What Experts Say About Betting On Cricket

Whether you’re betting on the final result of a Test series, or even just the who gets to bat first, you’re going to need to know how to bet on cricket and how the experts bet to avoid losses and get a winning result. So, we are going to show you all the different betting markets that make up the best cricket betting strategies, along with some betting tips that will help you along the way to cricket betting profit.

Cricket Betting Expert on Matches and Tournaments

This is the simplest strategy for betting on cricket, and betting on the result of a Test series or a One Day International, etc., will always provide a simple win or loss scenario. But don’t forget that Test cricket and County Championship games have a strong possibility of the match ending in a draw.

One Day cricket and T20 are coming to the fore for the everyday cricket betting bettors and are a quick and fun way to make a winning bet. You can bet on the most 6s from any given player, to the most duck balls and everything in-between. The shorter format of the game is becoming wildly more popular as the game has grown.

Cricket Betting Experts Riskier Bets

The following might sound risky but if you are willing to take a chance with this kind of bet you are likely to come out with a 50/50 chance of making a profit. For example, you can bet on which side wins the coin toss or even will you selected teams sore finish on a even or odd number. The options are endless but with a 50/50 chance, some bettors really like this option for a quick return on the money.

In Play Cricket Betting

In-play betting is become one of the most popular options when it comes to cricket betting sites. You can heed your hunch in play if you get the urge to bet on the next batsman to get out our which bowler is going to knock over the stumps next. The options are endless and more importantly profitable if played in the correct way.

Perfecting your cricket betting strategy

It’s obvious that the sheer wealth of statistics involved in cricket make it one of the most exciting sports to bet on. And with a little bit of luck and plenty of research, you can formulate a decent betting strategy the takes advantage of the most competitive odds on the market. Whether it’s wagering on the outcome of a One Day International, or even trying to predict the highest scorer in a Test match, there’s always something that should offer you some tempting odds. So, be sure to check back at betopin.com, so that you can put your cricket betting strategy to work and we also have a cricket betting guide.

  • Research the form of players and teams
  • Get to know how weather conditions affect wickets and how they play in different conditions.
  • Check with sportsbooks offer the best odds
  • Try your hand at in-play betting for an exciting betting experience

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Aideen O.
Aideen O.
Obsessed with the sport and bet relates, Aideen is responsible for the editorial direction of Betopin and has covered sports for more than 15 years. He became editor-in-chief of the site in 2013. Aideen specializes in covering all things sports & casinos, having reviewed dozens of sportsbooks and casinos. Aideen was previously reviews editor at other sports sites, and his work has appeared in Important sports portals. Email: aideen@betopin.com 40 Patrick St, Waterford, X91 X3KF. 353-653-83514

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