Cricket World Cup 2021 – Everything You Need to Know to Bet

Cricket World CupIt’s almost here! From May 30 to July 14, 2019, the Cricket World Cup will be played out in England and Wales. The biggest extravaganza in the cricket calendar is set to be held on English shores for the first time in two decades, and you are not going to want to miss a minute of the action.

The show-piece event will see ten participating countries engage in a round-robin stage. The top four teams then go through to the semi-finals before the winners finally face-off at Lord’s. In total, there are 48 matches to get ready for, across 11 venues in England and Wales.

As the countdown begins, we’ve put together everything you need to know about this much-anticipated 50-overs a side tournament. Join in on all the cricket action by taking a bet at one of our trusted cricket sportsbooks.

How to Get Started with cricket world cup Betting

How to Get Started with cricket world cup Betting

Successful cricket betting requires discipline, sound money management coupled with the ability to consistently identify betting value. Cricket betting is not just about finding the most valuable player to bet on. Cricket betting is quite simple and straightforward but bettors need to learn the betting basics in order to reap the best results from their bet. At Betopin, we offer bettors a diverse range of betting options and guides to betting basics.

In terms of the basics of cricket betting, bettors should first learn the rules of how the game is played. Secondly, bettors need to understand the differences in game formats and how different teams and players will be better suited to them. Finally, analysing external factors, such as pitch and weather conditions will give more insight into the potential outcome of a match.

The Most Popular Cricket Betting Sites

1. Betway

Presently, Betway is being considered the best cricket betting site. The site is indeed the most reliable betting platform and is known for its security and trustworthiness. Betway allows you to bet on major leagues and tournaments. In this World Cup season, this site is being preferred for the various perks that it offers.

Have a look:

  • Users can access a wide range of betting odds including sports such as football, cricket, rugby, baseball, basketball, tennis, and many other options.
  • Bettors can place bets from home, either from mobile devices or online.
  • The Betway website is extremely easy to navigate and allows you to place wagers quickly and easily.
  • With a few clicks or taps, you can make a cash deposit through any of the convenient methods available.
  • Users can start winning almost instantly.
  • Betway is highly secure.

2. William Hill

The William Hill sportsbook brand is one of the oldest bookmakers in the United Kingdom and is considered by many experienced punters as the best of the best. Aside from its highly competitive range of top sports betting markets and novelty betting markets, William Hill also offers excellent betting options, accommodating virtually every aspect possible in sports betting. The brand holds several licenses including regulation through Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. As the Cricket World Cup 2019 approaches, bettors can definitely rely on this site.


  • Among fastest payouts in the industry
  • Live streaming available
  • In-Play and Live Radio coverage
  • SSL certified security
  • Top mobile app

3. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is considered one of the biggest bookmakers in Europe. Typically, on any given cricket game, a sportsbook will offer Win/Lose markets, Outright markets, and Over/Under markets. If it’s a smaller sportsbook and a smaller game, it might not even offer that. On Paddy Power, however, you can typically find those markets and many more on every major and minor game.


  • Extensive cricket betting markets
  • Plenty of bonuses and promotions
  • Plenty of banking options
  • Live betting

4. Bet365

Bet365 offers the most amazing cricket betting odds to its users. Some of these odds include; the winner of the game, most run-outs, most match sixes, most match fours, top team batsman, top team bowler, batsman to score a fifty in the match, batsman to score a hundred in the match, man of the match, highest individual score and so many others. By placing multiple bets on many odds, your chances of winning a bet are improved significantly. The site can be easily navigated and is accessible from mobile devices.


  • Excellent reputation
  • Secure
  • Live streaming sports games
  • Huge selection of cricket bets
  • Best live betting options
  • Convenient payment options

5. Betfair

Betfair is the world’s largest online betting exchange –over £50 million are wagered every week on sports such as tennis, cricket, football, and Formula 1. There are many reasons to choose this site for cricket betting.

