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Lacrosse Best Betting Sites Canada

Lacrosse is a popular sport in Canada, as many residents of the Great White North enjoy watching and playing all four versions of it.

However, there’s one more thing that you can do with lacrosse — bet on it. There are plenty of great Canadian sports betting sites that cover all of the popular tournaments and competitions.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular lacrosse tourneys and how you can bet on them using all kinds of sports betting websites.

If you’re interested in this sport, you’ll find plenty of useful information to prepare you for making your first lacrosse wager on one of the available online sports betting sites.

Most Popular Lacrosse Fixtures & How to Bet on Them

Lacrosse is played on an international and national level. At the moment, the US is the only country with a professional lacrosse league. Therefore, we’ll focus on competitions that take place internationally and tell you more. After that, we’ll discuss the popular leagues, one of which also includes Canadian teams.

After learning the details of lacrosse competitions, you’ll have a head start on Canadian sports betting sites.

But before that, we’ll have to discuss the four available versions of lacrosse. The best sports betting platforms often cover all four of them and their respective competitions. Let’s check them out.

Field lacrosse — This is a type of men’s lacrosse that’s played outdoors, with each team consisting of nine players and a goalie. It’s pretty physical, and players need to wear protective equipment when they are on the field;

  • Box lacrosse — The modified version of this game comes with plenty of different rules. It’s played indoors, usually on a hockey rink without ice. Moreover, each team consists of five players and a goalie, there are no offsides, and the goals are smaller. Moreover, box lacrosse allows players to substitute freely, and goalies have to wear extra protective equipment. These are just some of the variations on the rules, but make sure to read more about them before betting on this type of lacrosse.
  • Women’s lacrosse — The rules of this lacrosse version are also pretty different from men’s lacrosse. The main difference is that no physical contact is allowed between players. The field is a bit different, and there are additional rules that players must abide by, including the infamous goal-circle violation.
  • Intercrosse — Often called soft stick lacrosse, this is a form of the sport that’s played with no contact but with a standard set of rules. The equipment used by players is modified, and the ball is much softer compared to other lacrosse versions.

All the best sports betting sites in Canada should offer wagering on big competitions. Let’s see what the most popular tournaments are.

World Lacrosse Championship

The World Lacrosse Championship (WLC) is a field lacrosse event played on an international level. It was founded in 1967, and the countries that took part in the inaugural competition were Canada, the United States, Australia, and England.

However, WLC was taken to the next level when the official federation was formed, and the first major edition of the tournament was held in 2006.

It featured as many as 21 countries, including Canada, which won the tourney and made the sport even more popular in the country.

The biggest WLC took place in Israel when a total of 46 countries took part. It was the 10th time the US won a WLC title.

All sports betting sites in Canada should feature WLC, as it is the most popular international competition.

World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship

The WLWWC uses a similar format to the WLC, and the US is also the most successful nation, with eight titles. There were a total of 10 tournaments, with the first one taking place in 1982.

The US didn’t win gold medals only in 1986 and 2005, as Australia stood in its way both times.

The number of countries competing in the WLWWC increased gradually over time. The first tournament consisted of six countries, while the one in 2017 featured 25 competitors.

World Indoor Lacrosse Championship

If you’re from Canada, you’re probably most interested in this type of lacrosse. The “box” version of the sport also has its official international tournament called World Indoor Lacrosse Championship (WILC).

There were five tournaments in total, with 20 active teams. The Canadian team managed to win all of them and remains undefeated to-date.

Needless to say, sports bettors from Canada should be able to find several great betting sites offering WILC matches.

Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships

U-19 lacrosse championships are also held separately for men and women. Men’s U-19 is dominated by the US, which won 8/8 tournaments. However, Canada was a runner-up six times (Australia two times).

Every reputable sports betting site in Canada offers U-19 competitions, and Canadian bettors hope that their country could beat the US in one of the upcoming tournaments.

There were seven women’s U-19 championships, with the US winning five of them. Australia won the inaugural U-19 in 1995, and Canada won in 2015.

National Leagues

The US is the only country with national leagues. The good news is that Canadian teams are part of one such league — the National Lacrosse League. In fact, you can actually consider NLL a North American league, as almost half of the competitors are from Canada.

The teams that are currently part of the NLL are Vancouver Warriors, Calgary Roughnecks, Saskatchewan Rush, Toronto Rock, and Halifax Thunderbirds.

