Essential Betting Guide to Cricket

 How to: The Essential Betting Guide to Cricket

Cricket is quintessentially British sport, including the mandatory intermission for tea breaks but it has exploded mainly in the British ex-colonies such as Australia, India, Pakistan, etc. With such a global following cricket has made its way into the sports betting as well.

This is why Betopin has prepared this How-To: The Essential Betting Guide to Cricket for you. To help both beginners and experienced bettors enter the world of cricket beating easier by providing you solid advice on where and how to bet.

In How-To get Started on Cricket Betting section we will cover the best bookmakers for cricket betting, as well as the most popular betting markets for the sport. There is also a Cricket for Beginners section where we will cover the main rules of the game, as well as the major events and equipment used in the sport.


Cricket For Dummies – How to Get Started with Cricket Betting

The first step in venturing into a new sport to bet on is to choose the right bookmaker for you. This is what we will cover in this guide, offering our take on the best bookmakers for cricket betting. In the sea of betting options and markets, Betopin has also covered the most popular markets for cricket and how to bet on them. Everything you need to get started.


The Go-To Cricket Betting Sites

William Hill is one of the largest bookmakers in the world, and it has been around since 1934. They have the most comprehensive offer of cricket events in the industry, and besides the standard betting markets, they offer a variety of prop and exotic betting markets as well. Their odds are very competitive and offer great value.

888sport is a modern bookmaker that has been around since 2000, and they have built their success on their innovative platform and mobile betting app. They cover all the major cricket events and odds are on par with the leading bookmakers.

Bet365 is an industry leader and major innovator in the world of sports betting. Their online betting platform offers unprecedented betting experienced coupled with live streaming and flexible betting options. Their offer of cricket betting markets is excellent, and all of the major cricket events are covered.

SkyBet is an integrated betting platform that offers a very interactive betting experience. Customers of Sky media services can enjoy an unprecedented amount of coverage and information connected with their bookmaker. Cricket is one of the leading sports that SkyBet covers and usually have excellent odds on the sport.

Betfair runs the largest betting exchange in the world, a unique platform where bettors can stake bets against each other. Very comprehensive offer of cricket events and betting markets here with a chance for great value bets on the exchange. The concept of exchange betting might be a bit challenging for the beginners, though.

Coral is one of the oldest and most trusted bookmakers, with a strong brick-and-mortar presence in the industry as well. Their cricket offer might not match some of the industry leaders, but odds are very competitive and offer great value.

Betway is one of the largest bookmarks in the world, and they operate one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use betting platforms in the industry. Most of the cricket events, major and minor ones, are covered, and the odds are on par with the industry leaders as well. An excellent choice for beginners.

Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker who has experienced a surge in popularity since their acquisition of Betfair. They have a great selection of cricket betting markets, and you will be hard-pressed to find a cricket event they don’t cover.


Most Popular Cricket Markets


Match Winner Betting Market

The most popular betting market for cricket is the Match Winner. The bookmaker sets odds for each of the teams to win the match, all you have to do is pick the winner. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


First Ball of the Match Betting Market

Sometimes the matches might be too one-sided, and there is no value in betting on the match-winner or win a super over, so bettors prefer the First Ball of the Match betting market. Basically, you are trying to predict the outcome of the first ball of the match, which could result in a Dot Ball, Single, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 5 Run of the Bat, No Ball or a Wicket.

Each of the outcomes has its odds, so if you fancy yourself at predicting the result of the first ball and follow the sport closely, you should give this market a try.


Top Bowler Betting Markets

For those who like prop bets, the Top Bowler markets are where the action is at. Bookmakers set odds for several bowlers on both teams, and all you have to do is pick the one you think will end with most thrown out batters at the end of the match. If your bowler ends up with the most batters retired, you win the bet.


How Does Cricket Work?

