Sports trading is a more sophisticated approach to betting on sporting outcomes that allows gamblers to sell their positions before the conclusion of a sporting event. It is similar to investing in stocks and shares in that participants seek to buy low and sell high in order to make a profit.

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How sports trading works

The process of sports trading is facilitated by betting exchanges or sports spread betting bookies which allow punters to gamble on outcomes in precisely the same way that stock exchanges allow investors to gamble on stock prices. Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook are amongst the most popular online exchanges. They allow anyone to act as a bookmaker and offer odds on a particular outcome. This is called laying. Punters can then decide whether or not they want to take those odds.

The key difference with conventional betting is that instead of being locked in to holding your position until the conclusion of the event, gamblers can sell on their position at any time at whatever the market rate is at that particular moment.

How to get started with sports trading

To get started in sports trading, a betting exchange account is an obvious prerequisite. Some knowledge of the sport you intend to place bets on is highly advisable. The more that you know, the more likely you are to make a profit.

Things to avoid when sports trading

The first thing to bear in mind is that gambling via a betting exchange is still gambling. You shouldn't bet more than you can afford to lose. It is easier to limit your exposure to risk when using betting exchanges than when placing a bet with a traditional bookmaker. However, watch out for markets with low liquidity. If no-one will buy your position then you'll be stuck with it until the event concludes.

Things to look for when sports trading

The way to make a profit in sports trading is to look for value from a sports spread betting bookie. You're not necessarily looking for winning bets. Instead, you're trying to find a position where the odds are too long or too short and are likely to change before the conclusion of the event. This will allow you to sell on your position at a profit at some point before the end of the market.

A sports trading example

A successful sports trade could involve a punter betting £10 at 8-1 odds that Conor McGregor will defeat Floyd Mayweather and then selling when the price moves in to 5-1 after one round of boxing. Alternatively, someone could profit by laying Floyd Mayweather at 1-3 and then selling at evens after one round.

Sports trading in play

The duration of a sporting event offers plenty of opportunity to make profits. The relative performance of teams, horses or sportspeople against prior expectations will cause odds to shift rapidly in real time and allow gamblers to sell on their positions at a profit. Trading software like Geeks Toy, BetAngel or Gruss is highly advisable due to the speed advantage that they offer over betting via an exchange's website.

Best events for sports trading

You are always more likely to profit if you understand the sport than if you do not. More popular sports will have greater liquidity, which makes it easier to exit your position. However, more popular sports are also more likely to have accurate odds, which limits the opportunities to make profits.

The best sports trading strategies for making money

Alarm bells should be ringing if you're read somewhere that sports trading can make you money instantly. Sports trading strategies take decades to get right, and when you finally do you'll probably be banned from the major bookies who simply won't want to take your bets. There is plenty of information on sports trading around then web that can increase your chances of being right. Statistical analysis platform like Stratebet however can point you in the right direction of potentially profitable sports trading trades.

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BetDaq Smarkets Matchbook Spreadex Sporting Index Betfair
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