How to Win at Betting – The Ultimate Guide

Win At Betting

How to Win at Betting In 2021

Sports betting, for many, is nothing more than a hobby or a form of practically meaningless entertainment. But for others, sports betting is something to be taken much more seriously and can even be a source of income. Professional sports bettors do exist! Whether you are dabbling in sports betting for the first time or have been successfully partaking in it for years, there is always more to learn.

Sports betting will become more popular than ever in the year 2020. This means not only more opportunities to win but also more competition. To improve your betting and give yourself a better chance at winning, consider the following strategies.

Know Your Sport

To enjoy a sport isn’t good enough reason to bet on it if you want to win. Instead, you should get to know the ins and outs of your specific sport. Depending on your location, there are likely particular sports that are more popular than others. Whether you have plenty of local television coverage or very little shared information, there is still research to be done on your sport before placing any bets.

What does it mean, exactly, to know your sport inside and out? It means knowing as much as you possibly can about each team and important players. Depending on the sport, you should pay attention to win/loss records, rivalries, player injuries, and home/away competitions.

Knowing even the seemingly smallest details about your sport will allow you to place better bets and can better prepare you to find good-value markets.

Find the Right Sportsbook

To place a bet, you have to have an account with a sportsbook. But you shouldn’t select just any sportsbook at random. Spend a short amount of time researching online sportsbooks until you find the best online sportsbook for you. Some bettors may find it beneficial to create an account with more than one sportsbook so you can compare the offerings of each one before placing a bet.

Additionally, finding the right sportsbook can mean the difference between starting empty-handed and getting a head start thanks to a generous welcome bonus. Many online casinos and sportsbooks entice people to sign up with bonuses and promotions, like rewarding casino bonuses for New Zealand players or weekly promotions for players who stick around.

Make the Right Bets

This one probably seems obvious, especially to more experienced bettors. But it remains one of the most critical factors of a winning bet. Betting on sports involves a lot more than just picking which team will win and which team will lose. To win at betting, you should learn about each kind of bet available and determine which bets are the right ones to make.

The most important thing to remember when placing bets is never to place a bet if you aren’t confident. If you are at all unsure about a particular bet, don’t place it. You are much better off walking away and finding a bet that you can feel good about making.

Find the Best Lines

It will be especially beneficial to have accounts with more than one sportsbook when it comes to finding the best lines. Some sportsbooks will offer better moneylines on the same games, which is why it pays off to do a bit of research before placing any bets.

To find the best lines, wait as long as you can before a game or match to shop around. Compare lines as best you can to be sure you are getting the best one. Time spent researching will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

What Are Moneylines?

To ensure you are better equipped to make the right bet, you should develop a thorough understanding of moneylines. The moneyline is the plus or minus number related to each team involved in a match. The moneyline will tell you how much you have to bet to win $100 or how much you will win if you bet $100.

For example, if a moneyline is Team A -300 and Team B +155, it means you need to bet $300 on Team A to win $100, or bet $100 on Team B to win $155. The team with the minus number is the favorite, while the team with the plus number is the underdog.

What Are Point Spreads?

Just like moneylines, a successful bettor has a thorough understanding of point spreads. Point spread betting tends to be more popular in matches where there is a more significant gap between the final scores. Point spread betting is especially popular in American football and basketball.

Point spread betting allows bettors to bet not only on which team will win, but also how many points that team will win by. For example: if a point spread is Baltimore Ravens +4, Pittsburgh Steelers -4, you will bet on whether you believe the Ravens will win and if they will win by more than four points. Like with moneylines, the team with the minus is the favoured team and the team with the plus is the underdog.

What Are Parlays?

Parlay is another term every successful bettor should understand. Parlay betting refers to taking multiple types of bets on the same match. For example, if your bet on a particular game is a combination of a point spread bet and a moneyline bet, that’s a parlay bet.

Parlay betting typically offers larger payouts but require far more accuracy than a moneyline bet or a point spread by itself.

Don’t Chase Bad Bets

To chase a bad bet means trying to recover losses from a previous with more betting. This can have disastrous results. Often, people will be disappointed by the results of a bad bet and begin making poor betting decisions. The opposite is also true; you shouldn’t chase a good bet either. Just because you have placed a good bet with good results doesn’t mean you should automatically follow it up with additional bets to try to win more. Instead, stick to the plan.

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Andrew Halligan
Andrew Halligan
Andrew is our lead sports writer. He covers all the latest news in sports and excels in football and horse racing. Andrew is also the presenter of YouTubes horse racing podcast - The Finishing Line, where he gives the week's best betting tips on horse racing. His in-depth knowledge of betting on sports and online betting has become renowned in the world of horse racing and further afield.

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