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X Factor betting

Like the rest of us, you probably tune into x factor UK every week. Even if you don’t, there’s no getting away from the fact that the xFactor is one of the most watched talent shows around, which is why most betting shops offer a range of xfactor betting best odds and opportunities each and every series.
Just the way you can’t wait to check out the latest Eurovision odds or often wish you’d bet on the 2017 xfactor winner, you can bet on this year’s X Factor in a multitude of ways with some of the top bookmakers around.
Since the launch of the reality show, the xfactor betting market has grown to be one of the most anticipated betting markets each year – very much on par with the likes of Love Island or the Eurovision 2018 final none of us will forget in a hurry.
There are even different ways to place your bets, with the most popular being online sportsbooks via your desktop or mobile device at popular sites like William Hill, Ladbrokes, bet365 and others.
If you’ve never thought of actually betting on a talent show before, you’ll soon realise there are plenty of other shows you can bet on throughout the year.
At the moment, there are some interesting X Factor bets on offer. This guide takes a look at everything you need to know about betting on the popular talent show along with the xfactor betting best odds around.

X Factor Bookies

There’s certainly no shortage of online bookies where you can place your bets for this year’s show. But, with so many to choose from, it’s worth knowing who offers the most competitive odds ad best customer service.
Xfactor betting at bet365 is worth your consideration. The site makes a big effort to draw in new customers which means they’re currently running a 100% deposit bonus up to £50 which means if you open an account and deposit £50, you’ll have £100 to bet on x factor 2018.
You can also take part in xfactor betting at Betfair. This site offers a free £20 exchange, which means when you sign up and wager £20 on your first bet, you’ll get £20 back if the bet loses.
As for xfactor betting shop Tv fun, you can have a flutter at Coral, too. At this bookie’s site, you can bet on everything from outright winner and next contestant to be eliminated to the winning judge, top boy and girl, top group and top overs.
Then there are the popular bookies like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. These big names offer all the usual betting options and then some. For instance, xfactor betting at William Hill includes the opportunity to bet on the top 3 finish and second elimination while xfactor betting at Ladbrokes includes the usual options and loads of news about the show, the contestants and the judges.
Xfactor betting at Paddy Power brings a major plus for punters in that the bookmakers promise to void all bets in the event of more than two acts being eliminated in a single week. While this very rarely happens on the show, it does provide insurance for bettors placing high stakes on their favourite acts. What’s more, Paddy Power’s x factor odds are consistently the best, which means you’re in line to earn some of the best winnings around.

X Factor Odds

Of course, to bet wisely you need to know the latest xfactor betting odds. To date, Misunderstood, a duo who belonged to a dance crew called Myztikal in 2010 are considered to be Robbie William’s best chance of winning at 4.20.
Brendan Murray’s x factor odds come in at 6.20. Following the show’s tradition of recycling singers who haven’t quite made the cut before, Murray is a familiar face to X Factor fans. He already has a strong following, according to xfactor UK betting odds.
Shan Ako comes in at 7.00 with a fantastic voice and fairly decent following as far as xfactor winner odds go.
If you’re tuning into xfactor tonight, be on the lookout for Dalton Harris, winner of a Jamaican talent show in 2010 and currently coming in at 13.00 with the bookies.
All the way at 11.0 is LMA Choir, the rather surprising outsiders. The 14-piece choir are arguably the best vocalists on this year’s xfactor games and while it’s somewhat unusual for choirs to make it to the xfactor finals, they may well be this year’s surprise package.
One of the striking things about xfactor UK this year is the scarcity of talent on the show. There seem to be a handful of acts that would, in any other year, see an early departure, but it looks like we could be in for a number of surprise departures if this odds on xfactor 2018 are anything to go by.

X Factor Betting Winner

What about this year’s winner, then? If we were forced to pick one at this stage, it may well be Shan Ako at 7.00, yet Bella Penfold at 28.00 along with Olatunji Yearwood at 50.00 are also showing interest amongst viewers. But, the value bet has got to be LMA Choir at its triple figure odds. Choirs are starting to climb up through the popularity rankings and with their fun choice of hits, we could see the choir take this year’s title.

