Indian Cricket Betting Sites

Do you really want to win thousand of rupees betting online on profitable promotions in India? Here we will help you reach your goal no matter what odds you have, the sport cricket is one the best option to start betting even if you start with low deposits you can find the value and of course we can keep you up to date and advise in terms of offer, service, and promotions from the best rated cricket betting sites. Read More

Best Indian Cricket Online Betting Sites

Know what are the top-rated cricket betting sites in 2020 with the best online odds and betting offers in India.

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The best rated cricket betting sites in India

Looking for the best cricket betting site? Here we have selected the best rated cricket betting sites:

1. Royal Panda – Best Online Sports Betting, Live Betting Odds.

royal panda
Royal Panda offer a complete sportsbook platform, the site impresses less with its diversity than with the refined selection of sports, which makes it kind of easier to make up your mind and they even include live betting is the meat and potatoes of today’s betting with great online promotions.

2. Bet365 – Sports Betting, Big Bonuses.

Bet365 frequently offers the best prices and is one of the best betting companies in the market, great early odds, great offers. Another advantages from this bookmaker is that have very professional and helpful staff, lots of sports and matches covered, live streaming, great casino games and withdrawals are quick.

3. Betfair – Daily Promotions, Best Odds Guaranteed, Largest Exchange.

Betfair Sportsbook has gained an excellent reputation among punters with offering well diverse and wide range of both pre-game and in-play betting events and markets. Know as the most famous betting exchange operator, Betfair has been in the industry since 1999 and have been the pioneers of a great services.

4. Betway – Live Betting, Money-Back Specials, Live Streaming.

betway sports
Betway has been one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks that features more than 30,000 betting markets and includes hundreds of additional games for every type of bettor. Betway allows you to wager on just about any sporting event in the world at any time, you can redeem your bonuses offers.

5. William Hill– Sports Betting, Daily Enhanced Odds, Free Bets.

william hill sportsbook
William Hill is one of the top bookmakers, and one of the world’s most foremost gaming companies. WillHill has been listed on the Stock Exchange since 2002, offering betting odds on the likes of Cricket, American Football, Australian Football, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Tennis and more. Enjoy live and in-play wagering.

Biggest Cricket Spread Betting Bookies

India Cricket Betting Sites

India Cricket Betting Platforms

Betting on Indian cricket matches is a gargantuan business now. Everyone wants to dip their hand into this stream of money to make it big. With the advancement of technology including live streaming and live betting, it has become very easy to do so.

Players can now place their bets from the confines of their home using either their tablets or smartphones on any of the best online Indian cricket betting sites. These platforms allow you to bet on oddest of the things like six sixes in an over or player of the match to a player who has not performed at all in the recent past.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Indian Cricket Betting Platform

With an array of Indian cricket betting sites available today, choosing one out of them becomes a difficult task. This is why we have made our task easier by providing you with the list of the best cricket betting sites with a big offer.

While compiling the list, we kept a range of factors into consideration like:

  • Welcome offers

Welcome offers are one of the best parts of a cricket betting sites, and this is what helps you get started, especially if you are a first-time user. Thus, ensure that your chosen betting platform provides you with a lucrative offer or welcome bonus offers so that you can place the bets on the go.

  • Best cricket odds

When it comes to placing a cricket bet, it all comes down to how high odds the odds are. An Indian cricket betting site which provides you with competitive betting odds will increase your chances of winnings considerably.

The best way here is to join the Indian best cricket betting sites that offer the best odds for a cricket match. You can also choose to try multiple online bookies and see which site is offering the best sport betting odds before placing a bet.

  • Commissions

Both brick-and-mortar casinos and betting options marketplaces charge a commission on placing a bet. Although the commission charged by online betting sites is negligible when compared to physical gambling options, you should still ensure that your chosen betting marketplace charges the least possible commission.

This will help you take the maximum winnings back home.

  • Cricket live betting

You might not have seen this coming but getting to place live betting on cricket is a pleasure that you must experience. However, not all Indian betting sites will allow you to do so. We will highly recommend you to go for betting sites which allow you to place your bets live. This is because of two reasons. First, you get to have the best experience. Second, you also get a chance to take advantage of fluctuating odds.

