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BetNow Review


100% Welcome Bonus Up To $500

Exclusive Welcome Offer Up To $500!
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BetNow Review

BetNow is a relatively new online casino and sportsbook. They offer an excellent selection of wagering opportunities for sports betting enthusiasts. And, their casino also provides a nice range of games including live casino action. The site has mobile access built-in so that you can play from anywhere you find an internet connection. Some will be attracted to this site by the welcome bonuses and promotions, but they will stay based on the excellent game quality at the casino and the wide range of betting markets for sports as well as the excellent VIP program.

BetNow Review

Welcome Offer and Latest Promotions

Welcome to BetNow online casino and sportsbook where the excitement never stops and the opportunities for wagering are virtually endless. At BetNow they welcome those playing from their own homes and those using a mobile device and our mobile app. If your preference includes progressive slots with great payouts, keno, video poker, or a wide range of table games, they have you covered. And, if you want the added excitement of a live dealer casino, BetNow is the place to come to. And, of course, if sports wagering is your choice, BetNow offers sports betting on football and soccer in leagues spanning the globe, NBA basketball, golf, baseball, boxing, tennis, auto racing, and even Esports! You will love the promotions and welcome bonuses at both the sportsbook and casino and especially the live event betting action!

Welcome Bonus

Both the casino and sportsbook at BetNow offer impressive welcome bonuses of up to 50%.

BetNow Casino Welcome Bonus

To claim the casino welcome bonus be sure to enter the promo code (BN50) as you make your first deposit. The deposit minimum for the bonus is $50 and the maximum bonus is $1,000. The playthrough requirement for the casino is 30 times the bonus.

You can also claim a 25% bonus by entering BN25 as your promo code. This bonus has a 15 times playthrough requirement.

The playthrough requirement is calculated for the sum of the deposit and the bonus. So, if you deposit $200 and receive a 50% bonus of $100, it comes to $300. Then, to satisfy the playthrough requirement, you need to wager $300 x 30 = $900. Until this happens, any winnings or residual of your deposit and bonus will remain in the bonus
account. When you complete the requirement, the winnings are automatically transferred to your regular account from where you can make withdrawals if you choose.

If you choose the 25% bonus, the process is similar. $100 deposit + $25 bonus = $125. Then $125 x 15 = $1,875 is how much you need to wager to move your winnings to your regular account.

Why is there a play through requirement? The point of going to the online casino is to play and bet on the games. If you just show up, make a deposit, accept your bonus, and try to leave, that defeats the purpose and is really an attempt to scam the casino. Thus, they have a play through requirement.

BetNow Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus for the sportsbook works just like the one for the casino. The minimum deposit to get a bonus is $50. Use promo code BN50 for the 50% bonus and BN25 for the 25% bonus. The difference is in the requirement for more wagering. This is referred to as a rollover requirement for the sportsbook.

When you make a sportsbook deposit of $200 and get a $100 bonus, the $300 needs to be wagered 8 times which comes to $2,400.

For the 25% bonus, the $200 deposit plus $50 comes to $250 and you need to wager three times that or $750 to satisfy the rollover requirement.

Free Bet

With the exceptional bonuses and promotions at both the casino and sportsbook, BetNow provides what are essentially free bets. As an example, the casino offers a 10% weekly rebate and the sportsbook has an 8% rebate. The “refer a friend” program offers a 10% cash bonus. And, cash prizes can translate into free bets as well such as with the $500,000 Thanksgiving giveaway, the $10,000 prize king of the hill contest, or the $5,000 grand slam contest!

Cashback Bet

Both the 10% casino rebate and the 8% sportsbook rebate give you cashback every week for losses incurred during the prior week.

Loyalty Program

BetNow has an exceptional VIP and loyalty program. To gain VIP status make these deposits.

Your first $500 deposit gives you a 10% VIP status. Make that a $2,000 deposit and you gain 15% VIP status.

Once you attain lifetime VIP status your rollover or playthrough requirement goes down to 3x!

For VIPs, the calculation of the requirement is based on the level of VIP status.

So, when a lifetime 15% VIP deposits $100 and gets a $15 bonus, they need to wager $115 x 3 = $345 in order for their winnings to be transferred to their regular account.
For a 10% VIP, the deposit of $100 gains a $10 bonus and they need to wager $110 x 3 = $330 to satisfy the requirement.

H2 BetNow Markets and Sports

At BetNow you can bet on the horses, your choice of football teams, soccer games across the globe, major and minor league baseball, tennis, professional hockey, golf, and even the ultimate fighting championship (UFC).

With several of these, you can wager during live play as well.

And, for each of the BetNow sports categories, there are many betting markets and excellent odds. Available markets include things like the next goal or next run scored and scores or winners by game segments such as quarter, inning, or set.