X Factor Winning Manager Bets

A particularly fun thing to do when it comes to xfactor games is to have a flutter on who will be the winning manager. To date, the odds look like this:
• Simon Cowell 5/6
• Louis Tomlinson 9/4
• Robbie Williams 10/3
• Ayda Field 16/1

X Factor Betting Next Elimination

Whether you prefer to partake in xfactor judges betting or you’re going the xfactor betting favourite to win route, there’s no getting away from talk of who will be next to be eliminated. Shan notably made X Factor betting history when her audition saw bookies scramble to put her as the 11/4 favourite – possibly the shortest ever price seen for a contestant at such an early stage of the competition. Yet, she was overtaken by Brendan Murray and Misunderstood ahead of the live shows and is currently sitting at third favourite.
A few weeks ago, though she received much-needed public backing from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, going on to wow judges and the audience. The result? She charged back to head of the final betting odds, while Misunderstood have drifted all the way down to 6/1, joined by Dalton Harris who has had his odds slashed by Ladbrokes from 10/1. Another big movement recently has been Bella Penfold who was cut from 16/1 to 10/1.
On the other hand, Anthony Russel was an early favourite to win the series but is now out at 20/1 with Janice Robinson and Giovanni Spano trailing behind at 100/1 and 50/1. If you’re wondering who to put your money on for the next xfactor betting elimination, it’s a tough call as we go into the live shows.
Keep an eye out on your favourite bookies to see which way the odds are about to swing.

X Factor Betting Live

By now, you realise that betting on the X Factor UK is a big deal. As the anticipation builds up and we face elements of the show like wild cards and judge’s houses, the betting adds an extra layer of excitement.
To place a bet on the show, you start by choosing a contestant you think is most likely to win. Look at the x factor odds, though, as it may not necessarily be the person you think could win that’s standing out in any given week.
It’s not only the voice of a contestant that makes bookie’s lists, though. When it comes to listing betting odds for X Factor, public perception plays a massive role in who is most likely to win and have longer odds at the bookies. This is an important point you need to consider since it’s the public who vote to keep contestants in the xfactor games.
Overall, the contestant most likely to have the public’s support is usually the one with the whole package – looks, voice and personality. They’re the stand out performers who consistently have higher odds since they garner a good amount of audience support.

X Factor Betting Rules

Ready to start betting on X Factor 2018? You’ll need to know a few more things first.
In essence, the X Factor is all about finding singing talent in four groups – girls, boys, groups and overs. The show has four judges and contestants are eliminated every weekend, with the public voting for the overall winner.
There are several ways you can place bets on the show.

1. Win or Each-Way Bets
Once you spot the person or group you think is most likely to win X Factor 2018, you can then decide whether or not you want to back them to win this year’s show outright, or you can bet on them with an each-way kind of bet. The first step is to choose a bookmaker’s site with the best possible odds.
2. Top 3 Betting
Another way to bet on X Factor this year is with top 3 betting, and this one gives you slightly better chances of winning in terms of x factor odds. With top 3 betting, you place a bet on which individual or groups you think will finish in the top three positions.
Take a look at the odds on the betting market, and you’ll quickly realise that the odds on each individual contestant or group are every so slightly lower than outright win odds. But, as long as you bet on who will finish in the top three positions, then you’re sure to be paid out. Just remember that every week the odds on this particular betting market can and do change as contestants move through the different stages, such as judge’s houses and the live shows and as they are voted out.
Some bookmaker’s sites will offer a variety of different odds on top of the three betting markets so it’s all up to you to shop around and find the best odds – or read our reviews to find out more.

