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5Dimes Sportsbook


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5Dimes Sportsbook

Ever since their initial inception back in 1996, 5Dimes have maintained a sterling reputation for offering some of the best odds and most competitive offers across the sportsbook industry. Their impressive reputation speaks for itself, and this is a brand that takes its responsibilities to customers super seriously. Customers report fast pay-outs, a vast range of sports, and attention to detail which really helps the site to stand out in a crowded market. It seems that 5Dimes has the golden touch and know exactly what their customers are searching for.

5Dimes Welcome Offer and Latest Promotions

As any sports betting or online casino fan will know, the deals, offers, and promotions on the table can really make or break the relationship between customer and site. This is a saturated market, and so it is crucial to do something to grab the attention of new and prospective players and give them a great incentive to head over and try out the site. A good range of offers, deals, and promotions can really make or break the relationship between the customer and the website and offers a chance to make the most of every profit. Similarly, long-term and loyal players should be recognized and rewarded; everybody enjoys having their time and effort acknowledged, and the inclusion of great offers for loyal players is a great way to achieve this, usually through a VIP scheme or loyalty program. These tend to be accumulative, and the more you play, you more rewards can be enjoyed.

5Dimes Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most critical aspects of the site to get right. For most players, it will be the very first interaction they have with a particular sportsbook, and if that first impression is not great, there are plenty of other choices! This is a chance for the customer to get to know the site and explore the potential and for the brand to show off their ‘best bits’ and offer a great reason to join. Both parties benefit, and this is one of the significant features of many sportsbooks and casinos.

5Dimes received the memo about offering something unique to capture the attention of their new and existing customers and translated this into a choice on the range of welcome bonuses on offer – a real novelty for the industry. This puts players firmly in control of what they win and earn, and this is sure to be a massive appeal – it means that customers have the opportunity to select the option which is the best fit for their preferences and lifestyle. One of the most popular options is the 50% new player sign up bonus. As the name suggests, this offers all newbies an opportunity to grab 50% free play up to a total of $200, with an extra 20% added on for large deposits. Deposits of $100 get a 50% bonus, bringing the total up to $150. Initial deposits of $200 and $400 also benefit from this 50%, offering benefits of $100 and $200, respectively, and taking the potential totals to $300 or $400, depending on the deposit amount. If players head up and deposit $600, they will benefit from a 30% bonus of $240, taking their total to $840, while depositing the maximum $2000 unlocks a 26% bonus of $520, offering a potential $2520. This puts the player in the driver’s seat and offers plenty of choices depending on your circumstances and preferences.

The bonus is delivered in increments, depending on the wagering requirements (10x). Once the player has wagered 2x the deposit, 10% of the reward is unlocked. This increased by another 10% once twice the deposit amount is bet, and the full reward becomes activated once you have completed the full 10x wagering requirements. A minimum of $100 must be deposited to qualify, and for best results, players should deposit $400 – this maxes out the 50% bonus and avoids the depreciation.

5Dimes Free Bet

5Dimes are a sportsbook who really, really love their deals and offers, and as a result, there are continually changing and adapting free bet opportunities, depending on the market, season, current sporting events, and a myriad of other factors. It is a good idea for customers to check in regularly with the site to get the latest deals and offers – many are time-sensitive, so being fast is essential to avoid missing out on a bargain.

Cashback Bet

In keeping with the brand’s love for a deal, there are three separate cashback opportunities to take advantage of – new deposits made to the site, current and pending balances, and accumulated winnings from any previous successful periods. Each of these types of bonuses will be multiplied by the rebate percentage, and this will determine the total amount of cashback you receive each time. It may sound confusing, but this is a great way to earn some extra cashback with minimal effort – all you have to do is let your account balance do its thing or make deposits as usual.

In addition, players can earn a 20% cashback reward on all overall losses, as long as you redeem the deal during two critical periods: within two weeks of the Super Bowl, and within two weeks of the first NFL pre-season game. Even better, you can also grab 15% back on all losses once every 30 days, or 10% each Tuesday during these periods.

The cashback deals can be complicated to get your head around, but once you have got used to the site – and the massive array of bonuses – you realize that they are actually super generous. This is an excellent place to get your hands on the maximum profit, for minimal extra effort – everyone’s a winner!

Loyalty and VIP Program

Offering tempting deals and unmissable deals to new players is essential; it helps to get new customers through the door, attracts their attention for the right reasons, and gives them an excellent incentive to stick around and explore further. Sportsbooks also have an opportunity to show off their wares and help to stand out in a seriously crowded market. Once these welcome deals are over, however, it is imperative that players are given an ongoing incentive to stick around, rather than drift away to one of the other options saturating the market. This is where a dedicated VIP scheme, or a loyalty program, comes into play – perfect for recognizing and rewarding repeat and valued customers.

