Top 5 IPL Matches

Top 5 IPL Matches

When it comes to major international cricket tournaments, the IPL is one of the top picks to get cricket fans all hot and bothered. With a record-breaking auction kicking the competition off to an exciting start, 2020 looks set to offer some of the most exciting matches yet, with players from across the globe battling it out in the hope of securing a victory. The super close results of previous games have elevated the IPL to one of the most exciting contests in the T20, and this year looks set to be no exception. To help make sure you are fully caught up and ready to go, here are the top 5 matches which are making waves across cricket fans and experts alike in 2020: time to get your IPL cricket bets ready!

It comes as no surprise that the Mumbai Indians are the cricket betting favourites to retake the victory in 2020, and bookies have them at 4/1 to take the title. The 3rd April match between the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings is therefore likely to be one to watch, as former champions go head to head. The Indians will also have a fight on their hands when they take on the Kolkata Knight Riders; the acquisition of Pat Cummins has made IPL history, and the team will be keen to prove his value. Third-placed Delhi Captains take on the Super Kings in March, and their hunger for a win could well prove the secret to success. March also sees the Mumbai Indians take on the Sunrisers Hyderabad, and these are the bookie’s current top two preferences, as well as old rivals Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab both keen to avoid a repeat of a fourth-place finish.

The Top IPL Matches

03/04/20: Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings

As last year’s victors, the Mumbai Indians are sure to be keen to make it two in a row and claim the title for another year, but going up against former champions Chennai Super Kings means that this promises to be a fast-paced, exciting match which could go either way. The Mumbai Indians may be confident that they have the win thanks to previous glory, but the taste of a victory could be just the edge the Chennai Super Kings need to take home the title.

28/04/20: Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

The bookmakers currently have the Kolkata Knight Riders at odds of 7/1 to take the ultimate title, slightly behind the Sunrisers Hyderabad at 5/1. While a battle between the latter and reigning champions Mumbai Indians will no doubt be exciting, the Kolkata Riders have a trick up their sleeves, which could be vital: Cummins. Pat Cummins stormed to a place in the history books in the 2020 IPL Auction, becoming the most expensive international player after being purchased by the Kolkata Knight Riders for a whopping 15.5 crores. This could give the Riders the boost they need to grab victory – coaches and experts throughout the industry have justified the fantastic price tag, and Cummins will be under pressure to justify it.

26/03/20 Delhi Capitals v Chennai Super Kings

While this may seem a match with a foregone conclusion, there is always an element of surprise to be had in cricket, and this could be the year the Delhi Capitals pull off success. They have shown a steady upward trajectory in recent competitions and will be keen to get their hands on their very first-ever win of the IPL competition. Having placed third last year, the Capitals could be the dark horses of 2020, and the Chennai Super Kings shouldn’t rest in complacency.

24/03/20 Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad

Bookies have placed these rivals as the top two to watch in this year’s tournament, with odds of 4/1 and 5/1 respectively, and it is sure to be a fight to the death. The placement of the Sunrisers seems unusual, given that the Chennai Super Kings have a stronger track record, but the inclusion of key players in the team may offer a much-needed edge. As the top two battle it out, there can only be one victor- and both sides will be playing to win.

27/03/20 Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab

These two teams scored joint fourth in the 2019 contest, and so there is an old feud to fight for. Coming face to face this year will be a tense and exciting opportunity for glory, and both will be keen to grab the edge. The inclusion of Pat Cummings may just be the hidden weapon the Knight Riders need to defeat an old enemy and should ensure a much higher placement this year.

Top IPL Bookmakers

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