Boxing Best Betting Sites India

Boxing is a relatively popular sport in India with a sizable following. Naturally, it’s not as popular as cricket or football, but it’s certainly one of the more popular sports in the country. It’s an Olympic sport, and Indians won several medals for their country, which is why it’s not a sport that’s to be taken lightly. What’s more, boxing is great for punters of all levels and interests.

If you’re one of them or just a fan of the sport, you’re in the right place. In this piece, we will talk all about betting on boxing in India, the events you can bet on, the types of boxing bets you can place, and more. Most importantly, before we begin, we will give you a toplist of the best boxing betting sites in India in 2021.

We carefully compiled this list, taking into account all the crucial features a great real-money boxing betting site should have, including top security and safety measures, a great online reputation, a wide variety of betting markets and leading boxing odds, top bonuses, and promotions, and a lot more. Without further ado, here’s the toplist:

A Detailed Breakdown of the Most Popular Boxing Fixtures

Boxing is all about one-on-one fights, but these fights are well organized and often part of larger competitions. This is why following this sport is fun, but it also makes placing boxing wagers far more exciting.

We’ll cover the most important boxing fixtures you can bet on, but let’s first take a look at how boxing is organized in India, so you can know which events with your fellow countrymen you can bet on.

Boxing in India

Everything related to professional boxing in India is governed by the Indian Boxing Federation, the country’s boxing organization that also represents India in the Olympics. It’s part of the worldwide International Amateur Boxing Association and helps more than 6,000 registered Indian boxers. One of the leading boxing clubs in India, the Bhiwani Boxing Club, is affiliated with the organization, and it has produced some of the most famous Indian boxers, including Jagdish Singh, Akhil Kumar, and Jitender Kumar.

This same organization also deals with setting up boxing matches and tournaments all over the country. Furthermore, it’s responsible for promoting the sport, and we can safely say that it has accomplished the job successfully, as India has thousands of boxers and participates in the most notable tournaments. You’ll likely find them hosting boxing events from the National Championships, but also matches from the World Series Boxing. Indian boxers also participate in other notable tournaments like the Summer Olympics, Colombo SAF Games, the Asian Games, and many others.

It’s also worth noting that the Indian Boxing Federation is the one that has set up other important boxing organizations in the country, including the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, State Boxing Association, and the Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation. All in all, the organization is certainly a household name in India, at least in every household where boxing is appreciated.

Amateur Boxing vs Professional Boxing

If you’re going to start placing boxing wagers, you need to know that there are two types of boxing, amateur and professional. The latter is more popular, and you’ll mostly bet on professional boxing events and matches, but amateur boxing has its benefits as well. First of all, amateur boxing covers major events like the Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and many others. So, there are bound to be many amateur boxing matches you’ll be able to bet on.

As for professional boxing, the matches are more exciting to many as they tend to have a higher number of rounds, among other things. These matches are basically a goldmine for online boxing betting fans, and they should be for you too. Fights typically last for as long as 10-12 rounds, and the boxers are usually experienced, professionals. This makes the fights more fluid and entertaining and, therefore, great for betting.

There are four professional boxing organisations you definitely need to know about, as most of your action will revolve around matches that they organise. Here they are:

  • World Boxing Association (WBA) – The oldest and one of the biggest boxing organisations that awards up to four world champions in all recognised weight categories. This essentially means that you’ll have a lot of matches to bet on in the WBA.
  • World Boxing Council (WBC) – Probably the most prestigious of the four organisations. It has over 140 countries as its members, and India is one of them.
  • World Boxing Organization (WBO) – This organisation awards an honorary title called the Super Champion based on a specific set of criteria, so you’ll find a lot of boxers trying to earn this compelling title.
  • International Boxing Federation (IBF) − The organisation is known for having several regional titles throughout the world and for giving many opportunities to young boxers to make a name for themselves.

Betting Platforms

If you thought that online boxing betting only works on good old sportsbooks that offer boxing, MMA, and other similar sports, you’re entirely wrong. That’s because there are a lot of options today if you want to place bets on boxing matches and events. From regular sportsbooks to betting exchanges, there are many types of platforms with amazing odds that a regular punter like you can choose from. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Betting Exchanges

One of the most interesting types of betting sites is certainly betting exchanges. These betting exchanges are marketplaces where you can bet against other punters, instead of the site itself as you normally do in sportsbooks. Essentially, you can choose to back wagers, which means you’ll be placing regular boxing bets at specific odds. However, you can also choose to place a wager that bets won’t succeed, which effectively means you’ll be acting as a sportsbook. You’ll get paid if a bet doesn’t go through.

What’s especially interesting about online sports betting at these exchanges is the fact that the odds are controlled by the players, not the site. However, this also means that betting exchanges have small commission fees. Luckily, these are usually symbolic, so your real-money boxing bets will still be profitable.

Boxing Sportsbooks

As you might already guess, boxing sportsbooks are typical boxing betting sites where you can place regular bets on your favourite boxer. What makes sportsbooks the most appealing in the world of betting is the fact that they always award numerous bonuses and promotions, so you’ll always be able to claim a compelling deposit bonus to start your online betting journey with more real money than you had.

On top of that, boxing online betting sites will usually offer a massive amount of betting options, so you’ll be able to place a wide variety of bets. This will make your online betting experience more varied than on most other gambling platforms.

