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Top Ice Hockey Betting Sites

Ice hockey is a full contact sport played by teams of skaters on an ice rink. The winner is the team that shoots the most pucks into the opposing team’s goal. It was first played in Canada and is now popular throughout North American as well as in Northern and Eastern Europe. The game offers numerous betting opportunities, especially in the North American National Hockey League games, Olympics, and World Championships. In international competitions, the winner is almost always one of the “big six” which are Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. In women’s ice hockey international championships the only winners have been the teams from Canada or the United States.

In order to succeed in wagers on ice hockey games, a punter should be familiar with the game, the teams, and the players. And, he or she needs to know the best wagers to make, the best betting platforms to use when making them, and the best betting sites with the best odds. This is best accomplished by consulting Betopin for information about the types of betting platforms and the Betopin toplist for the best betting sites themselves.

Understanding the Game and Betting on Ice Hockey

The Game of Ice Hockey

Teams win in ice hockey when their players score goals. As in football, there are (smaller) goals at opposite ends of the playing area (called a rink or ice rink). Each goal is defended by a goalie but in the case of the goalie in ice hockey, he (or she) wears a mask, helmet and protective padding on the torso and legs. This is because the puck in ice hockey is a very hard vulcanized rubber flattened cylinder and can travel at speeds in excess of 150 kilometres per hour.

Whereas players in football receive yellow cards or red cards for physical contact with other players, skating at full speed into another player who is skating with the puck (checking) is legal in ice hockey. The combination of agility in skating on ice, passing the puck back and forth using a hockey stick, and impressive speed is combined with bone-breaking collisions to create a unique sport. Knowing the sports, the teams, and the players are how punters win wagers in ice hockey.

Long Ice Hockey Seasons and Tournaments

Thirty National Hockey League professional teams play a regular season of eighty-one games from October to April every year. Punters can wager on any of these games, standings at the end of the regular season, and things like most goals scored by a player. The tournament for these teams starts in April and runs to months until a champion takes home the “Stanley Cup” in June. The prolonged tournament allows even teams with mediocre season records to become champions if they perform well during the playoffs. Thus, a team that was plagued with injuries in the regular season could do much better if their star players are healthy from April to June. This is the sort of thing that great ice hockey wagers are made of.

In contrast the long National Hockey League season and rather long playoffs, wagers can be placed on the Olympic Games when the best players from each country go back home and play on the national team instead of their professional team. The wagering in these tournaments is often affected by “home team” bias in that a Canadian might feel like a traitor betting for the Czech or Russian team, much less for the upstart yanks who have so many NHL teams. The advantage for a smart punter is that this sort of “home team” bias affects the odds and can make for profitable wagers.

Ice Hockey Bets and Platforms

As with all other sports, there are standard wagers that sportsbooks offer for ice hockey and wagers that a person may need a different platform for. Smart punters look to Betopin for information about ice hockey betting platforms, the types of wagers they offer, and the best betting sites with the most favourable odds.

Betting Platforms

For every way that you wish to wager on an ice hockey game, there is at least one betting platform. The Betopin toplist gives you the best betting sites and best odds and Betopin also provides useful information about what each type of betting platform has to offer. Whether you use a sportsbook or a sports trading site, there are many ways and platforms to making your wagers.

Ice Hockey Betting Exchanges

A good place to look to make a wager that a sportsbook might not take is a betting exchange. The exchange does not set odds but rather takes a fee for setting up a wager between two different people.

Ice Hockey Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks are where the majority of ice hockey wagers are made. These folks set the odds for wagers basing these odds on the sum total of wagers being made. This setting of odds by consensus creates odds that may shift over time, especially as an important game approaches and betting becomes intense. When a team outside of the usual six winners (Canada, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland) is in the running in an international competition like the Olympics it can skew the odds and create interesting wagering opportunities for those who know the sport and follow the teams. Experience helps in this case as does checking the Betopin toplist for the sites with the best odds.