At BetNow you can find markets for live games, games soon to be played, winners of the season, and players who will win scoring titles and the like.
Although many betting markets are available throughout the whole range of available sports at BetNow, not all markets are available on all sports on every contest. Some will come and go as BetNow chooses whether to offer that option or not.

And, some markets may become invalid due to events beyond the control of the casino such as cancellation of matches.

In-Play Betting

BetNow offers in-play betting for soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, football, and baseball. Although the specific rules for wagering vary a bit from sport to sport, the common theme is that you can watch an event live and make your wagers live and in real-time. In general, overtime is not included in any of the markets unless expressly stated.
What BetNow offers are numerous betting lines chosen by the sportsbook. BetNow does not guarantee that a given betting line will be available for a given match on a given day. All wagers are online only and, if a punter calls their bookmaking line, BetNow may choose to invalidate that wager. The action for these in-play wagers is that which is presented by nationally broadcasted games on television.

Scoreboard information for ongoing matches is available on the BetNow site. However, they emphasize that this information is for reference only and that they will not be responsible if a bit of information was in error and contrary to what was happening in the event.

Bet delays are part of the BetNow in-play betting system. This is done to avoid “past-post” bets due to delays in transmission of events. The length of the delay will depend on the network and any of their delays because of the type of event and its location as well as a maximum 15-second delay imposed by BetNow.

Any and all “past post” wagers that get by this rule and end up being made after the result of the wager is known will be considered invalid for both settled and open wagers.
In the event of a line, errors represent an obvious mistake in the line posting, every bet that is affected by that error will be invalid. And, should the match format differ from when BetNow understands when setting up the wagers, they may also choose to consider all related wagers invalid.

In regard to bet grading, when BetNow cannot verify information about a specific sports event, they reserve the right to delay settlement of any wagers that are pending. This will be the case until official information has been received. If any settlements made prior to this time are in error, BetNow reserves the right to correct any of these erroneous settlements at the time they choose to do so. And, should a match not
conclude or simply not be played, any and all unresolved wagers are seen as being void.

Due to the fluid nature of wagering on live events, the odds can change greatly in moments. The site has an “accept any odds change” option which may be turned on by default as you enter the site. All punters are responsible for enabling or disabling this option. In either case, you cannot cancel your in-play wagers and must abide by the setting that was in place when you placed your wager whether you were aware of it or not!

Soccer in-play wagering rules

As with all sports, if you wager on any event in the match and that even is already past, the bet is invalid. And, all corner kicks that are awarded but not taken do not count.
Here are the available soccer wagers:

Spread wagers
· Handicap Line PK
· Handicap Line PK, -1/2
· Handicap Line -1/2
· Handicap Line -1/2, -1
· Handicap Line -1
· Handicap Line -1,-1 ½
· Handicap Line -1 ½, -2
· Handicap Line -2, 2 ½
· Handicap Line -2 ½, -3
Main Soccer Bets

· Total Goals
· 3 Way Money Line
· Spreads

Available wagers for the totals market are these:

· Home team second-half total goals
· Extra time total goals
· First half exact number of goals
· First half away team total goals
· First half home team total goals
· First half total goals
· Team total for away team
· Team total home team
· Asian total
· Total goals

For all of these wagers, there are over and under options.

Money Line Soccer Markets

These include who will win in a shootout, goals scored in extra time, and extra time three-way money lines. There are also wagers for the first and second half, individual goal scorers and who scores the next goal. And, you can wager on how the match will be decided such as the away team winning in penalties or the home team winning in regulation time.

Tennis In-Play Wagering Options

Tennis wagers include winner of the match and winner or individual sets or matches in a set. Also, you can wager on how many sets it takes to complete a match or how many games to complete a set. You can also predict the score of a game that is just about to start or the score of a certain game in an upcoming set.

Hockey In-Play wagering Options

These are the wagering options offers for hockey:
· Match Total (OT not included)
· 3 way line
· Total Away team
· Total Home team
· Goals Away Team
· Goals Home team
· Total third period
· Total second period
· Total first period
· Which team will win the penalty shootout
· Who wins the rest of the match (OT only!)
· Next Goal
· Total score odd or even
· Winner of the rest of the period
· Winner of the rest of the match
· Match winner including penalties and overtime

Basketball Wagering Options

Here are the main bets available for basketball:

Basketball Main Bets

· Three-way money line for the entire game, by half or by the quarter
· Total
· 4th quarter spreads
· 3rd quarter spreads
· 2nd quarter spreads
· 1st quarter spreads
· Spreads for the first or second half
· Complete game spread
· Game winner including overtime
· Total points by quarter, half, or complete game
· Odd or even total points by quarter, half or complete game
· Which team will reach a given score first

In-Play Betting Football Rules

Because football games are played until they are finished and because they may be delayed by darkness, wagers will not be settled until the match is over and as such will continue until the match resumes.