You can bet on NLL on many online sports betting sites in Canada.

Other popular leagues include:

  • Major League Lacrosse (MLL)
  • Premier Lacrosse League (PLL)
  • United Women’s Lacrosse League (UWLX)
  • Women’s Professional Lacrosse League
  • College Lacrosse

All types of lacrosse are also played in US colleges, and top-rated online sportsbooks sometimes cover these events as well. The popular competitions are:

  • NCAA Men’s Lacrosse — Three divisions
  • NCAA Women’s Lacrosse — Three divisions
  • NAIA Lacrosse
  • NJCAA Lacrosse
  • Men’s Club Lacrosse (Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) & National College Lacrosse League (NCLL))
  • Women’s Club Lacrosse (Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Associates (WCLA))

Betting Platforms

There are all kinds of sports betting sites, and if you’re a fan and you live in Canada, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

However, to learn how to choose the best betting sites, you need to know how they are different. Sportsbooks are just one type of online betting platform. Apart from them, you can join plenty of other sites, such as betting exchanges, sports trading, matched betting, spread betting, and more.

Let’s discuss each of these variations briefly and see how they can help you find the best online betting site for you.

Betting Exchanges

In traditional sports betting sites, you’ll bet against the bookmaker. In other words, you’ll wager against the platform at the odds it presents.

Things are slightly different when it comes to exchanges.

Betting exchanges offer bettors a chance to place wagers against other users.

What makes them exciting is that users can place both back and lay bets. In other words, you can wager on a certain outcome, but you can also bet against it.

Exchanges are quite handy for people who want to engage in high-risk betting. You just have to find other users who are eager to place risky bets and bet against them.

Lacrosse Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks are the most popular type of online sports betting platform in Canada. They offer various wagering options on lacrosse, ice hockey, football, basketball, and many other popular sports in Canada.

It’s safe to say that online sportsbooks are synonymous with online betting sites, as most bettors think of them when discussing sports wagering.

Lacrosse Spread Betting

Spread betting is a type of online wagering where bettors don’t bet on fixed odds.

Instead of betting on a “win or lose” outcome, spread betting offers a wide array of outcomes, and you get to guess whether it will be above or below the spread. This type of wagering is also available for lacrosse on some Canadian betting sites.

Lacrosse Sports Trading

Sports trading allows you to trade with the outcome of various sports events. It’s similar to trading on the stock market, except it’s made exclusively for people who like sports. In other words, you’ll be able to trade with lacrosse events as part of your sports betting strategy.

Lacrosse Matched Betting

Matched betting is a popular strategy applied to bets on all of the popular Canadian sports betting sites. It includes making both back and lay bets on a lacrosse event, with one of them being made with a free bets promo you received from the site. Matched betting is a sort of risk-free approach that could bring you profit once mastered.

Most Popular Lacrosse Betting Markets

You can make plenty of exciting bets on lacrosse once you start visiting online betting sites in Canada. In this part, we’ll make an overview of the available lacrosse betting markets and teach you how to wager on them.

Moneyline Betting

Canadian bettors enjoy moneyline betting the most. It’s actually the most common type of wagering offered on betting websites. All you have to do is choose the winner of the match.

Let’s say that the Canadian national lacrosse team is meeting the Americans. If you think that Canada will win, all you have to do is place a bet on your selection and wait for the outcome.

You’ll get paid based on the moneyline odds provided by the sports betting site.

There aren’t any upcoming matches between the two teams, so we’ll create our own odds for the sake of explaining how they work.

Sports betting sites in Canada use decimal odds, so you’ll see something like 3.20 next to Canada. We also assumed that the US is the favourite against Canada in this match, so it’s likely that you’ll see lower odds next to it. For example, a sportsbook could give it the odds of 1.8.

Therefore, if you bet $100 on Canada, you’ll win $320. If you put your money on the US, you’ll win $180. It’s that simple.

If you’re new to the world of online sports betting in Canada, you should take advantage of moneyline bets, as they are the most straightforward ones to make.

You can even use the free bet bonus that most Canadian sports betting sites offer to test how moneyline bets work.

Point Spread Betting

We’ve already touched upon the topic of spread betting when talking about available betting sites. It’s more complicated than moneyline wagering, but it’s also more entertaining. So, what exactly is a point spread?

