Best Online Casino Reviews – Trusted Rating List 2021

The more people know the online casino world the more jargon they talk about. Which leaves newbies (and a few of us old-hands) scratching our heads. We break it down for you, so you know what information you should look for in a review, and what you will get when you browse Betopin’s casino reviews.

Online casinos can sometimes be a bit daunting! From the wide variety of games available to them, to the different ways of deposit and withdrawal, to the various bonus offers, there is quite a lot of data to process when you are looking for the best online casinos. To help you out a little in this process, we have come up with this best online casino reviews list for you. We have carefully reviewed the websites for all the major and minor online casinos listed here. With our reviews in hand, you will be able to make an informed choice, and choose the best online casinos available to you.

Firstly, there’s no such thing as a standard review. Just like online casinos, they come in all shapes and sizes. But there are some bits of information that are standard on the majority of reputable review sites. So, let’s have a look at those more standard bits first.

Our next feature goes into the area of safety and security for all of the players at these casinos. These are often the hardest type of sites to navigate, due to the variety of advertising all over them. However, this is not always a problem, and there are several helpful features on most of the top gambling websites that provide guidance for newcomers and gamers alike. There is usually a help section where you can find answers to FAQs or reach out to a live gaming chat if you have any questions after you’ve reviewed the casinos information. New players especially are advised to read through the casino reviews of the various casinos before they play, as mistakes made while playing can often lead to financial losses.

Lastly, there are a number of different payment methods that you should research when looking for online casinos to join. Some casinos will accept a variety of online payment methods, but some will only accept one specific type. You should find out as much as you can about the payment options, as you will want to be able to deposit your winnings quickly and easily when you do play.

Most online casino reviews will start with a little bit of history on their subject. The year the online casino started, their parent company if they have one, and any other interesting details about the casino itself.

Casino Welcome Bonuses

The next thing you generally come across is the welcome offer. This is where you should start to pay real attention. So what is a ‘welcome offer’ – it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is an offer available to new customers only to entice them to join the online casino. It can be anything from deposit match bonuses, to bonus spins. Or a combination of both. The welcome offer is dependant on the online casino and they are all different. The review should touch on the terms & conditions of the offer, at the very least should alert you to the minimum deposit requirements and the wagering requirements. Here at Betopin, we are all about finding the best welcome offer that includes making sure that you know how it works and anything you absolutely need to know before pressing that big sign up button. We have created top-lists that make this a walk in the park.

Casino Promotions

From the welcome offer, a good casino review should go into the other promotions that the online casino offers. Like weekly promotions, daily promotions, and the loyalty and VIP programs that the casino offers. At this point, you should be reading about the terms & conditions on these other promotions that the online casino is offering its customers.

Minimum Deposit and Wagering Requirements

What exactly are minimum deposits and wagering requirements?

Minimum Deposits

The minimum deposit requirements are the minimum deposit you’ll need to make to be able to play at the casino. Usually, the minimum deposit will also activate the welcome bonus or other promotions, but not always. Some casinos that will allow you to play with a very small deposit will not let you activate any bonuses unless you deposit more. Betopin investigates all the casino bonuses to make sure this detail is clearly illuminated. Most online casinos have a minimum deposit, but like anything, there are always exceptions to this.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are how many times you’ll need to play through the bonus to be able to withdraw the money you’ve won off the bonus. This, generally speaking, sits between 20-50 x the amount of the bonus. This varies, depending on the online casino. And they are always worth paying particular attention to, there’s nothing worse than getting to the withdrawal stage only to realise that your winnings are still in your bonus account because you haven’t met the wagering requirements.

Casino Games

Once you’ve whetted your appetite with the welcome offer and the promotions that the online casino has to offer, there should be some more in-depth information about the types of games you are likely to find at the online casino. The review should cover the slots, table games, live games and give a rough indication of how many games are available at that online casino. This can vary between reviews and reviewers, with some reviews concentrating on the number of games; and others focusing on how many software developers the online casino is partnered with. Both of these are relevant.

