A Simplified Guide to Making Money With Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting Guide

Like other forms of sports betting, cricket betting can be quite intriguing particularly if you’re not familiar with the basics of the game itself. To succeed, you need to do plenty of research and planning to gain an edge over the bookies or other bettors.
Are you looking to try your hand in betting on this very exciting sport? Read on to discover a practical approach to winning money via cricket betting sites.

Do your research

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that the rules of playing and cricket betting are comparatively more complex to understand than for most other sports. This is why it’s important to study the sport thoroughly to increase your chances of raking in big money wins in cricket betting.

A good place to begin your research is by studying all factors that influence the outcome of a cricket match or season. Here are the most important areas to look into before placing your wagers:

Read widely on cricket betting

This not only improves your chances of placing a winning cricket bet but also helps to boost your confidence as a bettor. Betopin is your one-stop place if you’re looking to learn about this sport and how to successfully bet on it.

Team analysis

Scrutinize each of the cricket players in a game to identify their strengths and weaknesses; this enables you to predict their influence on the outcome of the game and ultimately your chances of winning a bet.

Match variables

Like any other sport, cricket results are hugely determined by a number of variables most notably toss bias, home or away bias, and the presence or absence of player injuries alongside other factors. Always take note of these to predict the outcomes of games more correctly.

Pitch and weather conditions

Look at the situation of the cricket pitch as well as the weather situation as these are critical factors that decide the outcome of your cricket match and bet.


This is arguably the most important aspect any time you’re researching a cricket game. Since cricket betting is a sport of strategy, getting the numbers right puts you ahead of other bettors. Ensure you explore the current and past statistics of teams involved in your cricket bets. For example, look at the teams’ current form, head-to-head comparisons, etc.

Place your wager wisely

After conducting your due diligence and being satisfied with the information gathered, it’s time to place your wager. You can further improve your chances of winning here by using the following handy cricket betting tips:

Choose a reputable sportsbook

Only join legit cricket sportsbooks that are sure to pay out your winnings on time and keep all your information safe. Besides, try to maximize your winnings by using betting platforms that offer generous incentives like welcome bonuses and cashback deals.

We highly recommend bet365 as a Cricket Betting site. If you agree then click the bet365 tab below for all the best cricket betting markets and odds.

Use multiple cricket betting accounts

To optimize your cricket betting, consider subscribing to several sportsbooks. One advantage of using this strategy is that you can take advantage of the competitive prices to select platforms that give you the biggest win margins and the smallest loss margins.

Another advantage of having multiple betting accounts is arbitrage – a situation whereby you place your bet on all possible results of a cricket game to ensure that you rake in a profit regardless of the match’s outcome.

Manage your betting bankroll in a sober manner

To realize sizeable money wins from cricket betting, always have sufficient finances to live off, set aside an appropriate betting budget, split amongst your multiple accounts, and only place bets you’ve analyzed thoroughly. Besides, as a general betting rule of thumb, ensure your bankroll can accommodate losses so you won’t be crippled financially in the likely event of failed bets.

Pick a favourable betting strategy

Cricket betting allows you to place wagers on several possible outcomes of the matches. Depending on your preferences, expertise in cricket or odds placement, you can go for the following betting strategies to maximize your possible bet win:

The top player of the team betting

If you choose to bet on the best player of the team, there are a couple of players worth considering – the batsman or bowler of the team. Look at these players’ strike rates, batting, or bowling averages and compare them with their respective opposites based on factors such as past performances.

Top match batsman or bowler betting

In a test cricket match, you may opt to predict the best overall batsman or bowler. Here, you may take into consideration the teams’ batsmen or bowlers depending on your strategy or research.
Bet on the player taking a certain number of strikes or wickets during a game. In such a bet, if the top batsmen emerge with the same count of strikes or wickets, the number of runs each makes is used to determine the top one. And if it happens that the runs are also the same, the dead-heat rules apply whereby you only receive half your winnings.

Outright winner of the season betting

Considerably riskier than predicting a match’s winner, this approach entails studying all the teams, their players’ forms, and the conditions of all the matches in a season. To improve your winning odds, you should spread your wagers across a few teams that you feel could emerge winners.

Laying the draw in test matches

By laying a draw before a test match begins, you essentially act as a bookie and will, therefore, payout a computed amount, determined by the odds, if there’s a draw. To limit your liability, consider betting on the draw although this will mean you receive a lower payout.

In-play betting

As the game progresses and odds change, it becomes easier to correctly predict the outcomes towards the end. This means you can minimize your liability and overall risk of betting on cricket.

Runs betting

For this strategy, bookies set a certain number of runs that a game is likely to have. You’ll then predict whether these runs exceed or fall below a specified number and win if that happens. To improve your chances of winning using this strategy, look at the stats and other variables during the match.


Cricket betting doesn’t have to be complex to crack. All you need is to choose one of two betting strategies and perfect them. Additionally, take into consideration the small yet incredibly powerful pointers and tips that we’ve shared with you in this post. Keep checking Betopin for more eye-opening betting guides like this. Our goal is to help you increase your bankroll and enjoy betting, whether as a pastime activity or as a source of income. Good luck!

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