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NFL Betting Strategies Tips

NFL Betting Strategies

The NFL has become a massive betting event week in and week out and if you are looking for a website to point you in the right direction then you have the right one. The NFL is an exciting sport to watch through Sunday evenings and what better way to make it a bit more exciting than having a bet. At Betopin our NFL experts’ job is to make some money for our followers. It is a tough sport to make money from betting on but with a little bit of study and some betting angles profit is there to be gotten. Betopin is going to give you some tips and strategies to help you make some money betting on this year’s NFL matches.

Betting Strategy and Money Management

A bankroll for betting is always a great idea, is the amount you are willing to lose weekly, monthly etc. and can afford to lose. It can be big or small depending on your betting strategy from 10 euro to 100 euro but it is essential to figure this figure out. If your usual bet is per say $5 then stick with this through the season. If you hit a losing run don’t increase the stake to chase your losses, it will come back around. The NFL is a long season, manage your money smartly and you are onto a winner.

Look for Weekly Edges

Betting on every game is a recipe for disaster week to week on the NFL. Find edges and exploit them. Don’t bet with the same idea every week, if one week you only fancy one bet or two and other 5 or 6 go with that, be patient and confident in your selection. The main bets with the NFL are on the money line (one team to beat another) and the spread (basically handicap betting one team starts with a certain amount of points plus or minus). Every week there are bets to be found with these selections. Over 60% of the spread betting goes to the underdog. The NFL is a competitive league and not many games are blowouts. If a team is plus double digits on the spread this is an angle you can exploit.

Shop Around

This is simple and obvious but very important and really goes for all betting and not just the NFL markets. Check different sportsbooks and compare their prices on the spread betting and the money line. If you fancy a team with one sportsbook and its spread bet is 5 points to cover another sportsbook may have it lower at 4.5 or 4. These are the angles and edges you are looking for to make a profit.

Bet Sober and Stick to your Strategy

Las Vegas casinos hit you up with free drinks when you are gambling, it’s hardly a surprise. Drunk betting is not smart betting and alcohol impairs your judgement. So many bettors do not follow this rule. Make your selections, stick to them, do you’re betting and if you’re having a few drinks have them while watching your winning bet!

Another golden rule is to not sway from your strategy. Don’t second guess yourself if you lose. The best bettors will lose from time to time and no one has a 100% strike rate. Many bettors can let their emotions take over after a few bad loses and it is best not to do this. Control your emotions and you will control your betting. A clear mind is key when you are making a selection to have a bet on.


A favourite for many field sport bettors is to combine a number of their selections together to get a better price otherwise known as an accumulator. While low as a percentage to be a winning bet it is an exciting bet for many bettors and gives them an interest in many games.

However if you stick to a strategy on accumulators there is a higher chance you will hit a winning bet. Stick to a certain amount of games every week. 4 or 5 is a good number and gives great odds for small stakes if that is your game. If you fancy say 8 selections, pick the 4 you are most confident in and put them together. Stick to your strategy every week and you will be in profit and a winnable percentage.

Prop Bets

Finally we have prop bets which are generally not the most profitable but are another favourite of casual bettors and those that might not bet every week. If you shop around there can be good value to be had however. Many sportsbooks offer enhanced odds on special bets which are at times over priced and can lead to winning and profitable bets.

One bet that leads to decent odds and can be a high percentage is to combine anytime touchdown scorers in an accumulator. Many of the starting running backs are odds on and are very likely to score a TD in each game. The top level wide receivers and tight ends are also at a high percentage to score in each game. Pick 4 to 5 players and stick to them each week. Profit will follow.
All in all bet what you can afford to lose stick with your strategy and have fun.

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