In addition to ensuring that your chosen website supports live betting & have live streaming, it is also essential to cross-check that the site is fast enough to lock your bet at the optimal time on important cricket match such an Indian premier league.

  • Mobile betting on cricket

This goes without saying- the compatibility of the chosen website with a mobile device is a must. You might be traveling or away from the computer and you might still want to place bets. In events like these, mobile betting will allow you to make the most out of your time.

Most betting sites support mobile betting on cricket. All that you would need is a smartphone and an active internet connection.

  • User interface

If you have tried your hands on a dozen of betting websites, you will agree with us that a lot of these platforms really act as an eyesore. The weird color combination coupled with the ever-slow speed of the website further makes betting tough.

We will highly recommend you to choose a betting platform which is not only nicely designed but which also flaunts easy navigation. Ensure that the website loads within seconds so that you can lock your bet quickly. Further, if you like to place bets on mobile, make sure that the website is mobile-friendly as well.

  • Transparency

The least you would ever expect from a sports betting sites is that you cannot withdraw the funds because you haven’t met certain wagering requirements. And when you ask them about the wagering requirements, deposit options, these requirements are either realistically impossible to achieve, or they do not provide you with a clear answer.

Thus, it is essential to ensure that your chosen betting platform is completely transparent, reputed, and follow the best policies.

  • Customer support

Facing a glitch? Or the amount is withdrawn is not reflecting in your account? Or is your account suspended? There could be n number of reasons that you might need to contact customer support. This is why it makes sense as to why you should choose a betting platform that provides round the clock customer support.

  • Security

Undoubtedly, security is important, and this is the first aspect that you must focus on while choosing an Indian betting site. Make sure that the online bookmaker has an SSL certificate. Such a certificate indicated that the platform has well-designed encryption techniques in place which will protect the data of the users.

Since you will be sharing your crucial financial information with the platform, checking that the website is SSL certificate enabled is mandatory.

Top Indian Cricket Betting Exchanges

Unlike regular bookies/bookmakers, the Indian Betting Exchange allows its customers to bet against another player and take-home commission on winnings. This reduces the risk of going toe-to-toe with other gamblers of markets.

These exchanges also give their consumers better transparency, improve odds, and make way for a fair experience. An exchange, as opposed to a bookmaker, gives you a chance for lay betting i.e. picking a bet to lose.

This option guarantees a return if the odds change after placing the bet. Betting exchanges offer several benefits, such as:

  • Real odds

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of betting exchange websites is that they are free markets. What this essentially means is that the odds are not set up by the bookmaker.

Bookmakers often tweak the odds to their advantage and ensure that they are in profit, no matter what. But this is not the case with betting exchanges that provide a fair play and give you an honest chance to win and make money.

  • Trading

In addition to betting, a lot of punters are also getting involved in trading.

Instead of making a judgment on the current cricket game and taking a risk as a bookmaker, a lot of punters also trade up the movements in the odds, to make profits regardless of what the outcome is.

These punters are commonly called as traders. Essentially, they look at the odds to make a judgment on who is going to win and make money by predicting the movement correctly.

This is what is supported by betting exchanges. Here, you cannot only place your bets but trade them as well to ensure that you always make the profit, no matter what.

  • Hedging

In addition to betting and trading on gambling sites, betting exchanges also allow you to hedge. This means that you can place your bets and predict outcomes much before the actual game of cricket stars.

Cricket Bet Types

You can place a range of bets on cricket:

  • Top batsman

Bet on which batsmen you think will lead to the most runs in a match. Although this could sound like an easy task, to be able to place a winning bet, it is essential that you have an idea of the form of the player and the match conditions.

  • Match ducks

Estimate how many ducks are there going to be. Generally, bookmakers place a threshold here. All you need to do is decide if there are going to be more ducks than the given number or lesser.

