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Welcome to Sports Betting Online

Sports betting online is flexible and convenient but can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Betopin understands how hard it can be to lose your hard-earned money for bets that do not bring value. That’s why we are working day and night to make things different and ensure you enjoy your sports betting and make a profit at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or already an expert bettor because everyone can benefit from our insights.

We know that online betting is saturated with a lot of information that may not be helpful to you as a newcomer in the betting world. We ensure we eliminate the confusion by ensuring you only get the best insights and educative content that get you started in your betting journey and maintains your position as a betting guru. At Betopin, you’re in better hands of professionals in online gambling, and you can be sure to get the best sportsbooks reviews, best sports betting sites, best online casino sites, betting strategies, latest stats, bonus offers, and best odds that different bookmakers offer.

Online Betting in Canada

Do you want to find the best gambling sites in Canada? Betopin has you covered with extensive research and review of the best online gambling sites. If you visit our website, you will be greeted with a selection of some of the best bookies in Canada and those that cover the international audience a well. Don’t get this wrong because the selection is not based on any bias reviews, but we use fair and thorough criteria to evaluate every sportsbook and find out their offers based on several factors.

Every time you visit Betopin’s site, you’re greeted with a huge selection of top online bookies chosen based on different factors. The choice looks at their reliability, professionalism, user-friendliness, diversity in payment, good odds, incredible bonuses, stable website, excellent customer service, among many factors that payers look for when choosing an ideal bookie.

Online Betting with Betopin

If you need a friend to hold your hand in your betting journey and introduce you to this rather complicated industry, you should go no further than choosing Betopin. Your successful betting journey starts with the fact that you can’t survive alone in the industry. Once you realize that, you will understand that you need someone to guide you, and that’s why Betopin is here. Betopin excels when it comes to getting the best betting advice, and you can rely on it to see you through your journey towards becoming a successful bettor. If you choose us, you should be sure to improve your betting returns and become one of the gurus in various online sports betting, including horse racing.

You can improve your returns in Horse Racing by following Betopin’s tips provided in YouTube videos as well as The Finishing Line Podcasts. We understand that horse racing is not only a popular sport in Canada but a lucrative way of making huge profits on online betting. That’s why we strive to get exclusive coverage of the events and give players the best betting tips that see them excel when they place their bets in this fun but unpredictable sport.

Stay tuned to the site and see for yourself how we uncover everything you need for your upcoming racing week. But its more than just tips, you can also see for yourself how we uncover the best promotions and offers that various bookies offer. Don’t let your chances of making huge profit betting in such an incredible sport pass you by not visiting Betopin.

How Betopin Finds Value with Sports Betting

We’re pretty sure you’re not just here to make money in online betting for the sake of it but to find value in sports betting by winning some amount you can be proud of. There is no point in winning your bets if the money you’re making does not make a difference in your life. Betopin is here to change that and ensure every bet you make is a profit, and you can be proud of your winnings. Our efforts are not only geared towards ensuring you wager on the best sports but identifying those sports that provide value with the best odds in the market.

At Betopin, we make you understand that you need to bet for value. To increase your chances of long term success in various sports, you need to bet on the most prominent games like Football and Horse racing. We teach you how to find value in the sports betting market and give you the best tips on betting on value rather than just picking the winners. Betopin is all about increasing your chances of making money betting on various sports, and that’s why you need to stay tuned and apply whatever you learn from us. Of course, your best judgment is also vital. Our experts have extensive knowledge of every field of online sports betting, and we leave no stones unturned in a bid to ensure you make huge profits every time you place a bet. Value bets are the key to success in betting, and it’s up to you to ensure you get it by following expert tips and strategies.

Online Betting Made Easier

Betopin understands that sports betting can be confusing at times, especially for the amateurs in the industry. Online gambling sites are saturated with a lot of information, and some of them can even be contradictory and misleading. It’s not new to see new gamblers getting confused every time they try to make a bet. We are here to change that and make online betting easier and fun. Everyone has a right to make huge profits betting, and Betopin ensures that happens by doing everything in our power.