Cricket League & Tournaments

Cricket is one sport where can be sure they’re such a game been played somewhere in the world. Most cricket betting countries have their own domestic leagues and are typically played over a couple of months of the year. International tournaments are not hard to come by as you have the ICC Cricket World Cup, T20 and One Day Cricket World Cups along with the world renowned IPL and the Big Bash.


The Betting Rules

  • Get the most value from your bets by selecting the best sportsbooks for Cricket betting.
  • Make sure to research the cricket matches you are betting on. Is it a one-day, test or a T20 match?
  • Follow the injury reports for both sides. An injured star player can significantly affect the odds.
  • Check out previous H2H matches between two sides. Look for trends.
  • Choosing the right stake is key to maximizing your profits and managing your money.


The Game Rules

There are no uniform rules for cricket, as they vary depending on the type of match being played. T20 match takes place over a few hours of play, One-Day matches take up a full day while test matches in cricket can take up to 5 days of action.

What is constant is that cricket is played on a grass field by two teams of 11 players each. Teams take turns bowling a cricket ball at each other, with batters from both sides trying to score runs, while bowlers try to retire batters.

In T20 cricket, each team bowls for 1 inning of 20 overs and the team with most runs at the end of the match is declared a winner. One-Day and Test Match cricket is played over 2 innings of unlimited overs.



Bowlers can be divided into the pace and spin bowlers. The first group relies on altering the pace of the ball to throw out a batter, while spin bowlers rely on deception and change of direction to accomplish the same goal.

Bowlers can also be categorized according to the style of delivery. The most common types of deliveries are fast bowlers, off-spin and leg-spin deliveries. Each of the deliveries has its pros and cons and is used against batters with certain tendencies.


Major Events

The most popular cricket events are usually involving nations playing each other, with club cricket lagging far behind. Major events such as ICC Cricket World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, ICC Champions Trophy, and Ashes Series between England and Australia are just some of the events that are closely followed by millions of people.

The king is the ICC Cricket World Cup which is a one-day cricket tournament between the nations that qualify. It is held once every 4 years, and it is the fourth-largest sporting event in the world.



All of the cricket players must wear protective padding since the cricket ball used in matches can reach speeds exceeding 90 miles per hour and can severely injure the players. In addition to the protective equipment, players are outfitted with helmets, bats, and gloves. Each team has its own wicket a set of 3 stumps, and 2 balancing bails, which stands behind the batter and bowlers aim at.


Umpiring Signals and What They Mean in Cricket

The officials in charge of a game of cricket are called umpires, and they have a whole array of signals to indicate the decisions they make during the course of a game. These are the most important.

  • Right arm outstretched. No-ball. This signal indicates that the bowler’s foot has landed over the front line of the bowling crease and the delivery is deemed a no-ball.

  • Both arms outstretched. Wide. This signal shows that the ball was out of reach of the batsman or woman and has been adjudged a wide. One run goes onto the batting team’s extras score, and the ball must be re-bowled.

  • Right leg raised and clasped by the right hand. Leg byesThis sign indicates that the ball hit the pads of the batsman or woman, not the bat, and that the runs completed are adjudged to be leg byes. These runs are not credited to the individual player’s score but to the team’s, as extras.

  • Right arm raised skywards. Byes. This shows that the ball has been missed by both the batsman or woman and the wicket-keeper. Any runs scored are deemed to be byes. Byes, like leg byes, are counted as extras.

  • Right hand and arm swept across the body. Four runs. This signal signifies that the ball has been hit all the way to the boundary. The ball has bounced on its way to the boundary and four runs have been scored.

  • Both arms held above the head and index fingers outstretched. Six runs. The ball has been hit over the boundary, without the ball bouncing. Six runs are awarded for this fab feat.

  • Index finger raised towards the batsman or woman. Out. The umpire has given the batsman or woman out and they have to leave the crease and take the long, lonely walk back to the pavilion.

  • Right arm held at out horizontally then flexed back to touch the shoulder. Short run. One of the batsmen or women has failed to touch their bat down beyond the front line of the bowling crease when going for a run. This is deemed a short run and the scorer is being told to take that run off the score.


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