The Essential Betting Guide to Boxing


How To The Essential Betting Guide to Boxing

Boxing has been around for centuries and it remains to this day, the premium fighting sport in the world. It is also one of the first sports that drew large crowds to bet on it, due to its rather simple nature and favorable odds.

It is always tough to start betting on a sport that you have little experience with and can lead to both financial and emotional hits that most of the bettors are just not ready to face.

Betopin has prepared a How-To: The Essential Betting Guide to Boxing precisely for this purpose. To help inexperienced, recreational bettors overcome these difficulties when they decide to give boxing a try.

The guide covers the most important aspects of betting on boxing and provides you with a great starting point. In the How to Get Started with Boxing Betting section, we have selected several bookmakers that offer the best value on boxing and covered the most popular markets to bet on.

In the end, we have also included a Boxing for Beginners section which will cover all the key info regarding rules, equipment, match format and weight classes that you will need to get to know boxing better.

Follow the guide closely and you will be betting on boxing in no time.

How to Get Started with Boxing Betting

The first thing you have to decide on is where to bet and what to bet on. It seems simple enough but it requires time and effort to get right and maximize your potential winnings. In this guide, Betopin has covered the bookmakers which offer the best value for betting on boxing, as well as covered the most popular markets that you will face when betting.

The Go-To Boxing Betting Sites



is a premium global bookmaker with a fantastic offer of markets for boxing. All the major boxing events are covered, plenty of minor ones as well, along with international competitions such as the Olympics. The odds they offer in their markets are always very competitive as well.




Paddy Power Casino

Paddy Power:

comes from a country where boxing has traditionally been very popular and their offer of boxing matches shows it. Plenty of matches to choose from, even the minor events that are hard to find at other bookmakers.




William hill logo

William Hill:

has the most comprehensive offer of all major sports to bet on and boxing is no exception. All the major matches are covered and odds are competitive. Be sure to check the markets close to match time, since William Hill often adds more markets closer to the match.





offers a modern and innovative platform for betting, which includes boxing. You won’t find an extensive offer of matches at 888sport but those that are included offer good odds. It is a very streamlined betting experience that is easy to follow.






has been the industry standard for the better part of the last two decades. Boxing is a sport that they keep close to their hearts and a wide selection of matches is available. The odds are always competitive and the platform offers live streaming for most of the matches.






is an integrated betting platform, followed by excellent media coverage from its parent company. The offer of boxing matches is up-to-par with other bookmakers and there is value to be found in markets. An interactive betting experience.






operates the largest betting exchange in the world, allowing bettors to place bets against each other. This can provide tremendous value to bettors who know how to set the odds for boxing matches. The offer of matches is quite comprehensive as well.






is one of the oldest bookmakers in the UK and boxing is one of the major sports they cover in their markets. The match selection is not overwhelming and the offer of markets leaves a lot to be desired but the odds often offer great value for bettors.

Most Popular Boxing Markets

Match Winner Market

The most popular betting market for boxing is the Match Winner Market. The bookmaker sets the odds for both fighters to win the match, as well as the odds that a match could end up in a draw. It is quite straightforward and easy to bet on the match winner.

Method of Victory Market

This is where things get more detailed. The bookmakers offer odds on how the fight will finish, either by any of the fighters winning by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO) or by a technical decision (winning on points). Of course, betting on a draw is available in those markets as well.

Round Betting Market

Another popular market is round betting, where bettors have to predict the round in which one of the fighters will win the match. It is a much more difficult bet to win but also offers great odds with large payouts, making it a favorite of boxing fans.

Fight Goes the Distance Market

Finally, the bettors can choose in this market whether both fighters will finish the fight on their feet or not. This is a great market for close matches where a knockout might not be in the cards.

Boxing for Beginners

The Rules

Boxing is one of the oldest fighting sports in the world and it is still the premium fighting sport. Two fighters face each other in a fenced-off fighting ring. The winner of the match is the fighter who either accumulates the highest number of points (judges keep score) or by knocking out the opponent.

Knockout is when a fighter lands a punch that sends the opponent to the mat and the referee starts the count to 10, during which the fighter on the ground needs to get up or he loses the fight. There are two types ok knockouts, a KO where a fighter doesn’t make the count or TKO, where a fighter is knocked out 3 times in a single round.

Weight Class

Due to the nature of the sport and potential for harmful or even fatal injuries, the weight classes were introduced to minimize the injuries and promote competitive boxing. There are many weight classes, separating fighters according to their weight, starting with minimum weight and up to the super heavyweight with no upper limit on weight. Fighters need to make weight in the designated weight class before each fight.


Most of the professional fights last 12 3-minutes rounds, interrupted by 1-minute rest periods when fighters retreat to their corners of the ring for refreshment and medical attention if necessary. In amateur boxing, including the Olympic Boxing Tournament, the fights last 3 rounds.


The equipment in boxing is minimal since the fighters wear only a pair of trunks and fighting boots, coupled with a pair of protective gloves on their hands. The gloves are meant to prevent cuts and severe injuries and can be of different “weight” (different amounts of padding). In addition to that, a mouthguard is worn by each fighter as well, protecting their teeth and preventing them from biting their tongue.

In amateur boxing, a protective headwear is worn as well, to minimize the trauma to the head during the fights.

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