5 Tips for Cricket Betting that Nobody Told You

Having trouble with your cricket betting and do you want to know the best tips for winning? Fear not, Betopin has you covered with our 5 tips for Online Cricket Betting and Online Cricket Exchanges

Cricket Betting Tips – What to consider?

1 – Team News

During some of the top T20 leagues, star players will often get called up for their International teams and will be missing for their domestic team for a couple of games. When he happens sometimes the cricket betting markets are slow to catch this. So with that said the team that will be weakened considerably by the loss of International players may not be reflected in the betting odds and this is where you can make a nice betting profit be it online cricket exchanges or sportsbooks by betting on the position that will have a greater chance of beating their opponents on that giving day.

It is always good to have a cricket betting sportsbook provider that offers very competitive odds all year round and bet365 would be one of the leading cricket betting sites.

2 – Weather

With cricket, you would be surprised how much the weather would affect the way a game is played. Cloudy and windy weather in England would help the ball swing both ways, while a rain-affected ground would make it difficult to score runs, sometimes both teams have to play an additional super over to decide the winner.

It pays to keep an eye on the weather forecast and the players that have been declared to play as some more than others will excel in certain conditions.

3 – Injuries

In-play cricket betting is becoming something of a big market now and injuries to key players like a fast bowler who is knocking over the stumps for fun during the day suddenly get injured you will see a huge switch in the betting market with more likely than not see the batting team been shorted considerably.

The same can be said for any top 5 opening batsmen who might be in form but are suddenly hit with a rouge delivery and which puts them out for the rest of the game. If you are quick of the mark you will be able to take advantage of any inaccurate odds before the bookmaker gets to change the odds.

4 – What is the best Cricket format to bet on?

When betting on cricket you have three formats to choose from, T20, One Day, and Test Cricket. If you are looking for a quick crick betting thrill then T20 is for you. This fast and explosive format of the game has great cricket betting markets to get your betting brain into. From the most 6s,4s, wickets, and everything in-between, T20 betting is a great thrill.

One Day Cricket is another format that you can get stuck into but this is one that some bettors like to use their accumulator

5 – How easy is it to place a cricket accumulator?

It is quite straightforward to place a cricket betting accumulator. Simply open an account with sportsbooks like bet365. Simply go to your cricket betting markets and choose from markets that best suit your cricket betting needs and combine those bets into the accumulator, if you need more info please read our cricket betting guide.

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Andrew Halligan
Andrew Halligan
Andrew is our lead sports writer. He covers all the latest news in sports and excels in football and horse racing. Andrew is also the presenter of YouTubes horse racing podcast - The Finishing Line, where he gives the week's best betting tips on horse racing. His in-depth knowledge of betting on sports and online betting has become renowned in the world of horse racing and further afield.

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