What Experts Say About Betting On Cricket

Whether you’re betting on the final result of a Test series, or even just the who gets to bat first, you’re going to need to know how to bet on cricket and how the experts bet to avoid losses and get a winning result. So, we are going to show you all the different betting

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Cricket Betting

A Simplified Guide to Making Money With Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting Guide Like other forms of sports betting, cricket betting can be quite intriguing particularly if you’re not familiar with the basics of the game itself. To succeed, you need to do plenty of research and planning to gain an edge over the bookies or other bettors. Are you looking to try your hand

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5 Tips for Cricket Betting that Nobody Told You

Having trouble with your cricket betting and do you want to know the best tips for winning? Fear not, Betopin has you covered with our 5 tips for Online Cricket Betting and Online Cricket Exchanges Cricket Betting Tips – What to consider? 1 – Team News During some of the top T20 leagues, star players

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What Is A Super Over In Cricket

Well, a super over is officially a one over per side eliminator is a tie-breaking method used in limited over cricket matches, where both teams play an additional over (6 balls) to decide the winner of the match. How does a match get to a Super Over? A match that goes into a super over

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smarkets vs betfair
Betting Exchanges

Smarkets vs Betfair – The alternatives to Matchbook, Which Is Better?

Smarkets was founded in 2008, and it’s considered the second largest betting exchange after Betfair. The betting exchange opened its doors to public trading in 2010. Since then, it has done what it takes to ensure its customers are happy, giving the best offers and cutting-edge technology. Smarkets have been able to make up €5

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Mankading: The controversial mode of dismissal

In some sports, especially cricket, there are unwritten rules about what goes on during the heat of battle. Such rules aren’t illegal or against the rules, but are considered against the spirit of the game or a moral crime of sorts. One such term is ‘Mankading’, the practice of running out an unwitting opponent which

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Cricket – Articles on betting sites, best odds, and fixtures

Cricket is undoubtedly the most viewed sport across the globe. No matter if it’s a Test Cricket, ODIs or T-20, each season witnesses an increased number of betting fans across the globe. As the ICC Cricket World Cup is approaching soon, the betting fans would want to get the most value possible from this giant event.

Betopin offers you a diverse range of information about cricket betting, best odds, betting tips for such big events, and the best betting sites that will reap you high profits. In this category, you’ll find everything about cricket betting.


With the ICC Cricket World Cup being held in 2019, all the betting fans are gearing up to prove their skills. While there are plenty of chances of England winning the 2019 Cricket World Cup on their home soil, tough teams like India (number 2 ranked in the world) and Australia has all the high chances of winning. At Betopin, you can find relevant information regarding the most recent events, best odds, betting tips, best betting sites and forecasts about the participating teams.

Betting Platforms

At Betopin, we provide you the leading betting platforms for an exceptional experience of online cricket betting. In this category, we bring you tips on how to get the best out of the betting platforms available to you. These platforms include:

Betting Exchanges

Cricket betting exchanges have much better odds than traditional fixed odds bookies so you can win much more for single and straight bets.


Create the absolute striking experience of online betting with the best cricket sportsbooks that are both, legal and rewarding.

Spread Betting

At Betopin, you can compare the best cricket spread bookies, and a lot more.

Sports Trading

Betopin provides the most accurate cricket sports trading approach on sporting outcomes.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting allows bettors to profit from the free bets and incentives provided by the bookmakers.

News and Opinion

The news and opinion pieces within the cricket category will bring you the latest information about the cricket betting – betting odds, betting exchanges, spread betting, sports trading, matched betting, best betting sites, betting tips, forecasts, and a lot more. In this category, you’ll find the most relevant information about cricket and cricket betting.

So if you wish to become a winning cricket bettor, stay connected with Betopin. We provide you the right odds and betting tips that will generate profitable opportunities for all the betting fans.