As with the majority of the bonuses available on the site, the VIP and loyalty scheme at 5Dimes is very pick and mix. Essentially, new customers are able to choose from any of the reward schemes, deals, or promotions that are on offer at the time. In the event that you cannot choose or there is nothing suitable, players will be directed to the default choice – the Reduced Juice deal.

5Dimes Markets and Sports

As well as offering players the chance to enjoy a host of quality benefits and promotions, it is also super important that sportsbooks and casinos ensure that their other offering is top – quality – the array of markets and supports that they are able to offer their players. 5Dimes proves that they are able to excel in both categories and have a good choice of spots on offer. These include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis, motor racing, fighting such as MMA and WWE, cricket, rugby, and e-sports. Within these broader categories, players can also narrow down their selection to more nuanced lists, divided into countries and leagues – a great way to find exactly what you are searching for and to bet on your favorite event.

In addition to traditional sports, 5Dimes fully embrace non-sporting related activities on everything from politics – time to place a wager on the next US president! – to competitive eating, and even the National Spelling Bee. If you have considered betting on it, it probably exists on 5Dimes. This is a sportsbook dedicated to having fun and providing their players with everything they could possibly need, and this shows in the obscure list of possibilities.

In-Play Betting

When it comes to sports, fans will be aware that things can change at a moment’s notice, and that even the smallest alterations can drastically affect the overall outcome. The substitution of your favourite player could be a blessing or a curse, unexpected weather conditions could throw the veterans off their game, or a new player could choose today to make history. In-play betting allows bettors to take full advantage of this changeability by placing bets and wagers on the game, while the action is taking place. This will enable you to take chances and risks, as well as the opportunity to win big by taking full advantage of each and every twist and turn, right as it happens. 5Dimes offer in-play betting across their range of sports – there is no excuse not to win!

Live Betting

Just like in-play betting, live betting means that players can participate and eager right up to the last minute of the game. There is a chance to really engage with the action, and enjoy a far more immersive, personal betting experience which increases the excitement! This option can be found on 5Dimes by clicking the live betting extra, and this is done when you create your account. Wagering options will be updated during the commercial break of a televised game, or between rounds for combat sports such as boxing, UFC or MMA. There are three main options for Live and in-play betting – Live In-Play Wagering, Live Betting Extra, and Live Betting Ultra. More information on each option is available via your player account.

5Dimes Casino

Adding a casino to an online sportsbook is a trick that is growing in popularity, and this is being achieved by different sites with varying degrees of success. 5Dimes are one of the rare sportsbooks who seem to have put a lot of thought and effort into their casino offering, and there are over 200 games available, including a whopping 90 slot titles. This is an amazing catalog given that the primary focus is on the sportsbook. Some of the most popular titles on the market can be enjoyed, and there are extras including craps roulette, poker, baccarat, and several varieties of blackjack – there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Bingo and lottery games are also available, and poker is another brilliant inclusion. Here, there are a few varieties to choose from – this is a really great selection for a site that focuses primarily on sports rather than a dedicated casino specialist.

As an added bonus, 5Dimes have made sure that they include one of the most important aspects of any online site: a Live Casino option. This is a perfect chance for players to really immerse themselves in the casino experience and offers an exciting, engaging addition to the site. Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are all available, and the games are carried out by experienced, professional Live Dealers to ensure a top-quality experience with every roll of the dice.

Players can also head over to the casino safe in the knowledge that all games are regulated and approved by independent auditors, to ensure integrity and payout percentages are fair and just. Even better, there are plenty of bonuses, deals, and promotions available in the casino, and so plenty of chances for players to make the most of every penny, and earn some profit on the side!

In some cases, sportsbooks that also offer a casino will tend to let one area of the business slide, but this does not seem to be the case with 5Dimes. They have a broad and substantial offering, and this is fully supported and secured to offer players a safe, enjoyable, and exciting casino experience.

5Dimes Mobile

The modern world is centred around mobile technology, and this is an area that is growing and expanding every day. This means that businesses need to up their game in order to compete, and the online gambling and casino industries are no exception to this. Players need to be able to access their accounts at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the world, and offering full mobile optimization is a critical factor in this.