Main Football Betting Options

· Handicap Wagers
· Complete game including overtime
· Money line on the game, half, or quarter
· Spreads by game, half, or quarter
· Team totals by game, half, or quarter, both home and away teams
· Winning margin
· Quarter with most points scored
· Odd or even score by game, half, or quarter
· Half with most points scored
· Overtime or not
· Next score and method
· Next score by a team

Wagering Options for Major and Minor League Baseball

· Winning team
· Two-way money line for home or away team
· Total runs scored excluding extra innings
· Total runs by game, first 4 ½ innings, or individual inning, over and under
· Winner of inning
· Leader at 4 ½ innings
· Which team will lead after the first 4½ innings?
· Extra innings or not
· With the home team bat in the bottom of the 9th inning
· First team to score a given number of runs
· Most runs scored in an inning
· Winner of the rest of the game

BetNow Casino

The casino at BetNow offers a nice selection of slots as well as Keno, video poker, progressive slots, table games, and live dealer games. Their mobile game selection is impressive and lets you play your favourites wherever you can find an internet connection. The welcome bonus and large selection of promotions may convince you to come to BetNow casino to play, but the quality of their games, both for PC use and mobile, are such that you are likely to stay and become a regular.

Table Games

The great selection of table games at BetNow includes craps, blackjack, several roulette variations, sic bo, red dog, let’em ride, baccarat, three card poker, and casino war. The execution and graphics of these games are excellent and give you the sense of being in the heart of the action at a live casino.

Progressive Slots

BetNow has a long list of progressive slot games with exceptional payouts, exciting themes, and lots of action. Whether you prefer the old “fruit” classics or something with a fantasy story involved, BetNow has a host of progressive slots for you.

Keno and Video Poker

Many online casino lovers prefer poker over all other games. BetNow has you covered with a wide variety of games from Aces and Faces to Jacks or Better. For Keno, BetNow offers the standard game as well as Keno Artist and Keno Dragon. Come and have a great time playing your favourites at BetNow.

Live Dealer Casino Games

No matter how good online games are, there is something special about live dealer games. Come to BetNow and play online but with someone live on the casino end of the line. Text back and forth with a real live person, including both the dealer and your fellow players. Experience action as immediate and exciting as is you were on the Las Vegas strip!

BetNow Mobile

Gone are the days when mobile players took a second seat to others at the online casino. You don’t need to download a BetNow mobile app to have access to the full range of casino games from poker and blackjack to baccarat and a great variety of slots. It is built in!

BetNow App

For this new online casino and sportsbook, the mobile aspect is coded into the site. As such, there is no app to download, just a lot of fun to be had playing from anywhere with a mobile connection.

Depositing at BetNow

With both your home PC and your mobile device, the BetNow interface is easy to use. And, you can even make your deposits in bitcoin!

To play at BetNow you will need to register first which includes stating that you are more than 18 years of age, setting up a username and password, and providing sufficient identifying information so that they know you are a legitimate player. Make certain that your information is correct. This is not so much an issue when you want to start playing but will become an issue when you wish to withdraw money and your info does not match that for your credit card, bank transfer, or other methods of electronic funds transfer.

When you have done that you will be able to use any of a large number of payment options (including bitcoin) to make your deposit.

Withdrawing at BetNow

To withdraw funds from BetNow you have to first satisfy any wagering requirements. The point, obviously, is that the casino and sportsbook are there for playing and betting and now meant simply stash your funds. Once you are OK with the playthrough requirements, you can choose your method of funds transfer (usually that which you used for making a deposit) and request funds. Bitcoin, eWallet methods, and then credit or debit cards are the fastest. Bank transfers can take a week or more. And, the casino may choose to double-check your registration information and if there is an issue with your identity, you may need to furnish more info, photocopies, of things like bank statements, and other info to prove who you are! All of that can generally be avoided if you are exact and correct with your info when you register.

Licensing and Regulation

BetNow is registered and licensed in Curacao.

Business Information

This is a new online casino and sportsbook licensed and registered in Curacao. There is little available about their business setup, owners, and other pertinent information.

Our Verdict on BetNow

We like BetNow, both the sportsbook and the casino. They have a wide range of sports that you can bet on from horse racing to professional tennis, football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. There are also lots of betting options in each category. The welcome bonus for the sportsbook is good and they have a very nice loyal and VIP program as well.

Likewise, the casino offers an excellent game selection including live casino games. With both sportsbook and casino, the BetNow mobile app is built into the system so that all you need to do with your mobile device is register, make your deposit, and start wagering.

But, one of the best features of this site is the blog with a ton of useful wagering information.
This is a site that may attract you with its excellent welcome bonus but it will keep you coming back with its great array of excellent wagering opportunities

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