  • Most sixes

Bet on who you think will lead to the most sixes. Bet on individual players or groups, and take into consideration the performance of the squad, individual players, and the pitch condition.

Top Indian Cricket Betting Sportsbooks

A sportsbook is an online marketplace where all the gamblers come together to place bets on various sports viz. soccer, racing, boxing, football, baseball, cricket, and the like. Players are paid when the game gets over. If the game is not finished, all bets are returned. Since bettors’ interest varies with the season so does the volume of bets on any particular sports.

Top Indian Cricket Betting Sports Trading Sites

Cricket trading is not an easy thing. Though if done carefully and with patience, it can give good returns in the long run. Given the nature of the game of cricket, odds can change with the fall of a wicket or a single boundary.

Trading is not much different from betting except the fact that the bets are placed for a specific period of time. Cricket becomes an excellent sport, due to quick-moving landscapes, for trading. If you have an eye to spot the turning points in a match, you can trade them to make profits.

Top Indian Cricket Spread Betting Sites

Spread betting is where a player places their bets on a spread of outcomes rather than a specific odd. Meaning the chances of winning increases as your bet beats the spread. The catch is: you will also lose more if your bets are off. Multiple options are available for spread betting in the world of cricket:

  • Batsman runs

In this, a player bets on whether a particular batsman will be able to score more runs or less than the spread that is being quoted. For instance, in a match between India and Australia, Steve Smith runs. Spread is of say 80 – 120. The result is that Smith gains 150. So, the profit will be 25 X stake of bought runs.

  • Team Runs

Just like the bet placed in terms of Batsman runs, in team runs a player predicts whether the said will be able to meet the quoted spread or result more or less.

  • Supremacy

The supremacy bet is based on the difference of runs between the two sides. Thus, in the case of a test match, it is the difference in the runs gains by the two squads in the first innings.

  • Win Index

Also known as a performance index, these are related to series games (involving two squads) or a tournament (with more). The winning crew is awarded 25 points and a draw gives 10 points each.

How to Get the Most from Online Indian Cricket Betting Sports and Trading Websites

Before you start on your betting journey, here are a few pointers that you must keep in mind:

  • Stick to a budget

As with any kind of online gambling, we will highly recommend you to bet only as plenty amount as you can afford to lose. If you are betting in a currency different to yours, you should convert the betting amount in your currency to determine what is at stake. Are you okay with losing this much money?

If yes, go ahead. However, it is important to keep in mind that both wins and losses are a part and parcel of the game. Sometimes, you win, sometimes, you lose. Do not take this on the heart.

If you are having a bad day, it is better to stop, and start fresh the next day.

  • Check the regulations

If you live in a country with strict regulations related to betting on cricket, you will want to be careful. Just because you can access a certain sportsbook in your country, it doesn’t mean that it is worth playing.

You must also check if you can play in your local currency as that would add to your convenience. Also, ensure that your chosen cricket betting sites are reliable and trustworthy.

  • Choose markets

When it comes to cricket betting, there are a lot of markets that you might want to explore. Various professional punters keep their eyes on a range of markets simultaneously – from top batsman to most sixes and more.

If you are not sure as to what markets you will like to explore, you can start slow and try out a range of markets to discover what you feel most confident about.

Top Indian Cricket Matched Betting Sites

Matched betting is a play where a player makes a profit from the free promotions offered by various bookmakers. Matched betting doesn’t require you to bet on any specific item. Instead, just make sure that the lay market is available to make your bets risk-free. Cricket offers a rife ground for matched betting especially during the bigger tournaments like the World Cup and/or series between arch-rivals like India-Pakistan and Australia-England.

To get significant, long-term profits, there are two things you must understand:

  • Back Bet

When you place a bet on a team and they go on to win, you get a good profit. This is the most traditional form of a bet.

  • Lay Bet

In this, you bet for the losing side. Made popular by online betting platforms this bet gives you profit when your team loses and even when the cricket match is a draw.