5Dimes have catered to this by ensuring full mobile compatibility. Their online site is similar to the primary desktop offering, with the same easy to use navigation and full functionality which makes switching to mobile seamless and straightforward. Users from iOS and Android can access the mobile site with ease, and there are a wide range of games available. Some of the most popular options include:

• Rebate Blackjack, rebate roulette and rebate video poker
• Options Blackjack Enhanced
• Options Blackjack
• Surrender Blackjack
• All American Poker
• Bonus Poker
• Video poker, including Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild
• Solitaire, including All or Nothing, Unlimited Vegas and Vegas
• 12 Night Xmas
• Animal Underworld
• Cleopatra Jewel of Egypt
• Crazy Monkey
• Rock Climber
• Walking Dead
• Emperor’s Dynasty
• Grid*Iron Slots
• Lab Rats Slots
• Lucky Dwarfs Slots
• Pigs Strike Back Slots
• Siege and Plunder Slots
• Tarzan Slots
• Wrath of Zeus Slots
• Baccarat

This is a very impressive range and means that customers are able to enjoy the same top-quality experience on mobile as they can enjoy on the desktop site – a real perk.

5Dimes App

There is no dedicated app for 5Dimes, but this is not necessarily a negative aspect; it means there are no extras to worry about, and no software to download or install. Instead, users can simply head to their browser on their smartphone or tablet, log into the site, and start enjoying the benefits in no time.

Depositing at 5Dimes

Making deposits is an essential aspect of any online casino or sportsbook, and it is vital that players are given plenty of choices and flexibility to make the decision which is the best fit for their lifestyle and preferences. In addition, speed is an important factor – players need to be able to place their deposits in no time, allowing them to get on with placing bets and wagers.

5Dimes are well aware of the importance of deposits and offer a wide range of choices for players. Visas are a popular choice, and a minimum of $50 is required to make a deposit. There is an upper limit of $500, and this is relatively low compared to other sites. On the plus side, there are no fees for credit card deposits, and they are available 24/7. Person to person transfers have a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $690 per transfer and can be made between the hours of 9 am to 10 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9 am to 8 pm on Sunday. Cashier checks, money orders, and bank wires are all accepted, and these all have a minimum of $100 and no maximum deposits. All fees using this method are also reimbursed over a total of $1000. One of the significant advantages of 5Dimes is also the ability to use digital currency, such as Bitcoin. This can be made any 24/7 and requires a minimum of $25, or a maximum of $10000. Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing market, and 5Dimes early use of the currency shows that they are one step ahead of the trend.

Withdrawing at 5Dimes

In addition to making deposits, players also need plenty of choices when it comes to making withdrawals and getting your hands on your winnings! As with deposits, there are plenty of options available, each with their own fees. Bitcoins are fee-free, and sportsbook transfers can also be undertaken free of charge. The costs of person to person transfer are variable, and cashier checks, money order, and bank wire transactions all incur fees of $80.

Licensing and Regulation

In order for players to fully enjoy and embrace their casino experience, they need to feel reassured that they are safe and secure, and a large part of this includes acquiring the correct licenses and regulations. This helps to ensure that the exact requirements are adhered to and offer an extra layer of protection for players.

One of the issues with 5Dimes is that the brand is based in Costa Rica. While they adhere to the requirements held there, they do not currently require sportsbooks or casinos to hold licenses. As a result, 5Dimes are technically unlicensed, and this is likely to be an issue for some customers, especially in the UK and the USA.

Despite this issue, they do help to ensure that the details and data of customers are protected thanks to the use of SSL encryption throughout the site – this helps to protect financial information and data from hackers and external parties.

Business information

5Dimes are experienced sportsbook providers, with over two decades of experience in the industry. Based in Costa Rica, they have developed a strong reputation in the sports betting and online casino markets, but their lack of licensing could be an issue.

One area without concern, however, is their attention to customer service, and support Assistance is available 24/7 via live chat, telephone, and email. Live chat and email offer instant support, and they allow customers to receive assistance whenever they need it. A telephone option is also available, and there are a range of numbers – nine in total – allowing you to target the area which best suits your inquiry. This helps to make the process smooth and enjoyable and allows players to get back to enjoying their favorite games in no time.

Our Verdict on 5Dimes

When it comes to high quality, there is no denying that 5Dimes tick the boxes in a number of categories. There is a good choice when it comes to the sports on offer, and players are able to access a top variety of games, markets, and events. In addition, the casino side of the brand is top-notch, with over 90 slot titles available – this is super impressive considering that 5Dimes is not a dedicated casino site. The lack of license may be an issue, but the strong reputation of the sportsbook could be enough to counteract this. Overall, this is a site to try – there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied!

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