Casino Software

There’s nothing worse than joining an online casino only to find that they don’t offer games by ‘X’ software developer who just happens to be behind your favourite slot. Not to mention that some players have their preferred developers when it comes to live games as well. Some software developers are industry giants (think NetEnt, Evolution, and Microgaming), and a casino that has partnerships with these developers are likely to have a very good selection of top-quality games. The number of games that the online casino offers is important – variety is the spice of life!

Casino Functionality and User Experience

This part of the review (again depending on the review/reviewer) might also give you a little insight into the online casinos’ website. Navigating a website can be either easy or difficult and it’s nice to know what you’re getting yourself into before you join up and then realise that the online casino has a terrible navigation system or does not work the way it should. These days most online casinos get that their website is a major part of their brand so thankfully they are creating easy-to-navigate and stylish websites. But the review might still touch on some niggling issues or fantastic shortcuts that the reviewer has come across.

Payment Methods

You cannot play for real money without funding your casino account in some way. Betopin’s reviews all include a section on payments: deposits and withdrawals. This is where the review will investigate what types of deposits and withdrawals the online casino accepts, and what the minimums are on these. Often, online casinos don’t make this information readily available on their website, so the review is a valuable source of information. The review might also explain how long it takes for the money to reach either your casino account if you’re depositing, or your external account (bank account, e-Wallet account, credit card account) for withdrawals.

Mobile & Casino App information

Having mobile capabilities is a must for online casinos in this day and age of mobile technology. Here the reviewer should make it clear if the online casino has a dedicated app or if it relies on a mobile-friendly website. It’s important to note here that most online casinos do not offer their entire game library on the app / mobile website, which is why it’s important to read reviews. Betopin reviews will highlight and advantages and limitations discovered when researching the mobile app or website. As reviewers, we understand how important it is to be able to have a reliable and playable mobile online casino.

Security, Licencing and Regulations

Whilst the title ‘Security & Licensing’ or ‘Regulations’ don’t sound overly exciting this is where you can confirm if the online casino is legitimate. Without the proper licensing and security there’s a fair chance that you are throwing your money away. Check the licensing details, you can do this on the review and also on the website of the online casino – it should always be on the bottom of every page, including the landing page of any reputable online casino. In this section of the review, you might also find information about the restricted countries.

Restricted Countries

Restricted countries are countries that do not allow online gambling, either in its entirety or partly. Check this list! We can’t stress this enough. When you register at an online casino you will be asked what your country of residence is. If your country is on the list you won’t be allowed to set up an account. For the record, do not put in a bogus address. Why? Because if you happen to win big and want to withdraw your winnings, you will be asked to verify your address – with documentation that has the address you signed up with and your name. Something like a utility bill, or official government document. If you’ve put in a fake address, you’ll essentially be saying goodbye to those winnings. It’s a lose-lose situation and honestly not worth it.

Customer Service

Next up on reviews generally comes the customer service information: how to get in contact with the customer service team, languages available, and the opening hours of the team. This is where you will find out if the online casino has a FAQ page or social media accounts that respond to messages. The Betopin reviews will explain where to find the customer service information on the website and if the reviewer had any experience with the customer service team and how they found the service. It’s a good place to get a ‘vibe’ for the online casino staff. If the reviewer has had any issues, they generally put it in this section. It’s also sometimes a great place to find out how the online casino handles disputes.


The conclusion and verdict parts of the review are; you guessed it the end of the review. It’s also an overview of how the online casino stacked up. What the reviewer liked about the online casino and also what they didn’t like. Where the reviewer thinks the casino can improve and where they are hitting all the right notes. It’s a great part of the review as it gives that all-important snapshot. We’re not saying that you can just read the conclusion and know if that online casino is right for you but by reading these sections carefully you can usually get bullet points of the online casino.

The reviewer will generally quickly summarise the review, ‘it has a great website’ ‘the game selection is mind-blowing’ ‘customer service quickly took care of our depositing issue’ ‘the online casino is partnered with 40+ developers’ ‘they have great promotions’. It’s a punchy section designed to give you fast moving points of interest about the online casino they have reviewed.

So that’s it! That’s our review of online casino reviews. Hopefully, you’ve learnt a little more about casino reviews and the research that the reviewers do. Why they put in each section and why each of those sections is important to you – the players. What should be in a review and why you should be reading them.
Let Betopin review the best casinos to get started betting at.

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