Bingo: 3 ways to increase your winnings

Bingo: 3 ways to increase your winnings

Welcome to the wonderful world of online bingo, a fun, friendly, and exciting way to play in the digital age.  Many people have asked if there is a way to improve your chances of winning at bingo when playing online.  It’s a tough one as there is not really much you can do once the game is in play to win more.  However, there are plenty of things you can do before the balls begin to be called to be in with a better chance of winning.  See our three do’s and don’ts below…

1) Look for sites with the best payouts

Every Bingo website will pay out a different percentage of the pot to the players and the key to big payouts is making sure you stick with the more generous sites.  The larger household names may boast of jackpots in the £1,000s but the odds of winning one are very small.

Your best bet is to go with smaller, newer bingo sites like TidyBingo. Newer companies work hard to increase the loyalty of new players and will make big payouts so players keep coming back for more.

TidyBingo pays up to 92% of the money collected from ticket sales (some companies pay out as little as 50%).

2) Stretch your welcome bonus

Every bingo company has welcome offers for new players and some are seriously good.  The average is around a 200% bonus meaning that ifs you deposit £5 you get topped up to £20 (£15 free).  However, if you put a little more than the minimum you can get even more.

For example with TidyBingo if you deposit £10 you get a free spin on “Bonus Wheel” for an additional guaranteed welcome bonus. This will be anything from as little as £5 up to a staggering £2,500! So for an initial deposit of just £10 you will be playing with £45.

Note: Players sometimes wonder whether bingo companies actually let you win with the bonus offers and the short answer is that, yes they do.  The software and networks that power online bingo companies are provided by regulated, audited, and in some cases public companies.  Any manipulation or segregation of winners would be a fraud and a criminal offense.  To ensure a bingo company is regulated a legitimate always check the bottom of the site for who it is regulated by and which network it belongs to.

3) Own the room to win more

The key to winning is having better odds than anyone else.  Bingo is purely a game of chance so the only way to increase your chances is to have the maximum amount of tickets and play against as few people as possible.  Never play in a room where you cannot afford the maximum lines.

But even this is not enough, you need to make sure that you have fewer opponents too.  If there are 300 people playing with the maximum number of tickets you only have a 1 in 300 chance of winning.  But, if you play in a game with only 20 other people you have a 1 in 20 chance.  If the other players have not bought the maximum amount of lines your odds are even better. This is another reason it is worth playing on the newer sites as there are fewer overall players, so you have a greater chance of winning.

The great thing about bingo is that there is always a winner (sometimes three) for every game.  “But if there are fewer players won’t the prize be smaller?”  Don’t forget that smaller sites like TidyBingo payout more than some of the bigger networks so even though there is less in the pot the prizes may actually be bigger.

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Aideen O.
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