When two teams meet, one of them can be an overwhelming favourite. However, to make the teams more evenly-matched, online betting sites in Canada often deduct a certain number of goals from the favourite.

For example, if you see -2 next to the USA, it means you’ll pass your bet if the USA wins by a minimum of two goals. In other words, if the result is, say, 15-14, you’ll still lose the bet.

You can think of it this way — the underdog, in this case, Canada, starts with a two-goal lead, as far as the bet is concerned. Therefore, the USA needs to make up the goal difference.

If you bet on Canada with a +2 handicap, it means that you’ll win even if Canada loses. However, the goal difference can’t be more than 2.

Over/Under Bets

Many online sports betting websites in Canada offer the over/under betting market. Bettors get to choose whether a certain stat will be over or under what is suggested.

In most cases, over/under bets apply to total goals scored.

For example, a sportsbook could suggest that the total goals in a match between Canada and the USA will be 30. If you think that there won’t be that many goals, you’ll bet on under.

On the other hand, if you believe that both US and Canadian players are in the mood for scoring goals, you should bet on over.

There are all kinds of statistics that you can bet on, but that’s up to individual online sports betting platforms to offer. The one focusing on goals is by far the most common.

Lacrosse is quite a recent addition to many sportsbooks, so you won’t see as many over/under options as there are for other popular sports, such as ice hockey, basketball, and more.

For example, you can bet whether individual Canadian players would score over or under a suggested line in basketball games.

The point is — even though not many betting markets are available for lacrosse at the moment, we expect betting sites to offer more in the future.


Lacrosse has been popular in the US and Canada for a long time, but it’s yet to reach global popularity. After all, it’s an entertaining sport that’s pretty easy to learn but still requires plenty of hard work to master.

One thing that confirms this claim is that the number of countries with national teams rapidly increased in the past couple of years, with 40+ nations competing in the last WLC.

Sports betting sites in Canada are following worldwide trends, and that’s why you can find this sport in many popular online sportsbooks.

If you’re new to online betting, make sure to select a betting site that meets your needs.

Once you open an account, explore the available free bets and other bonuses for new players, as they can boost your sports betting journey.

This is where Betopin can help you.

We made a list of the best online gambling sites that offer sports betting. Our primary criterium was the availability of lacrosse.

However, we also paid attention to many other aspects.

For example, we took into account deposit methods, betting odds, customer support, other available sports to bet on, and more. Feel free to go through our list of the best Canadian betting sites and select the one that meets your needs.


What are the available payment methods for lacrosse betting sites in Canada?

Real-money betting in Canada is only possible if you make a deposit. There are plenty of deposit methods that Canadians can use on betting sites, including credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Make sure to examine all of the advantages and disadvantages of individual deposit methods before you select one. You should pay attention to security, speed, and limits.

For example, wire transfers offer great security, but they are very slow. E-wallets are quick but expensive. Your goal is to find the option that suits your needs.

Some bettors don’t value speed too much but like to have increased security, while others care about low transaction fees above all. Choosing an optimal deposit method is a matter of personal preference.

Another thing to pay attention to is that these methods are available both for deposit and withdrawal. Sometimes, you’ll have to use a different cash-out option than the one you used to make a deposit.

Are there any bonuses and promotions on Canadian sports betting sites?

Almost all the best sites that offer sports betting feature bonuses for new players. Most of them come in the form of free bets, which come as bonus money that you can use to make lacrosse bets.

There are also plenty of promotions for regular players.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Promotions section of your sports betting site of choice to learn more about enhanced odds, deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, and more.

Can I make an accumulator bet when wagering on lacrosse?

Yes, you can. An accumulator bet is a type of bet consisting of several selections on a single bet slip. Their odds are multiplied, leading to large payouts, provided you get all of your selections right.

For example, if you make four lacrosse bets and they all offer odds of 2.00, you’ll get total odds of 16. In that case, betting $100 will result in a $1,600 payout.

How can I start betting on sports online?

There are plenty of great sites in Canada that offer sports betting. Betopin did thorough research to find the ones that are best for lacrosse bettors and offer hefty bonuses and promotions.

Once you select a gambling site, you’ll have to open an account. Don’t worry; every top-rated betting site in Canada features an easy registration process that you can complete in a matter of minutes.

The next step is to select one of the available deposit options and make a deposit. Once your sportsbook balance is loaded, you can start making real-money bets on lacrosse.

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