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Cricket Guide

Successful cricket betting requires discipline, sound money management coupled with the ability to consistently identify betting value. Cricket betting is not just about finding the most valuable player to bet on. Cricket betting is quiet simple and straightforward but bettors need to learn the betting basics in order to reap the best results from their bet. At Betopin, we offer bettors a diverse range of betting options and guides to betting basics.
Cricket is the most adored game across the globe. Before entering the world of cricket betting, bettors need to have a thorough knowledge about cricket basics. From number of players in each team to the size of the cricket field, everything is of great importance. As the Cricket World Cup 2019 approached, betting fans are geared up to make huge profits.

Betopin offers a complete guide to cricket basics that will help bettors find valuable cricket betting opportunities.

How to get Started with Cricket Betting

In terms of the basics of cricket betting, bettors should first learn the rules of how the game is played. Secondly, bettors need to understand the differences in game formats and how different teams and players will be better suited to them. Finally, analysing external factors, such as pitch and weather conditions will give more insight into the potential outcome of a match.

The Most Popular Cricket Betting Sites

1. Betway

Presently, Betway is being considered as the best cricket betting site. The site is indeed the most reliable betting platform and is known for its security and trustworthiness. Betway allows you to bet on major leagues and tournaments. In this World Cup season, this site is being preferred for the various perks that it offers.

Have a look:

  • Users can access a wide range of betting odds including sports such as football, cricket, rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, and many other options.
  • Bettors can place bets from home, either from mobile device or online.
  • The Betway website is extremely easy to navigate and allows you to place wagers quickly and easily.
  • With a few clicks or taps, you can make a cash deposit through any of the convenient methods available.
  • Users can start winning almost instantly.
  • Betway is highly secure.

2. William Hill

The William Hill sportsbook brand is one of the oldest bookmakers in the United Kingdom and is considered by many experienced punters as the best of the best. Aside from its highly competitive range of top sports betting markets and novelty betting markets, William Hill also offers excellent betting options, accommodating virtually every aspect possible in sports betting. The brand holds several licenses including regulation through Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. As the Cricket World Cup 2019 approaches, bettors can definitely rely on this site.


  • Among fastest payouts in the industry
  • Live streaming available
  • In-Play and Live Radio coverage
  • SSL certified security
  • Top mobile app

3. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is considered as one of the biggest bookmakers in Europe. Typically, on any given cricket game, a sports book will offer Win/Lose markets, Outright markets and Over/Under markets. If it’s a smaller sports book and a smaller game, it might not even offer that. On Paddy Power, however, you can typically find those markets and many more on every major and minor game.


  • Extensive cricket betting markets
  • Plenty of bonuses and promotions
  • Plenty of banking options
  • Live betting

4. Bet365

Bet365 offers the most amazing cricket betting odds to its users. Some of these odds include; the winner of the game, most run outs, most match sixes, most match fours, top team batsman, top team bowler, batsman to score a fifty in the match, batsman to score a hundred in the match, man of the match, highest individual score and so many others. By placing multiple bets on many odds, your chances of winning a bet are improved significantly. The site can be easily navigated and is accessible from mobile devices.


  • Excellent reputation
  • Secure
  • Live streaming sports games
  • Huge selection of cricket bets
  • Best live betting options
  • Convenient payment options

5. Betfair

Betfair is the world’s largest online betting exchange –over £50 million are wagered every week on sports such as tennis, cricket, football, and Formula 1. There are many reasons to choose this site for cricket betting.

Have a look:

  • Better Odds
  • In-play tradition
  • Strong licensing
  • Live streaming
  • Advantage play allowed

Types of Bets

When it comes to betting variety, cricket is by far the most exciting sport. Have a look at some basic cricket bets.

  1. Match Betting: Match betting is the most common form of cricket betting. It is also known as “Match Odds” or “To Win The Match”.
  2. Tied Match: Also known as “Draw No Bet”, this type of cricket betting can be used in combination with Match Betting as a form of hedge in case slow play, weather conditions or other factors cause the match to end without a winner being declared
  3. Series Winner: The objective of wagering on this type of bet is to pick which side will triumph in the best of three or five games. For e.g. In “The Ashes”.
  4. Outright Winner: This type of bet is applicable on tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, the World Twenty20 or the ICC Women’s World Cup. The objective is to select the team that will win the entire tournament, not just a single match.

Match Bets

Bettors might want to know where exactly the cricket betting market lies. Consider these options.