Boxing Spread Betting

Spread betting is an interesting form of gambling as it gives you the chance to earn real money based on how accurate you are with your wager, not whether you’ve won it. Essentially, boxing betting sites that cover spread bets allow you to either buy or sell based on how higher or lower you think a predetermined range will go. In boxing betting, this works by you predicting how a boxer will fare in a specific match.

Boxing Sports Trading

Sports trading is a process that’s almost the same as what happens in betting exchanges. Players place bets against each other on the same match, and once again, both lay and back wagers are included. However, sports trading still mostly resembles stock trading with the only difference that you’re not trading shares of a company but sports bets, and in the case of this sport, boxing bets.

Boxing Matched Betting

Matched betting is an attractive form of sports betting where bettors are trying to turn free bet credits and other site promotions into real money they can use for more gambling. The basic premise of matched betting, and thus of boxing matched betting, is to profit from the bonuses and promotions on boxing sites. If you’re interested in matched betting, you’ll be glad to know that the online betting sites from our toplist offer plenty of bonuses, ranging from typical first deposit bonuses to special bonus bet offers.

The Most Popular Boxing Betting Markets

Just like bettors from all over the world, Indian bettors have a lot of betting options on the offshore boxing betting sites we recommend. Betting on boxing matches is not only fun and exciting but incredibly versatile, as you have the chance of placing a wide variety of boxing bets like fight outcome, method of winning the fight, over/under bet, just to name a few.

A lot of people from India who try out boxing betting sites tend to place bets on the Olympic games and a few other, more common events. However, you’re open to trying out any boxing events offered on the top boxing betting sites we recommend.

So, with all that in mind, let’s have a closer look at the variety of betting options you’ll have if you decide to start placing bets on boxing events.

Outright Winner/Moneyline Bets

As is usually the case with most forms of sports betting, wagering on who will win a match is the most popular wager. In boxing, this essentially means you’re betting on who will win the fight.

As you can see, this type of bet is incredibly simple, which is precisely why most people tend to choose it on boxing sites. It’s also easy to win, as the odds are usually in favour of one boxer, but even if they aren’t, you only have two boxers to choose from, so the chances of winning the bet are still decent. There is always a chance that the fight will end in a draw, but this is rare in boxing.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under bets are very popular in many sports, as they offer a lot of versatility. In boxing betting, the sportsbook publishes a number of rounds it thinks the match will last, and you get the chance to bet on the actual number being lower or higher than that one.

The over/under bets, together with moneyline boxing bets, are perfect to start from if you’re new to boxing betting or sports betting in general.

Fight Outcome Bets

The fight outcome bet probably sounds the same as a moneyline bet, but it actually involves two things. It requires you to choose the boxer you believe will be the winner but also how they win the match, i.e., choose the method of victory. With two possible winners and four different methods of victory, there are a lot of possible combinations, so this bet is not an easy one to win, but it can win you a lot of money.

Method of Victory Bets

In this bet, you need to choose how a specific fight will end, and if you guess correctly, you’ll win the wager. The bet is not simple, as there are several ways for a fight to end, like KO, Disqualification, TKO, and Technical Decision. Plus, the fight can always end in a draw, even though that’s quite rare in boxing.

Round Bets

With round bets, you need to pick two different things. First, you choose which boxer you think will win the match. Then, you need to pick the round in which you believe they’ll win. For these reasons, round bets are live bets, and the odds tend to change as the fight progresses.

All in all, round boxing bets are extremely exciting and can award you vast sums of money, as long as you place the bet well in advance. That’s precisely what makes them so enjoyable.

Prop Bets

Prop bets can include almost anything, from how many punches a specific fighter will land, to whether or not the fight will reach the final round. There are many possibilities with prop bets, and they can be a great way to try something else when you don’t want to place any of the common types of bets.


So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best boxing betting sites in India and what you can expect from betting on boxing. If you are a fan of boxing and like betting, there is no reason to miss out on this entertaining activity.

Who knows, you might be lucky and become a winner in the world of gambling. Choose any of the betting sites on our toplist, register, and place your bet on the match you like, and you might just realize that betting online is more fun than you previously believed.

Boxing Betting FAQ

Which site is best for betting in India?

All sites on our toplist are one of the best boxing betting sites you can use in India. We’ve made sure to choose only the top boxing betting sites in the country, so you can have enough platforms to try before you find the winner. Naturally, you can pick more than a single sports betting site, and the choice is all yours. The important thing is that all of these sports betting sites were carefully tested and reviewed so you can get only the best of the best.

Are boxing betting sites legal in India?

Most forms of sports betting and gambling are illegal in India. However, this doesn’t mean much for offshore sports betting sites like the ones we recommend. That’s because there is no specific law in India that makes online sports betting or more specifically, online boxing betting, an illegal activity. Consequently, you are free to bet on boxing on any of the betting sites we recommend, without the fear of prosecution from the authorities, just like all other Indian punters.

Is live betting an option with boxing?

Naturally! Just like you can place live wagers with other sports, you can do the same with boxing. In fact, as long as the sport has events, you’ll be able to bet live. Live betting is a more exciting form of betting as you’re doing it in real-time while the match is ongoing, so that you can follow the action and place wagers in the meantime. If you are a big fan of boxing, then live betting is, without a doubt, the way to go.

How long does it take to create an account at a betting site and start placing boxing wagers?

You can do it in less than a few minutes in most cases! You only need to choose one boxing betting site on our list, follow the sign-up procedure that usually requires you only to input your personal information, verify your identity, and you can begin. You’re only left with depositing the cash, claiming the welcome bonus, and then the entire site’s opportunities are yours to use.