The Most Popular Indian Cricket Betting Formats

With now so many matches being played across the world and numerous are coming into the picture, cricket betting has become a very lucrative affair. It is also aided by the proliferation of various online cricket betting sites. In cricket, betting can be made across 3 primary formats:

  • Test Match

It is the oldest form of cricket wherein, 2 squads, spar for 5. This is considered the purest form of the game. The first officially recorded test match was played between England and Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground in the year 1877. Since then ICC has amended several rules to make the game more interesting.

  • One Day

Played for the first time in 1971, this is a limited-overs cricket. Each side plays for 50 overs.

  • T20

One of the most recent formats and even the shortest one. T20 is a fast-paced game designed to create thrill and keep the viewers glued to the screen.

The player needs to do thorough research about the statistics and other details about the team/s before making a wager.

Betting On Test Match

This is the oldest format of cricket, wherein two squads play a match over 5 days. Several measures have been taken by the International Cricket Council to pique the spectator’s interest in the format. A player must be well aware of the pitch conditions, weather for the next five days, which side is playing at home, and which is a guest. Since this format stretches over 5, a lot can change in any of the 15 sessions.

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Betting on ODI and T20 Cricket

Owing to their limited over format and humongous fan following across the cricket-playing nations, Both ODI and T20 matches garner a huge volume of betting. ODIs are 50-over format with a bigger portion of tournaments happening across the world. All the renowned trophies/cups are in the ODI format.

T20 is gaining huge popularity amongst spectators and broadcasters alike. This format requires a very different kind of skill-set in its players.

If you are placing your bet on ODI and T20 cricket formats, it is essential that you keep certain factors in mind to emerge out as a winner.

  • Weather

In both these formats, weather plays an important role. Well, this is what is true for most other games like golf betting and soccer betting as well, but it impacts cricket matches more drastically. This is because if the weather is worse, the match gets canceled and is not played.

There have been various cases in which T20 and ODI cricket matches were canceled owing to the poor weather. This is why we will highly recommend all the betters to analyze the weather condition of the match location well in advance.

In various cases, the number of overs to be played in a match are decreased as well in accordance to the Duckworth-Lewis method. Further, if a game resumes after a spell of rain, it ends up hindering the bowlers, particularly spinners, as they struggle to maintain a grip over the wall.

The same is the case when the climate is dewy. All these factors impact the later stages of the match, and the one who elects to bat later is at loss.

  • Toss

You will agree that toss plays an important role, especially if the climate of the match location is unpredictable. Toss plays such an important role in a cricket match that WG Grace, the former England cricketer, in an event, recommended that if you win a toss, always elect to bat, no matter what the case is.

  • Home field advantage

Finally, another important condition which could impact your bet is the home-field advantage. As it goes, most crews tend to play better when they are playing in their home conditions in their home field. This is because they are well-aware of the conditions this way, and know how the pitch will turn out.

This proves to be an advantage for them and helps the crew perform better.

Cricket Betting Markets

Following is a list of typical markets, you can place your bets on:

  • To win the match – bet on the squad which will win
  • To win the toss – which squad will win the toss
  • Man of the match – player of the match
  • Top squad batsman – bet on the player who will top result for either team in-play
  • Top squad bowler – which player will be the best bowler for either team
  • Highest opening partnership –which squad’s opening pair will result in most runs
  • Most match sixes – bet on which squad will gain more sixes
  • A hundred to be gain in the match – bet on whether any player will gain 100 runs during the match
  • 1st wicket method – method of dismissal for the first wicket
  • Most run outs – bet on which squad will get the most run-outs during the match
  • Batsman matches – bet on one batsman to outscore another
  • Batsman to score most sixes – bet on which batsman will hit most sixes in the match
  • 1st innings end in – bet on the first innings result
  • The highest individual result – bet on the highest individual rating in the match
  • Total runs in the match – total runs gain in the match
  • Total match sixes –total number of sixes hit in the match

Cricket Betting FAQ

🏏 How do I get started with cricket betting?

Thankfully, getting started with cricket betting is easy. But we have made this task all the more easier for you by providing you with the list of best cricket betting sites. You can choose any one of them depending on your location, payment mode, and other preferences, and start placing bet on cricket.