Spread Betting for Ice Hockey

Rather than wagering on fixed odds, with spread betting you will bet against the spread. The placements in the spread determine wins and losses. You may be wagering on the finalists for the Stanley Cup, the Olympic Games, or the end of season rankings for the National Hockey League. Other spreads may include most goals scored or even most penalty minutes by a single player!

Ice Hockey Sports Trading

One a sports trading site you can make a bet on an ice hockey game and later you can lay it off. Backing a bet is what you do at a sportsbook in making a bet and laying a bet is what the sportsbook does in taking your wager. On a sports trading site, you can do both and on the same wager. This can be quite profitable as the odds on a specific bet may change substantially as an important game draws nearer.

Ice Hockey Matched Betting

Punters who know their ice hockey may wish to use a matched betting site. On these sites, you will make more than one wager at different odds in such a manner as to make sure of the optimal outcome no matter how the ice hockey game ends! When you want to try matched betting it is especially important to use the Betopin toplist to find the sites that carry this option and the ones with the best odds.

The most popular Ice Hockey betting markets

Despite the differences in playing with an inflated ball versus a hard rubber puck, the propensity for violence in hockey, and the fact that you need a surface of ice to play ice hockey, the game is very similar to football. As such, many wagers are the same and the factors important to deciding on a bet such as the skill of the offense, the tenacity of the defence, and the abilities of the goalkeeper are very much alike. Here are the most popular ice hockey betting markets.

League and Tournaments Outrights

An outright bet is wagering on a team to win a championship like the yearly Ice Hockey World Championships, the every-four-years Olympic Ice Hockey competition, the Stanley Cup for the championship of the National Hockey League, either of the two conferences in the NHL or any of the four divisions. Another outright bet is for which NFL team will win the Presidents Trophy for scoring the most goals in a season. Similarly, outright bets can be made on teams in the Kontinental Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League, or American Hockey League.

Match Result Based on Regulation Time

A common wager in ice hockey is to simply pick a winner. However, these wagers are based on regulation time and not the overtime required for tie games. If you pick the Montreal Canadians to beat the Chicago Blackhawks and the game ends in a tie you lose, even if the Canadians score first in overtime and win the game!

Match Result Including Overtime

With this bet you pick the Canadians over the Blackhawks, the regulation game ends in a tie. But, Montreal scores first in overtime and wins, and so do you.

Puck Line Handicap Wager

This is the term used in ice hockey wagers for a betting spread on the final score. You pick the favourite Boston Bruins to win by 1.5 over the St. Louis Blues. If Boston wins by one goal, they go home happy but you lose. (The standard puck line for the favourite is +1.5.)

Total Goals Over and Under

This bet only has to do with the total number of goals scored in a hockey match and not with which team or player scores them. You expect there to be a lot of goals scored when the Vancouver Canucks play the Philadelphia Flyers. You bet 5.5+ which means that you win if the total number of goals is six or more.

Correct Score

In this bet, you will pick an exact final score of each team at the end of regulation play or at the end of overtime. Thus, you can pick a 4 to 4 tie, to a 5 to 4 overtime victory. This wager is harder to win than some but pays well.

Some straightforward wagers like the winner of a single hockey game can be made at any sportsbook but some wagers belong in different platforms. For example, you may choose Chicago to win the Stanley Cup. You make this wager at the beginning of the season when virtually no one else thinks that the Blackhawks have a chance. But, the Blackhawks have a fantastic season and one of their rookie players is phenomenal. And, by midseason, your bet with 100 to 1 odds of the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup has turned into almost even odds. If you made this bet on a sports trading site, you could lay it off for a tidy profit even before the playoffs start!

Check with Betopin for how the various betting platforms work, what the common betting markets are, and where to find the best betting sites for ice hockey.


Ice hockey is a very popular sport in the northern regions of North American and in Northern Europe. This fast-paced game combines great athletic skill with an unusual level of physicality. The game offers a wide variety of betting options which can be exercised on any of several betting platforms. If betting on ice hockey interests you, keep up with the games in the Betopin reviews, read about the available betting platforms, and find the best betting sites for ice hockey on the toplist.

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