  1. Match Winner: This bet refers to who will win the rest of the match after placing your bet.
  2. Toss Win: You can bet on which team will win the toss.
  3. Most 4s
    • Identifying the target teams that will score most 4s.
    • Number in Match (over under).
    • Targeting the potential players behind the team.
  4. Most 6s
    • Team with most 6s
    • Targeting the potential players behind the team.
    • Number in Match (over under)
  5. Most Run Outs: You can place your bet on which cricket team will make Most Run Outs.
  6. Total Wides: You can bet on total number of wides bowled in a match (over/under).
  7. Ducks: A duck is classed as someone being dismissed for zero runs. Retired hurt deos not count as a dismissal. You can place a bet on how many ducks will be scored in the match.
  8. Opening Partnership Totals: This is a popular form of betting. In T20 and ODI cricket it is simply which team will score the most runs before they lose their first wicket. While in Test match cricket, the bet is based on which team will score the most runs before they lose a wicket in the 1st innings of the match.
  9. Most Runs in an over: You can place your bet on the team which will score most runs in an over.
  10. Player runs: You can place your bet on players that will score a 50 or a 100. You can even bet on total 6s that will be scored in a match.
    • Over/under
    • Score a 50
    • Score a 100
    • Total 6s
  11. Most Wickets: You can place your bet on the players that will take most wickets in a match.
  12. 1st ball / 1st over bets
    • Dot
    • Runs
    • Boundary
    • Wicket
    • Over/under score
  13. Man of the Match: You can place your bet on the player who will be declared Man of the Match. These players come with higher odds and present a nice opportunity for betting enthusiasts to win some money.
  14. 1st wicket Method: Punters who bet on this market have 6 options to choose from. These options are Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, Stumped and Others. The most common of these is Caught and that is why it always comes with the lowest odds.

Bet on outrights for a tournament:

  • You can bent on which team will reach the Final.
  • You can bet for the winner of the tournament or series.
  • You can predict who will be the best player of the tournament.
  • You can predict Stage of Elimination of team.
  • You can predict which team will reach the final.

World Cup Bets

With the ICC Cricket World Cup being held in 2019, all the betting fans are gearing up to prove their skills. While there are plenty of chances of England winning the 2019 Cricket World Cup on their home soil, tough teams like India (number 2 ranked in the world) and Australia has all the high chances of winning. On the flipside, New Zealand continues to produce quality players. Taking of the top run scorer for 2019 Cricket World Cup, England seamer Stuart Broad has predicted the name of Joe Root to score maximum runs in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Since the 2015 World Cup, which Australia won, Root has been England’s highest run-scorer with as many as 3295 runs at a staggering average of 58.83 in 70 ODI matches

Betopin offers you a wide range of information about cricket betting, best odds, betting tips and the best betting sites for the 2019 World Cup. To know more about the favourite teams for this cricket world cup season, refer to our articles. Stay connected!

Special Bets


  • Accumulators
    Accumulator is a betting term that refers to a single bet that involves at least four or more selections. In accumulator bet, all selections must come true for the bet to pay out. Two selections is called a Double, three selections is called a Treble, and then there’re four-fold, five-fold, six-fold, seven-fold, eight-fold and so on. A low investment can lead to high returns but the risk of losing is also higher given you need multiple results to go in your favour.
  • Outrights
    To win Outright refers to betting on the winner of a competition or series containing more than one match. Examples: betting on the winner of Test Series, County Championships, the ICC Champions Trophy, the Ashes Series, the Pakistan Super League, the ICC Cricket World Cup etc.
  • Exchange Markets
    A betting exchange allows bettors to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker. Customers can also offer odds to, or request odds from, fellow bettors at the concerned betting site. The good news is that unlike traditional bookmakers who go head-to-head with gamblers on markets, a betting exchange takes on no risk at all. A betting exchange offers a perfect platform, for cricket betting, to match bets in lieu of a small commission on winnings. Betting exchanges are, however, known for offering customers much better odds, more transparency and an enthralling betting experience. For the

Betopin offers you the latest cricket betting odds, best-betting markets, and a lot more.

The Basics of Cricket

Before entering the world of cricket betting, it is highly recommended to understand the cricket basics. Learning these basics will help finding exciting betting opportunities along with maximum profits.

Players in the team

A game of cricket consists of 11 players that compete against each other. A cricket field is circular and can vary in size but the centre point, a 22-yard-long strip known as the “pitch” is where most of the action takes place. The two teams take turns to bat and bowl – one bowler and ten fielders for the bowling side and two batsmen at a time (one at either end of the pitch) for the batting side.


The aim of batting is to score maximum runs in the allotted “overs” (six deliveries from a bowler) or before all the batsmen are declared as out by the umpire (referee). A batsman plays at either end of the wicket, with the bowling end alternating at the end of each “over.”

Runs are scored by running to either end of the wicket after hitting the ball or by hitting the “boundary” (a rope around the edge of the pitch) – if the ball hits the boundary after touching the floor it scores four runs; if it doesn’t touch the floor it scores six runs.