Have a look:

  • Better Odds
  • In-play tradition
  • Strong licensing
  • Live streaming
  • Advantage play allowed

Types of Bets

When it comes to betting variety, cricket is by far the most exciting sport. Have a look at some basic cricket bets.

  1. Match Betting: Match betting is the most common form of cricket betting. It is also known as “Match Odds” or “To Win The Match”.
  2. Tied Match: Also known as “Draw No Bet”, this type of cricket betting can be used in combination with Match Betting as a form of a hedge in case of slow play, weather conditions, or other factors that cause the match to end without a winner being declared
  3. Series Winner: The objective of wagering on this type of bet is to pick which side will triumph in the best of three or five games. For e.g. In “The Ashes”.
  4. Outright Winner: This type of bet is applicable to tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, the World Twenty20, or the ICC Women’s World Cup. The objective is to select the team that will win the entire tournament, not just a single match.

Match Bets

Bettors might want to know where exactly the cricket betting market lies. Consider these options.

  1. Match Winner: This bet refers to who will win the rest of the match after placing your bet.
  2. Toss Win: You can bet on which team will win the toss.
  3. Most 4s
    • Identifying the target teams that will score the most 4s.
    • Number in Match (over-under).
    • Targeting the potential players behind the team.
  4. Most 6s
    • Team with most 6s
    • Targeting the potential players behind the team.
    • Number in Match (over-under)
  5. Most Run Outs: You can place your bet on which cricket team will make Most Run Outs.
  6. Total Wides: You can bet on the total number of wides bowled in a match (over/under).
  7. Ducks: A duck is classed as someone being dismissed for zero runs. Retired hurt deos not count as a dismissal. You can place a bet on how many ducks will be scored in the match.
  8. Opening Partnership Totals: This is a popular form of betting. In T20 and ODI cricket, it is simply which team will score the most runs before they lose their first wicket. While in Test match cricket, the bet is based on which team will score the most runs before they lose a wicket in the 1st innings of the match.
  9. Most Runs in an over: You can place your bet on the team which will score most runs in an over.
  10. Player runs: You can place your bet on players that will score a 50 or a 100. You can even bet on a total of 6s that will be scored in a match.
    • Over/under
    • Score a 50
    • Score a 100
    • Total 6s
  11. Most Wickets: You can place your bet on the players that will take the most wickets in a match.
  12. 1st ball / 1st over bets
    • Dot
    • Runs
    • Boundary
    • Wicket
    • Over/underscore
  13. Man of the Match: You can place your bet on the player who will be declared Man of the Match. These players come with higher odds and present a nice opportunity for betting enthusiasts to win some money.
  14. 1st wicket Method: Punters who bet on this market have 6 options to choose from. These options are Caught, Bowled, LBW, Run Out, Stumped, and Others. The most common of these is Caught and that is why it always comes with the lowest odds.

The Form of the Top Teams

This year, we’re in for a treat as the best of the best battle it out on the pitch. The teams taking part in the 2021 Cricket World Cup are West Indies, England, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan. According to the ODI rankings, which are instituted by the ICC to reflect current team form, India and England are the early favourites to win. Led by Eoin Morgan, England are sure to thrive on home turf, but there’s always the possibility of crumbling under expectation. Eoin Morgan and his men are definitely the home favourites, but do the bookies feel the same way? Take a look at our analysis and betting odds for the England Cricket Team to bring home the World Cup to find out.

On the other hand, India’s Virat Kohli and his team are riding high on the back of the Asia Cup title they secured in the UAE, along with their bilateral series victories in New Zealand and Australia.

As the defending champs, Australia is currently ranked sixth and continues to suffer troubles by the absence of their former captain, Steve Smith, and former captain, David Warner. Both are serving 12-month bans for their part in last year’s ball-tampering scandal. Take a look at our predictions for the Australian team right here

Once the tournament gets underway, though, the title is there for the taking.