✅ How can I trust your recommendations?

We are glad that you asked this! We find pride in letting you know that all our recommendations of best betting platforms come after we have tried our hands on each of these platforms.

Our experts have placed bets on all the major betting websites and have come up with a highly reliable and trustworthy list that you can choose to rely on.

💎 How should I choose a betting site?

Although we have done this task for you, and have provided you with a well-researched list of best betting platforms if you still want to choose any one of them, a few factors that you must focus on include mobile-friendliness, commission, odds, payment options, user interface, live streaming and the like.

🔒 Is online cricket betting safe?

Online cricket betting is considered safe in most countries including india, united kingdon, etc. To stay safe, it is essential to ensure that you choose the best and reliable betting websites to get started. This way, you can be sure that all the amount that you have won is actually yours.

One of the best parts of betting sites recommended by us for cricket is the fact that these websites are available even in countries where online betting is illegal.

🆓 What is a free bet?

A free bet is the best which is placed without staking any assets. Thus, no matter you win or lose, you won’t incur any losses.

You can get free bets in the following two scenarios:

  • When you place a bet using the promotional cash offered by your bookmaker. In such an instance, if you win, the amount is yours. But if you lose, you don’t incur any loss as the money used for placing bet was not yours. You can get such promotional cash as a part of the welcome bonus and promotional offers when you bet on cricket.
  • Many times, bookmakers refund the money that you lost as a part of their promotional offers. In this way, you don’t lose anything if you lose.

💰 Can I earn real money by betting on cricket?

Going by a saying that says bookmakers always win – it is likely that you will be able to win real money by betting on cricket. Although it is true that sportsbooks will not be in the market if they let every punter on their website to win, it is also true that not all punters lose. You just have to become a part of the small percentage of bettors who make a regular profit by betting.

💸 How long does the withdrawal take to reflect in my account?

The time money will take to reflect in my account depends on your selected payment option and the sportsbook you are betting on. Typically, if you use debit or credit cards to withdraw, it will take 2-3 days. However, you can experience a quicker withdrawal time if you choose to withdraw using PayPal or Neteller. In this case, you can get the amount the same day.If you choose to go with bank transfers, it will take 1 or 2 days.

😀 How do you bet on cricket?

Placing a bet is simple. All you need to do is select the game you want to place the bet on, and then select the markets that are offered to you. Now, select the price of your choice to place your bet on that particular market. This will automatically update your Be Slop. Now, enter the amount of money that you want to put at stake, and click on Place Bet button if everything looks fine to you.

If you are an ardent fan of cricket who follows every single match and keeps track of all the numbers, records, and other figures, you can benefit from putting all your knowledge to rake up profits for yourself. There are several ways to place bets in a game of cricket. You can avail of all the different markets available to wager in any of the 3 formats of the game. Betopin helps you in keeping a track of all your bets and also gives you analysis, odds and statistics to be better at placing them.

✔️ How to bet on 2020 Indian Premier League?

To bet on the Indian Premier League you just need to select the game you wish to bet on, and then select the markets that are offered. The 2020 season of the Indian Premier League, also known as ipl, is one of the most important season of the IPL, a professional Twenty20 cricket league established by the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI) in 2007. Here at Betopin we have seleted the best cricket sites & brand with great betting deals to bet on today ipl match.

🛡️ Is cricket betting legal in India?

Betting or gambling is prohibited in most of India. But there is no law that makes online gambling an illegal action. The Indian Premier League (IPL) tops their lists now and some sites have even hooked up with offshore gambling agencies, thereby allowing Indians to put online bets.

At betopin we help players to get connected with international online bookmakers.

Not only matches, it is possible to bet on possibly every aspect of an IPL match, from the toss to how the bowlers will fare and the odds on a batsman scoring a hundred.

We also indicates the names of internet betting agencies such as William Hill, bet365, Royal Panda, Ladbrokes and Betfair for putting bets. It also has a movie on how best to open an online account at one of the gambling agencies. To pre-empt possible legal hassles, the site clearly mentions why and how it facilitates betting.

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