1. Top Male and Female or Group

During the early stages of the show, you’ll find that you can bet on pretty much any group or male and female contestants to win – be it outright or top three. However, there comes a point when those markets will close as the groups and individuals reduce in number. Just keep this in mind if you do want to make use of this specific betting market.
Some X Factor betting sites will also let you place a bet on any contestant you think could win this year’s competition, as well as being able to lay bets on any contestant or group you think has absolutely no chance of ever winning. Often, it’s betting exchanges that will allow you to place these kinds of bets, and they’re usually peer to peer betting exchanges, which means you’re not actually betting against the bookie when you wager, but rather all the odds are offered by other punters using that betting exchange.
What you’ll find with this is that the odds are typically a little higher than what bookmaker’s offer. As such, it’s the very reason betting exchanges have become popular with savvy punters who know they can lock in better value.
If you do have an idea of who absolutely is not going to win this year’s x factor show, and you really do want to lay bets from other punters, just decide what x factor odds on that contestant you’re willing to offer. Then, decide how much you want to put into the betting exchange in terms of the odds you choose. Once you’ve done that, both your liability and your odds are added onto the betting exchange for other punters to decide whether or not they fancy placing a bet with you.
Should your chosen contestant in fact lose just as you predict, the stakes of the other users of that particular betting exchange that took your x factor odds is yours to keep. However, should the contest you predicted would lose actually win, you’ll need to pay out all the users who placed bets with you.
Keep in mind that X Factor UK is a dynamic competition that changes on a weekly basis with eliminations and different types of rounds. As the show progresses, the markets are updated accordingly, gathering up more options for you to wager on.
Most bookies, including the likes of bet265, Ladrokes and William Hill provide a host of information in terms of hosts, participants and judges. They uphold extensive statistics, too, placing odds against contestants depending on which way the show goes from one week to the next.
To place your bets, you should make use of these important statistics, typically prepared by experts, to garner winning bets in your position.
As for particular betting rules, it’s important to read through a bookmaker’s terms and conditions to ensure you make proper use of the online betting facility and any opening offers or welcome bonuses.

X Factor Betting Tips

Placing bets on the X Factor UK is relatively simple, just like betting in any special market. Just try to predict who’s most likely to win, the winning judge or even the winning boy, girl or group. There are a few strategies, though, that you can make use of to help you pick who you think really does have that X Factor.
The most obvious strategy is to try and predict who is the best singer out of all the contestants. Every year there are standout performers that improve from one week to the next, and these are usually the bookies’ favourites. The singer that’s maintained audience support throughout the show and has consistently delivered sensational performances week after week and has a great personality and the looks to match, is often the one to win.
Of course, it’s betting success that you’re after, and vying for the public’s favourite is usually the best way to go since it’s the public who votes for winners. If you’re wanting some serious betting value, try to figure out who this year’s underdog is and back them – for example, LMA Choir.
As for xfactor games betting odds, the person who is least likely to win is usually the contestant that hasn’t had a great deal of media attention or public support right from the outset of the show. These are the contestants who have longer odds and give you a good chance to identify value.
It’s worth noting that factor odds do differ from one online bookmaker’s site to another. That’s why it’s well worth checking out which site offers the best odds for your betting experience. All you have to do is head over to a bookies’ site and select the x factor UK betting odds for your preferred singer, fill in the betting slip and view the return you’ll get should you guess correctly. A good tip we can give you, of course, is to go for the bookie that will give you the best profit for the same stake.
If you plan on betting on the xfactor winner, make sure you don’t miss a single show and that you do your homework. It’s pretty obvious, but it’s important that you base your predictions on things like people’s feedback and judge’s reactions and not just your personal opinion. This should give you a decent idea of who is most likely to make it before you even place a bet. Go so far as to look up the xfactor winner 2017 and how he or she won, judge’s reactions and so on to pick up on betting and prediction patterns.
Finally, always place your bets at a recommended and reliable betting site so you don’t have to worry about security issues or withdrawing your money. The sportsbooks we recommend are well established and licensed, and most of them have a decent welcome offer just waiting for you when you sign up to place your X Factor wagers for 2018!

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