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Punters who wager on tennis will find the most variety and best quality of betting sites listed on the Betopin Toplist. Betopin routinely previews all important matches to provide insights into the likely winners and hints as to which wagers will be more successful. The best tennis betting sites offer the best odds, the widest selection of tennis wagers, and impressive promotions as well.Read More

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Industry low commission rate of 2%

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Betting on Tennis


Those who bet on tennis should have a working knowledge of how the game is played and scored. A single game of tennis is won by scoring four points or more and having two more points than the opponent. Players only win points when they serve (start the game by hitting the ball into the opposite side of the tennis court). However, the scoring is not 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 but rather love, 15, 30, 40 and match. When both players have scored to more than 40 the score is stated as “advantage” to the leader and may progress back and forth until one player leads by two and is the winner.

Games are played within a set. To win the set a player must win six or seven games and lead by two games. Modern rules have added a “tiebreaker” to speed up the resolution of each set. Tiebreakers are played with one player serving once and then the players taking turns each serving twice until one player has gained six points and leads by two or gains seven points. This rule has done away with the multi-hour matches once seen.

The winner of the match is the player who wins more sets. In women’s tennis this is typically winning two of three sets and in men’s professional tennis it is usually winning three of five sets.

The most common bet is tennis is the “money line” which is simply betting on who will win the match. Other options are to bet on the total number of games to complete the match or handicaps where games or sets are added or subtracted for the purpose of the wager.

Successful tennis bettors know the relative strengths of the opposing players for the surface (grass, clay, asphalt) on which they are playing.

Because Betopin offers previews of upcoming matches, a punter can more wisely pick and choose the bets to make.

Options for Betting on Tennis

In betting on tennis matches, as with any sport, the list of options goes on and on. Simple bets are easy to make and may offer attractive odds or simply an easy victory and a small profit. But, dedicated punters who follow tennis closely can often find specific bets that are more attractive and profitable based on their knowledge of the game and the players.

Depending on the tennis betting site, exotic bets may be available including season-long wagers of the rankings of the leading professionals in both the men’s and women’s circuits.

With the right tennis betting site, live wagers are possible and make the match hugely more enjoyable.

Tennis Betting Platforms

The ways that a punter bets on tennis are called platforms. Sportsbooks offer standard and exotic betting options. Sports trading platforms allow a punter to take and lay off tennis bets. In betting exchanges, a punter wagers against another punter and the betting platform merely collects a service fee from the winner.

Tennis Betting Exchanges

The punter will not bet against a bookmaker in a tennis betting exchange. Rather the opponent will be a punter as well. The exchange simply brokers the wager and gets paid from the winnings. In a betting exchange, a punter may also choose to bet on a player to lose! The odds at a betting exchange are commonly more attractive than at a sportsbook as the “house” does not set the odds but rather the odds are arrived at by the thousands of wagers made. When a sportsbook does not want to accept your wager there are times when a betting exchange will be happy to.

Tennis Sportsbooks

A sportsbook is more like a traditional bookmaker, but one whose services are available online. For the best sportsbooks for tennis betting, consult our toplist for the best promotions, odds, and options.

Tennis Spread Betting

Spread bets are available in tennis just as in other sports betting. When Novak Djokovic, who is the current highest ranking men’s singles player takes on someone much farther down the list, the outcome will be very predictable. You can wager on the underdog and hope that lightning strikes Djokovic and still lose. Or you can make a tiny profit by betting on the man at the top of the pack. But, with spread betting, a sportsbook will offer a more reasonable chance of winning by adding game points, games, or even sets to the opponent’s score to even things out. Consult the toplist for which sites offer the best spreads for the match you are interested in.

Tennis Sports Trading

Although Djokovic is now the leading men’s singles player by points, this may not always be the case. Any player at any level in the rankings can rise or fall based on performance, injuries, or just bad luck. One of the advantages of a sports trading site is that a punter may have placed a “long shot” bet on a player only to find that that player has gotten a hot streak and is considerably higher in the men’s rankings. This will have changed the odds on the bet considerably. One way to ensure a profit is to lay off that bet with the changed odds. Check out the toplist for the best sports trading sites and the most flexible options for betting on tennis.

Tennis Matched Betting

Sportsbooks often offer betting promotions during major tennis tournaments in order to encourage interested persons to become regulars with them. By finding the right tennis betting site and right promotions, a punter may be able to bet on a given outcome and lay off a bet against that outcome and be able to guarantee a profit on that bet.

Popular Tennis Betting Events and Markets

When a punter is knowledgeable about tennis and the individual players that punter will be able to predict with a high degree of accurately predict the outcome of a match including how many sets it takes to win and if tiebreakers were involved. By checking out the Betopin toplist for the best betting sites with the best odds and betting options, a punter may be able to routinely win his wagers and gain a tidy profit. For excellent match previews and information about the best sites, use Betopin as your tennis betting resource.

The most popular tennis events of the year are great betting opportunities.

The U.S. Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and the Australian Open are the four grand slam events. Although many players have won several grand slam events over the years, the only player to ever hold all grand slam events simultaneously is the current top-ranked player, Novak Djokovic. Other major tennis tournaments are Indian Wells, the ATP World Tour Finals in London, the Miami Open, the Davis Cup, and the Women’s Fed Cup.

Money Lines for Tennis Betting

Betting on the Winner

The vast majority of people take the simplest route to betting in tennis. They bet that a certain player will win their match. The top-seeded player in a tournament is playing the sixty-fourth seed and the odds are very impressive should the lower ranked player win. Because upsets do happen and you suspect that the favourite has a nagging injury that others are not aware of, you place your bet and then walk away with a win on twenty to one odds. Or, you go with the favourite and pocket a small gain each and every time he wins a match. With this bet it makes no difference if the match is over in a hurry or goes to tiebreakers in every set. You are simply betting on the winner.

But tennis betting has more possible bets or moneylines.

Two-way Moneylines

There are no two-way moneylines in tennis betting because no matter how long it takes the game is played until there is a winner. It is possible that a match will be delayed if the court is out of doors and there is a heavy rainfall but all matches are completed. With today’s tie-breaker rules, the era of matches going on for hours and hours is gone.

Three-way Moneyline

Likewise, there are no three-way money lines in tennis as there are no draws at the end of the day.

Proposition-Based Tennis Bets

Depending on the tennis betting site, there may be many exotic or proposition-based bets available. How many tie-breakers will occur in the match? Will it last through all possible sets or will the winner take every set and send the crowd home early? Check out the Betopin toplist for the top tennis betting sites that handle a wide range of such wagers.

How Long Will the Match Last?

This can be another exotic bet but not so much so as when matches had no time limit!

Our Conclusion

Punters who love tennis and bet on the matches will find a lot of information in the Betopin previews. The rankings change week by week along with the odds for any given tournament or match. No matter if you are waiting for a major tournament or one of the lesser ones, check out the toplist for the best tennis betting sites.

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