Our betting tips help make betting easier by giving you all the insights and important information to help with your journey. The moment you make your mind that you want to start making money on online sports betting, you should look for Betopin. We offer useful tips on how to choose bookmarkers, best odds in the market, how to find value in sports betting, among other helpful tips that see you earning huge profits.

You have plenty of things to learn as a novice sports bettor, and Betopin should be your best teacher. Once you trust us, sports betting will be fun as you have all the insights you need to make huge profits. Go to our main events page and choose the best sports to start your beautiful betting day with Betopin. You will find a full host of events, and your work is only to make an informed choice towards making millions betting on sports.

What are People Betting on?

Thousands of people bet on sports and stay true to it even if they lose their bets. The love for the game is real, and the fulfillment is worth all the losses. But you don’t have to be content with the losses when you can make more wins and walk home happy not only because your team scored but also because you made money. You deserve both the fun and the profits that come with betting on your favorite sports. Betopin experts are here to ensure you don’t count losses at the end of the game but go home smiling every time you place a bet.

There are several tips for sports betting online, and Betopin excels in ensuring you get only the best. We’ll understand that not all the tips posted online to help with sports betting works. Some can be too ambiguous and misleading, while some are just too vague and won’t help. There is no need to look anywhere else because our experts have got you covered with the most reliable tips for sports betting. Our experts give you extensive coverage of all the tips you need for betting, including those for the much-anticipated finishing line for an upcoming horse racing match.

How Betopin Rates the Best Online Sportsbooks

Choosing a sportsbook is the hardest part of betting for most beginners. Come to think about it; there are many bookies online that deliver professional services, prompt payment, good customer service, incredible services, among other goodies that players are looking for. Choosing one can be very confusing since all of them promise to deliver gold. Well, instead of worrying so much about how to choose a sportsbook, how about leaving it all to Betopin? With our help, you can find it easy to choose a sportsbook after checking the criteria we use to rate the bookmarkers.

Promotions and Free Bets

Many bookmakers give an impressive welcome bonus to their new customers. This is a great way to welcome the new bettors and ensure they have something to start them out. Apart from attracting new customers, sportsbooks also need to retain existing customers with impressive bonuses and promotions. If you stay loyal, you can also benefit from various VIP programs and loyalty bonuses. Don’t be fooled, these bonuses are not the same, and some might come with rules that make it impossible to claim the offers.  Betopin vets all these promotions carefully to ensure you get what you deserve. We only recommend bookies with reliable offers and bonuses.


User experience on the website of a sportsbook is an essential criterion we use when ranking the best bookies for our bettors. Sportsbook uses an easy, intuitive, and logical system in displaying everything in their website, including the bets. Betopin chooses sportsbooks that only give viewers a few clicks and tabs before they reach their goal. The website should have a simple design that makes even the newest users access the site easily. An intuitive interface is important to ensure bettors have a seamless experience finding their way through the platform.

Choice of Online Betting Markets

You can have a good sportsbook and all the incredible bonuses a bookie can offer, but without good betting markets, all will be in vain. We rate good bookmarkers based on how extensive they are in terms of sports and market coverage. They should have all the popular sports such as horse racing, football, baseball, hockey as well as the not so popular ones such as cricket, greyhound racing, golf, tennis, boxing, darts, etc. We do all the investigations on your behalf to find out if they cover all the popular sports and if it’s worth investing in. The availability of sports and various markets forms a huge basis of our ranking for the best sportsbooks to sign up for.

In-Play Betting

Not all sportsbooks have in-play betting features. Betopin strives to find the best sites with in-play betting and considers this a plus when ranking the sportsbooks. Live betting allows you to bet as the game unfolds. It takes place after the game has started and goes on until the final whistle. If you’re going to bet on a horse race, football or cricket, you’re going to need this kind of betting, and your sportsbook should be able to provide it. Live betting has become increasingly popular among sportsbooks, and Betopin confirms that all the bookies we review have this feature before ranking them among the top.

Live Streaming

We understand that players are now interested in betting on what they see, and that’s why Betopin takes live streaming as one of the main considerations when ranking the best sportsbooks. Some sporting events are not televised, and that’s why established sportsbooks should ensure their bettors don’t miss in action by offering live video streaming for the events. We also ensure that the sportsbook doesn’t have strict terms and conditions for allowing their players to stream the events live. Just ensure you familiarize yourself with the terms beforehand to avoid any disappointments.

