with periodical international competitions like the FIBA World Cup, continental championships, and the basketball tournament at the Olympic Games.

But what about other, less popular competitions? We wanted to reward online sportsbooks that provide as many basketball fixtures as possible, which is why the websites on our list feature competitions on almost every level. On these sites, you’ll be able to bet on CBA, Liga ACB, Eurocup, NBA G-League, Greek Basket League, ASEAN Basketball League, and, of course, UBA Pro Basketball League of India.

You will have the option of betting on any of these events in multiple ways. Even the least popular basketball games will cover bets like spread, over/under, first-half winner, and more. Nevertheless, the most popular fixtures like the ones found in the NBA will undoubtedly have the most betting options. Here, you will be able to place wagers on prop bets, like top scorer, over/under on each player, number of fouls, number of free throws, and more.

The most popular basketball fixtures also have plenty of future or outright bets, like the conference/division winner, winner of the entire competition, who wins the MVP award, which players end up in the starting lineup (first team), and many others.

Basketball Betting Platforms

You can participate in online basketball betting on various betting platforms. While the majority of bettors choose to wager on basketball using online sportsbooks, you should also consider other types of platforms like betting exchanges, sports trading sites, spread betting, and matched betting. Each of these platforms has its own purpose, as we will explain below.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are very similar to sportsbooks, the only difference being that they don’t involve the bookmaker. Instead, the wagers are conducted between the users of the platform. You will basically be placing a bet on the outcome of a given match against users who have a different view and choose to bet on a different outcome. Of course, since the operators of the platform need to make some money as well, there will usually be a small commission imposed on all of your winnings.


Sportsbooks are the most common platforms for basketball betting. There is an abundance of them online, and the way they operate is quite simple. The bookmaker will release odds for a number of events and there’s no commission that you need to pay on your winnings. However, the odds cannot be changed, and they will often be smaller than what you find on betting exchanges. Nevertheless, online sportsbooks are ideal for beginner bettors, so you should probably start with them before exploring other betting platforms.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is usually associated with financial betting sites, but it can also be applied to sports betting. Of course, spread betting is available on sportsbooks and betting exchanges as well, but platforms that offer sports spread betting exclusively work a bit differently. For basketball, you will bet on a spread, predicting how many points one team will win by or how many points will be scored in a match. If you think that the outcome will be higher than a given prediction, you will buy the spread.

Likewise, you will sell the spread if you feel that the outcome is going to be lower. However, the main difference between this kind of spread betting and spread bets found on sportsbooks and betting exchanges is that the outcomes don’t pay the same way. Instead of fixed odds, spread betting allows you to win almost unlimited amounts of money. The more precise you are, the more you win. However, if you get the bet wrong, you can lose your initial stake multiple times.

Sports Trading

Sports trading is just a term used to indicate what you do on a betting exchange. Essentially, sports trading sites and betting exchange platforms are the same exact thing. As we explained earlier, this kind of platform allows you to place bets not against the bookmaker, but against other people using the platform. There are plenty of tactics you can use to make a knowledgeable bet, and there’s even a way to always end up with a profit. It’s very similar to stock trading, where the goal is to always sell high and buy low.

Matched Betting

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, matched betting is a technique used by bettors that guarantees a profit. It’s basically a method of taking advantage of the sportsbooks’ free bets and other player promotions. Now, you can try and figure out matched betting by yourself or you can rely on paid matched betting sites where you pay a subscription fee in order to gain access to advanced tools that help you out. Of course, there are also plenty of free matched betting sites, but the profits you get are usually lower on those.

Most Popular Basketball Betting Markets

You can wager on basketball in all sorts of ways. The websites we listed don’t just allow you to bet on the winner of a basketball game, but also a multitude of other situations that may occur over the course of a match, together with the outcomes of entire leagues and competitions. With that said, here are some of the most commonly seen basketball betting markets, along with detailed explanations of how each of them works.


Moneyline is the most popular basketball betting market in India, which can be said for many other sports as well. This betting market simply lets you predict who is going to be the winner of a basketball match. Let’s say that the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Miami Heat. The odds on the Lakers to win are 1.40, while the Heat are given odds of 3.00. If you bet ₹1,000 on the Lakers and they win, you will make a ₹400 profit.

Your bet will be successful even if the Lakers win in overtime. The margin of victory or the number of points they score doesn’t matter, as you are just guessing the winner. This wager is also called a straight bet or a two-way bet. There can’t be a tie in basketball, so you can’t bet on that, but some bookies will give you a prop bet that lets you predict whether the game will go into overtime after four quarters.


Over/under or point total bets are very common for high-scoring sports like basketball. They allow you to guess the total number of points that will be scored in a game. More specifically, you will be guessing whether the number of points will be higher or lower than what the bookie predicted.

Since there can’t be a “tie” as there are only two options available, the line for over/under bets will always be set at half a point. As an example, let’s say that the line for total points in a game is set at 196.5. If you think that there will be more points than that, you will bet on over, and hope that there are at least 197 points scored in the game.

As long as the number of points is higher than the set line, your bet will be successful. It doesn’t matter who wins the game. Some bookies will also give you an over/under market for each of the participating teams.

The odds for both outcomes in over/under bets are usually exactly the same, or very similar to each other, around 1.90.

Point Spread

Point spread or handicap is another common basketball bet in India. This bet is ideal for games where the two teams have a large gap in quality. One team will be a heavy favourite, so a moneyline bet won’t result in a very large profit, except, of course, if you’re betting on the heavy underdog, but that comes with a heavy risk as well.

