Compare the best online pokers sites in the UK

Online poker is a wonderful game.  It is both a pleasant way to spend an evening or an exciting way to try and make money by playing through the night waiting for that hand that is going to get you that luxury watch.



€365 Bonus For New Players
The €365 bonus is redeemed in €2.50 instalments as you earn Status Points. The first two €2.50 are released when 25 and then 50 Status Points are accumulated. The following 24 instalments are redeemed for each 100 Status Points accumulated. All remaining instalments are redeemed for every 250 Status Points accumulated.
Betfair Poker


Deposit €10, Get €20 Bonus
You will receive 200% of your first deposit amount in bonus funds. For example if you deposit €100, you will have €200 in bonus funds. The maximum available First Deposit Bonus is $2000, or €1500, or £1200 – depending on the currency of your Poker account.


Up to €50 Poker Bonus
A 100% up to €50 poker bonus to play with.


Get 40% Cash Back Every Week
Opt-in once in the ‘Rewards’ section. Receive 1 point for every $1 of rake you generate on the tables. You have to earn a minimum of 25 points each week to receive the 40% cashback offer.

Our guide to winning at online poker

Online poker is a wonderful game.  It is both a pleasant way to spend an evening or an exciting way to try and make money by playing through the night waiting for that hand that is going to get you that luxury watch.

We’ve put together a series of guides that will help you navigate the world of online poker.  We’ll go through what to do and more importantly what not to do.  The major topics we’ll cover will be:

Once you have read through all the guides, you should have a better understanding of how you can win more money playing online poker.

Remember the key to beating other players at online poker is being better than them.  It is a common misconception that poker sites limit winnings or some how stack the odds against you.  That is rubbish.  The best poker sites we recommend at BetOpin are all multi-million pound (in some case billion pound) businesses and are subject to some of the strictest regulation in the world.

In fact, poker sites want you to win!  They make money from the rake, which is a small amount that player pays per hand at cash tables and to enter tournaments.  Poker sites don’t make more money if you win or lose, only if you carry on playing.  Because of this it is in their interest to provide the fairest environment for their players to sit down in.

Think about it this way.  The poker sites are on your side.  The players are not.  To win you must beat the players not the site.

Poker is a competitive game of skill, odds and luck and by looking for the tell tale signs that the other players at the table as not as good, well prepared and knowledgeable as you making money is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Best Online Poker Welcome Offers

Once you’ve whittled down the plethora of brands to the best online poker websites you then need to look at where you can make the most money before sitting down at a table.  Here are our favourite poker websites and what they give new players as an incentive to sit down with them.  Remember online poker sites make money the longer players are with them (not when they lose money) so once you get the initial offer keep an eye on your emails for regular offers.

888 Poker – £12 no deposit bonus

The 888 Poker welcome offer is the top of our list as there is no need to deposit any money to get it.  You just sign up, login and there is £12 allocated to your account.  You can play at most of the types of game and if you win can withdraw your winnings without too much hassle.
Get started with 888 Poker here

Betfair Poker – Claim up to $2,000

For big players only.  Betfair is the best place to gamble online.  Sign up, strap yourself in and claim up to $2,000 Betfair Poker welcome bonus based on your initial deposit.
Get started with Betfair Poker here.

Party Poker – Get £20 free

Party Poker is one of the original places to play poker online.  As such they have one of the largest pools of players. We’ve found that there are some of the looses players and early winnings are easy pickings so well worth turning up with £20 and getting £40 to play with from the Party Poker welcome bonus.  Remember though, if no-one else at the table looks like a fish, it’s probably you – so move on to the next one!
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Betsafe Poker – Claim up to 40% cashback.

How the Betsafe cash back welcome offer works is pretty simple.  You sign up and play and based on how many player points you get you achieve a percentage of your rake is credited back to you.  So the more you play the more your credit is every month.
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