Cash Outs

At Betopin, we consider bookmarkers that offer cashouts a plus because not many of them are familiar with this concept. Sometimes bettors may not have faith in their wagers or simply see the need to limit the risks. In this case, bettors get paid before the end of the game. Cashouts can take two forms.  A bettor can choose to take partial winnings for wagers that look good as they start but end up showing signs of not ending well. They can also cash out in a losing bet so that they don’t lose all the money.


Betopin is working hard on your behalf to ensure you only get the best odds that guarantee the best payouts. Betting is hard enough, and after going through all the hassle, all you need is a good payout for your winnings. Betopin only promotes gambling sites that provide reliable and secure banking methods to their players. Security is also very important when cashing out, but the withdrawal method doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Mobile App

Being able to bet on the move is the best thing a sportsbook can offer its players. Betopin understands that not every player can access a computer to place their bets. We only rank those sportsbooks that have taken the effort not only to make their website easy to navigate but also those that can work perfectly on mobile. A sportsbook with a good mobile app compatible with all iOS and Android gives players the flexibility and instant access to the betting platforms.

Gambling Approved

Getting a gambling license is very important for sportsbooks. This is what shows that they are genuine, and they have followed all the rules on the safety of their users. It’s not news that some gambling sites operate illegal or have not followed all the regulations for operating a sports betting site. The good news is that you will not find such sites in Betopin. We follow every detail keenly when reviewing our sites and confirm that they are licensed and adhere to all the gambling commissions’ requirements of Canada and all the countries they operate in.

Betting Bonuses & Free Bets

Every betting fun is entitled to various bonuses and free bets. These offers come in different forms, including welcome bonuses, loyalty offers, as well as the ‘refer a friend’ option that rewards you every time you influence someone to sign up and place their first deposit. All online bettors in Canada should not worry about how to get the bonuses because Betopin is here for you to find the best promotions and bonus bets from different sportsbooks. We help you look at the type of offers available for every site and help you find only the best offers.

We also bring to your attention the terms and conditions that come with every offer and let you know whether they are favorable or not. Unfortunately, other offers seem so appealing, and everyone might want to try them, but the terms and conditions might not be favorable enough. Others may look dismal and unattractive but are the easiest to claim. It is important to look at all these factors before claiming your bonus, and Betopin does all the research for you and lets you understand everything you need to claim the bonuses and free bets and if indeed they are worth your time.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Betting Online Popular?

Thanks to the internet, betting online is continuing to grow in popularity ever since the first bookmarker went online 20 years ago. People can access their betting sites from the comfort of their houses without the struggle of going to the shop to place a bet.  Thanks to the growing popularity, sportsbooks are continuing to become better every day and are appealing to a large variety of players. There are millions of bettors placing their bets in various sites reviewed and verified by Betopin.

  1. Why Should I Bet Online?

Online betting has a variety of benefits that Betopin brings to your attention. Online betting is convenient, and you can even bet when traveling or on vacation. All you have to do is turn on your computer or pick a tablet from whatever place you are located and start betting. If you want to place an in-play bet, online betting will be your best option.

Betopin only reviews reputable sites, so your online bet is safe, and you will always withdraw your winnings without trouble. Also, the safety of your details is guaranteed because most online betting platforms on our site are licensed and regulated by various gambling commissions. There are many benefits of online betting that you will only find out if you try.

  1. Is Sports Betting Profitable?

Sports betting is not merely based on luck, and you can get a huge profit if you know how to tweak your way. Well, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the tricks because you have Betopin experts by your side. We have several working tips and tricks that you can use to make your sports betting profitable. We can walk with you right from your early betting days until you become a skillful bettor. Our experts are always ready to educate you on how to go for value bets and the strategies that guarantee huge wins.

  1. Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online betting is completely legal in Canada. Most sports betting sites in Canada are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which ensures they adhere to all the rules and regulations that guide the sportsbooks. As long as the sites follow the set criteria by the commission, they are free to operate legally. All the sites we review at Betopin adhere to the criteria set by the gambling commission; hence you rest assured that you’re safe betting with them.