The aim of bowling is to limit the number of runs scored by the batting side and dismiss all of its players by one of the following methods:

Method Description
Bowled The bowler hits the wickets (three individual stumps) that the batsman must protect
Caught The ball is hit by the batsman and then caught by a fielder without touching the ground
LBW* The ball strikes a batman’s leg directly from the bowler’s delivery (the trajectory of the ball must be in line with the wickets)
Run out The ball hits the wickets (from a direct throw or with the ball in hand) before one of the batsmen completes an attempted run
Stumped The batsman leaves his “crease” (batting area) in an attempt to hit the ball and the fielder behind hits the wickets with the ball

Common bowling techniques:

Bowling type Description
Fast-paced Right or left arm, usually above 85mph
Medium-paced Right or left arm, usually between 60-85mph
Off-spinner Right arm finger spin, spinning the bowl into a right-handed batsman and away from a left-handed batsman
Leg-spinner Right arm wrist spin, spinning the ball away from a right-handed batsman and into a left-handed batsman
Slow Orthodox Left arm finger spin
Slow Chinaman Left arm wrist spin

Game Format:

Game format Description
First-class cricket Each side has two innings and the result is decided within five days (international level) or four days (county/club level)
Limited overs cricket Played over one day and consisting of either 40 or 50 “overs” for each team
Twenty20 cricket Modern form of limited overs cricket where both sides have just 20 “overs” each to bat

Types of Wicket:

Type of wicket Suited to
Flat wicket Batsmen – easier to read ball trajectory
Green wicket Fast bowlers – ball moves in the air and bounces off the seam
Dry wicket Spin bowlers – pitch crumbles and makes the ball spin off the surface

How the scoring is calculated

To know all about scoring in cricket, refer to the following link:

Types of balls

There are different styles of bowling in cricket. We have summarised the most popular ones for you. Have a look:

Types of bowling About it*


In cricket, a yorker is a ball bowled (a delivery) which hits the cricket pitch around the batsman’s feet.
Full toss It describes any delivery that reaches the batsman without bouncing on the pitch first.
No ball


In cricket, a noball is a ball that is bowled in a way that is not allowed by the rules. It results in an extra run being given to the side that is batting.


A wide ball does not count as one of the bowler’s six legitimate balls in one over. It is the umpire’s job to decide when a wide ball has been bowled. However, an extra run is given to the batsman.


It is an off break with a leg break action. The grip of the ball is like leg break, with the wrist turned down to ninety degrees.
Off spin


The off spin bowler aims to pitch the ball on the off side and bring it back into the wicket. The off break is spun in a clockwise direction from left to right.


Seam bowling is a bowling technique in cricket whereby the ball is deliberately bowled on to its seam, to cause a random deviation.

Slower ball


Slower ball is a slower-than-usual delivery from a fast bowler. The bowler’s intention is to deceive the batsman into playing too early so that he either misses the ball completely or hits it high up in the air to offer an easy catch.


A bouncer is a type of delivery, usually bowled by a fast bowler. It is pitched short so that it bounces on the pitch well short of the batsman and rears up to chest or head height (or even higher) as it reaches the batsman.


The essence of swing bowling is to get the cricket ball to deviate sideways as it moves through the air towards or away from the batsman.

*Note: Definitions to the terms are referred from Wikipedia and other reliable sources.

How to go out

We have mentioned the most common ways of getting out in cricket. Have a look.

Getting-out Understanding the term
Bowled If the bowler’s delivery hits the stumps and bails get dislodged from the top of the stumps, the batsman is out. This is one of the most common dismissals in the game of cricket.


There are 3 kinds of dismissal in this category:

· Caught by the fielder: It is the dismissal in which the batsman hits the ball with the bat and the ball is caught by the fielder without the ball hitting the ground.
· Caught and Bowled: It is the dismissal in which the bowler who bowled the delivery took the catch himself without the ball hitting the ground.
· Caught Behind: It is the dismissal in which the batsman is caught by the wicket-keeper or at the slips.


LBW (leg before wicket)


If the ball strikes any part of the batsman and in umpire’s judgement if the point of impact is within line with the batsman’s stumps and the bowler’s stumps while the batsman is playing the ball, then the batsman is out. The batsman can also be given out LBW if the ball strikes him outside the off stump, if the ball would have hit the stumps and the batsman didn’t attempt a stroke.
Run out


If the fielder uses the ball to dislodge the bails from the either side of the stumps while the batsmen are running from one end to another end, then the batsmen is out.


If the batsman steps out of the crease to play the ball, leaving no part of himself or the bat behind the crease and the wicket-keeper is able to dislodge the bails from the wicket with the ball in his hands, the batsman is out. A stumping can be usually effected from slow or medium-paced bowling.
Third umpire


The third umpire is an off-field umpire in international cricket matches who makes the final decision in questions referred to him by the two on-field umpires. Television replays and other technology are available to the third umpire to assist him in coming to a decision.

Decoding the umpires Signals

Umpires Calls explained

Now that you know all the rules about cricket how about looking at our How to get started with cricket betting guide.

Betopin offers you the latest updates on cricket betting markets, best betting odds, articles, blogs, and a lot more. Stay connected!

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