Recent Match Results

Australia is the current titleholder of the Cricket World Cup, having soared to victory in 2015 when they beat their co-hosts New Zealand by just 7 wickets. Two-time champions West Indies along with Afghanistan join the hosts, England, along with the other top teams after advancing from the ICC World Cup Qualifiers, a competition that included Scotland and Ireland.

While each of the teams is certainly on top form and ready to fight it out on the pitch, they each have their woes and expectations in terms of their player’s form and recent scandals, so it’s going to be interesting to watch the tournament play out.

Players Form

One of the players set to be a shining star at this year’s CWC is Virat Kohli, India’s batsman. His battling skills are going to be put to the test by England’s playing conditions and of course, his captaincy decisions are crucial.

Kholi’s going to have to gather up all his experience to lead his nation to glory, but he’s in fine form for the job at hand. In fact, he’s in excellent form, and other players will be looking at him to set the perfect example. He recently scored an exceptional century against Australia in the one-day series.

No doubt, just about every player is up for this year’s challenge, but Kohli’s name popping upmost. We have taken the liberty of collecting all the important information betting odds, and our predictions for the Indian cricket team you can find it right here.

Injury Worries

Sadly, for South Africa, allrounder, JP Duminy’s expected to return for the series has been stalled, with news coming out that he needs more time to rehabilitate an injured shoulder. Duminy hasn’t played for his country since October after having shoulder surgery, and reports say he’s not quite ready to take to the pitch yet. For the full analysis and betting odds for the South African Team taking home the World Cup.

Another international all-rounder also on the sidelines at the moment is Mohammed Hafeez. It’s been announced that Hafeez has a fractured thumb and needs surgery, and that’s pretty much a definite that he’ll be out for at least 4 weeks, for the full team analysis and betting odds for the unpredictable Pakistan Team taking home the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Australia is hopeful that Mitchell Starc, their injured fast bowler, will be back in action, after being ruled out of an India trip. Star has recently suffered a left pectoral injury during a test against Sri Lanka. His fast-bowling partner, Josh Hazlewood was ruled out of the India and Pakistan series, but the team is confident he’ll be ready for the World Cup.

On Sri Lanka’s side, captain Angelo Mathews was forced out of a recent NZ tour with a hamstring strain and has since missed a couple of tests. Bangladesh is also waiting for a fitness report on Shakib Al Hasan after he was ruled out of the country’s tour of NZ with a finger fracture.

While Warner and Smith are currently banned, they’re also sidelined with an injury. Warner’s recently undergone elbow surgery while Smith has had elbow surgery.

In a blow to the Windies, ODI allrounder, Andre Russell is reported to be suffering a dodgy knee.

Upcoming Fixtures

The teams will kick the tournament off with a round-robin. We’ll be treated to a feast of 45 matches of One Day Internationals before moving into the semi-finals.

Here’s the full list of upcoming fixtures:

  • May 30 – England v South Africa
  • May 31 – West Indies v Pakistan
  • June 1 – New Zealand v Sri Lanka
  • June 1 – Afghanistan v Australia
  • June 2 – South Africa v Bangladesh
  • June 3 – England v Pakistan
  • June 4 – Afghanistan v Sri Lanka
  • June 5 – South Africa v India
  • June 5 – Bangladesh v New Zealand
  • June 6 – Australia v West Indies
  • June 7 – Pakistan v Sri Lanka
  • June 8 – England v Bangladesh
  • June 8 – Afghanistan v New Zealand
  • June 9 – India v Australia
  • June 10 – South Africa v West Indies
  • June 11 – Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
  • June 12 – Australia v Pakistan
  • June 13 – India v New Zealand
  • June 14 – England v West Indies
  • June 15 – Sri Lanka v Australia
  • June 15 – South Africa v Afghanistan
  • June 16 – India v Pakistan
  • June 17 – West Indies v Bangladesh
  • June 18 – England v Afghanistan
  • June 19 – New Zealand v South Africa
  • June 20 – Australia v Bangladesh
  • June 21 – England v Sri Lanka
  • June 22 – India v Afghanistan
  • June 22 – Pakistan v South Africa
  • June 24 – Bangladesh v Afghanistan
  • June 25 – England v Australia
  • June 26 – New Zealand v Pakistan
  • June 27 – West Indies v India
  • June 28 – Sri Lanka v South Africa
  • June 29 – Pakistan v Afghanistan
  • June 29 – New Zealand v Australia
  • June 30 – England v India
  • July 1 – Sri Lanka v West Indies
  • July 2 – Bangladesh v India
  • July 3 – England v New Zealand
  • July 4 – Afghanistan v West Indies
  • July 5 – Pakistan v Bangladesh
  • July 6 – Sri Lanka v India
  • July 6 – Australia v South Africa
  • July 9 – Semi-final (1st v 4th)
  • July 11 – Semi-final (2nd v 3rd)
  • July 14 – Final