With the point spread, you can get a more evenly matched bet, as the underdog will get a certain number of handicap points. For example, Real Madrid would most likely be a clear favourite against Zalgiris in a Euroleague game, so the bookie could give Zalgiris 11.5 points. You can imagine that Zalgiris has an 11.5 to zero lead at the start or at any given moment in the game. If you bet on Real Madrid, you hope that they beat their opponent with at least a 12-point margin. If you bet on Zalgiris, you will hope for them to win or to lose by 11 points or less.

Similar to over/under wagers, the odds for point spread wagers will be similar for both outcomes, as the bookie will always look to even out the matchup with enough handicap points. Nevertheless, some bookies will give bettors more options when it comes to point spread. For example, apart from the original point spread of 11.5, you may see a few others, like 9.5 with the odds slightly lower for Real Madrid, or 13.5 where the odds will be in favour of Zalgiris. These kinds of bets where you can adjust the point spread or even point totals are also called teasers.


A combo bet is just what it sounds like — a betting option that lets you combine two or more different betting markets in a single bet. The most typical combo bet in basketball is where you predict the winner of a game and the number of points that will be scored (over/under). In some cases, you will also get to combine your moneyline bet with a few others, such as the over/under for one of the teams or the game’s highest scorer. Naturally, both predictions need to be correct in order for your bet to be successful.

Player Bets

If you have a favourite player or you simply have a good hunch on how a particular player is going to perform in a game, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of online sportsbooks in India offer you a chance to wager on individual players. In most cases, you will only have the option of guessing how many points a player will score, but some bookies also include odds for player assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, turnovers, or even fouls.

Of course, all of these wagers are in the over/under style, and they can be won regardless of the final outcome of the game. Overtime counts as well.


These are really interesting short-term wagers that can be settled even before the game ends. Race wagers allow you to pick which team will get to a certain number of points first. The point total can be set for one quarter, one half, or the entire game. The bet will count only for that particular number of points and is won or lost regardless of the final outcome.

Quarter and Halftime

Just like race wagers, quarter and halftime bets can be settled prior to the game’s finish. These wagers allow you to predict the outcomes of a game’s specific period, including the winner of the period, the total number of points, the highest-scoring period, and more. When you’re taking the bet, it will only count for that specific period, meaning that no period before or after it affects the outcome. For example, you can bet that one team will win the third quarter. If that team does score more points in the third quarter alone, even if they have fewer points over the course of the entire match to that point, your bet will still be successful.

Outright Bets (Futures)

Outright bets allow you to bet on the outcome of an entire competition, rather than just its individual games. For example, you can guess who will win the NBA Playoffs or the Euroleague title even before the season begins. Of course, futures will be available during the season as well, so you can make a more educated guess once you see how things begin to unfold. You don’t necessarily need to guess the winner, but also how far a certain team will reach. For example, some bookies will give you odds for whether India will make it past the group phase in the FIBA Asia Cup.

Most sites will also give you the option of guessing who wins a certain part of the competition, like a division or a conference, as seen in the NBA league. You can also bet on which player wins an award, like Most Valuable Player or Scoring Champion.

Since these kinds of wagers are harder to predict, the odds will also be greater. Even if you place your wager on the outright favourite, in most cases the odds will be greater than 2.00 or even higher if there are more teams that are considered true title contenders.


Proposition bets are really fun, as they give you a chance to place a wager on various segments of a game or its specific scenarios. You can bet on who scores first, who wins the opening tip, whether a player fouls out of the game, and more. If you think that no winners will be decided after regulation, you can bet that the game will go to overtime.


When talking about the most popular sports in India, basketball usually doesn’t get mentioned that often. Nevertheless, Indian bettors do enjoy placing wagers on basketball games, and there are plenty of online sportsbooks that allow them to do so. We listed some of the best ones, and we hope that you will take our suggestions into consideration.

Here at Betopin, we never slack off when doing research on sports betting platforms. We always check how good a given sports betting operator is by thoroughly checking its bonuses and promotions, betting market coverage, betting features, available payment methods, quality of customer support, mobile compatibility, and more. That’s why you can trust that our list of the best basketball betting websites in India is completely legit and that you will enjoy prime-time basketball betting no matter which website you choose.

Basketball Betting — FAQs

Is betting on sports legal in India?

Sports gambling is illegal in the whole of India, with the only exception being made for horse race betting. Because the laws don’t permit local operators to establish gambling websites, bettors from India must resort to offshore online sportsbooks. Luckily, there are plenty of offshore gambling websites, and most of them accept Indian customers. While these websites are still not legal, authorities rarely make an effort to punish people who visit them.

What is the best betting app in India?

More and more bettors from India are using smartphones and tablets for basketball betting, which is why all Indian-friendly sports betting websites have apps that you can download onto your iOS or Android device. A good portion of the websites from our list have mobile apps, and all of them work flawlessly. However, some great sports betting operators haven’t developed mobile apps yet. As an alternative, you can access their websites through your mobile browser.

Can you bet on basketball in India?

Yes, betting on basketball is available in India if you find the right websites to do it on (check our list for more info). Not only do these online platforms have basketball on their list of sports, but they cover all of the major basketball events and betting markets.

What is the punishment for betting in India?

If you are caught gambling in India, you will have to pay a small fine or face imprisonment in the duration of one month. However, this only counts for land-based gambling. According to India’s IT Act of 2000, all online gambling activities are prohibited, and people who indulge in such activities will have to pay ₹100,000 or face imprisonment of up to five years. But, as we mentioned, Indian online bettors rarely get caught, as the country doesn’t have the resources to track all online betting activities.