What Teams Are at the Head of the Market

Of all ten teams lined up to battle it out in this year’s Cricket World Cup, only two can realistically lay claim to being the best. They are India and the hosts, England.

After a disappointing 2015 performance, England has set out to enjoy their most successful ODI cricket spell yet. Led by a top coach, Trevor Bayliss, along with captain Eoin Morgan, the team has won 13 of their 16 multi-game ODI series. Those include wins over Pakistan, India, Australia, and pretty much all the other teams they’re set to face in the CWC. Of course, there’s also a home advantage to account for.

India is currently multiple world champions and has even won a global tournament on English soil, having defeated England in the 2013 Champions Trophy. Prior performance coupled with recent form points to India as a force to be reckoned with this year.

But anything can happen, and all other 8 teams are there to fight for the title. Pakistan is notoriously unpredictable, take a look at the in-depth analysis of the team here, whilst New Zealand is always known to raise their game for bigger events. Will New Zealand be able to rise to the occasion and take the world cup home to them? Find out more in our in-depth analysis and betting odds.

Odds for the World Cup

According to Betway’s odds, here’s where your money needs to go:

  • England – 3.30
  • India – 4.00
  • Australia – 5.90
  • South Africa – 8.50
  • New Zealand – 9.40
  • Pakistan – 10.50
  • West Indies – 15.00
  • Sri Lanka – 36.50
  • Bangladesh – 61.00
  • Afghanistan – 69.00

Different Ways to Bet on the World Cup

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as backing your favourites in a big tournament like the Cricket World Cup. The trick, though, is to know how you want to bet and where. Here ate Betopin, we’ve done all the reviews to present you with all your betting options, bringing you the best platforms in each category.

Betting Exchanges

Cricket and betting exchanges are a match made in punter heaven. The top exchanges on our list offer a myriad of betting opportunities and well-timed bets can you score some great odds. With a big event like a World Cup on the horizon, there are plenty of ways to lock in those profits.

Unlike sportsbooks where you can only back a winning team, betting exchanges let you bet against other punters who don’t always go according to the math. So, if you think a price is too short for your particular team, you can lay them and punters who are satisfied with the price will take the bet. Alternatively, if you backed a team to win just before they lose two quick wickets, you can lay the team you backed to make sure you walk away with something in your pocket.

Spread Betting

Spread betting with cricket shows match conditions and equipment can both have major effects on a match’s outcome. With spread betting, good bets rely on good decisions and plenty of information. It’s important to challenge judgments when you research your markets.

When it comes to cricket, the spread has 2 prices: sell price and buy price. If you feel the pitched quote is too low, you can buy at a higher price in anticipation of the make-up of the market. Alternatively, if you think the buy price is too high, you can sell at a lower price.

Cricket spread betting offers a huge variety than just backing a win or lose result.


With sportsbooks, you can place pre-match bets, on the winner at bigger odds than you can with spread betting or betting exchanges. You can even place in-play bets on your top batsman, top bowler, and your predicted man of the match.

The top sportsbooks on our list also offer enticing welcome bonuses to new customers, so you can stretch your bankroll while enjoying tons of different ways to make a profit on this year’s Cricket World Cup.

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