Cricket Betting Exchanges

Cricket is no less than religion for many sports lovers throughout the world. With an ever-rising base of followers, it is rated among the world’s top sporting disciplines. Especially in the Indian subcontinent, England, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, cricket has unrivalled popularity.

If you are new to the cricket and cricket betting world take a look at our “how too guide” to get all the info you need to thrive in this exciting world of cricket betting

As is the case with all popular sports, the world of cricket too has a great market for punters. Cricket betting is a global phenomenon nowadays. Millions of dollars are at stake in today’s cricket betting market and hundreds of thousand people are involved in the betting game in different capacities.

If you consider yourself a cricket expert and want to leverage your knowledge of the game to earn some handsome rewards, then cricket betting can be the right choice for you.

Top Cricket Betting Exchanges

Are you looking forward to indulging in cricket betting sites? The first thing you need to do is to find a reliable cricket betting exchange. Betting exchanges are the platform through which bets are placed and the payments distributed. Gone are the days of traditional bookies. Online exchanges are now an integral part of the betting game.

There are a number of online betting exchanges available in the market that deal with cricket betting – making the choice a bit tricky. Unless you have insider information, it’s difficult to make the right choice. We understand the dilemma on your part. That’s why we have done the hard work for you.

After careful research and thorough testing, we have compiled a hand-picked list of the world’s top cricket betting exchanges which can give you a satisfying betting experience. Without further ado, let’s find out who has made the cut.

What to look for in a Cricket Betting Exchange?

Picking a betting exchange over another involves a lot of considerations. There are several aspects that you must evaluate to zero in upon the best in business. If you are wondering how we arrived at the recommended list of cricket betting exchanges, then here’s the secret revealed.

Given below are the vital aspects that we carefully consider before providing a betting exchange our green signal.


Before signing up with a betting exchange, it is important to do your research about its reputation. Longevity is a good indicator of trust. If an exchange has been in business for many years, then it’s apparently doing the business the right way.

Licensing is yet another vital factor. Approval from the world’s leading gambling regulators like the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority is a sign of good reputation. You should also consult popular betting forums to get first-hand reviews by existing members.

All in all, it’s better to be proactive then repent later. There are scamsters all over the internet. A single lapse on your part can make you part ways with your hard-earned money. So be careful and gamble responsibly.

Promotions/Bonuses/Free Bets

Betting exchanges are known to offer exciting promotions to get you hooked. Welcome bonus, discount deal, and cash back offers are quite common. Some of them even offer free bets on sign up. Loyalty rewards and affiliate programs are also offered to encourage regular bettors. Having said that, such promotional offers vary from one betting exchange to another.

Naturally, a betting exchange that offers irresistible promotions is a tempting prospect compared to the ones that don’t promote such offers. That’s why we consider it as a crucial eligibility criterion for an exchange to make it into our top list.


Betting exchanges make their living from commissions through the placed bets. The rate of commission varies from one exchange to another. Obviously, the lower the commission rate is, the higher is your winning kitty. So before joining a betting exchange, find out the terms related to commission and compare it with the rival exchanges.

In an ideal scenario, you would like to register with a betting exchange that offers the lowest rate of commission. That, however, doesn’t mean you should ignore other factors. Finding the right balance between different aspects is the key to succeed in the betting game.

Payment Method

Before making up your mind, do find out what are the payment options at your disposal. There’s no point in joining an exchange that doesn’t have your preferred payment solution. If you prefer bank wire transfer, then ensure that it is listed as a supported withdrawal/deposit method.

Same holds true for credit/debit card and eWallet users. It goes without saying that betting exchanges with a wide variety of payment options rank higher in our reviews.

User Experience

User experience can either make or break the deal for you. Satisfying experience will entice you to come back for more, while a not-so-good experience may turn your interest down. So do give this point a deserved consideration. The user interface, site design, features, and likes play an important role in this regard.

A clutter-free betting dashboard where everything is organized categorically can give you the much-needed confidence boost. That’s why an exchange with convenient user interface ranks higher in our reviews.

Betting Exchange App

Nowadays we all are more comfortable with smartphones than laptop/desktop PC. Mobile brings portability and offers you the opportunity to remain engaged even when you are on the move. Some betting exchanges have been proactive to anticipate the traction mobiles are getting.

They have come up with mobile-compatible apps that you can easily download and install on your smartphone device. Considering the convenience, it doesn’t come as a surprise to note that people are more inclined towards the exchanges that offer smartphone apps. If you belong to that group, then make sure that the exchange you are interested in does supports mobile apps.

How to Use Cricket Betting Exchanges?

If you are a newbie better, then it’s crucial to understand how the betting exchanges work. There is often a great deal of confusion with people who are new to betting. To give you a better idea, here’s a look at how a typical online betting exchange works.

How Do Exchanges Work?

The first thing you should understand is the difference in philosophy between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. Exchanges make money through commissions on bets, while bookmakers allow customers to place bets against their own.

Betting exchanges act as a medium for the transaction between gamblers. It connects punters who have opposite views on the outcome of a match. A bet is accepted only when there is a counter bet. For example, if you are backing India to beat Australia, then there must be some other gambler who is betting in favor of Australia. So you are ‘backing’ a bet, while the other person is ‘laying’ the bet.

Irrespective of the outcome of the game, the exchange earns a certain percentage of the total bet amount as a commission. So there is no conflict of interest between the exchange and the bettors.

What Kind of Fixtures are Available?

Most of the top cricket betting exchanges in the world provide world-wide coverage. Test cricket, ODI or T20, no matter which type of game you are interested in, you can be assured to find it listed as a fixture on top betting exchanges. ICC bilateral series, multi-nation tournaments, World Cup, Champions Trophy and the recently introduced T20 leagues, there are lots of options to bet on. IPL, Big Bash, CPL, BPL – the probabilities are endless when it comes to cricket betting. Some of the exchanges even offer betting on domestic cricket matches like English County Cricket, Indian Ranji Trophy or Australian Sheffield Shield.

What Kind of Bets are Available?

There are a number of different types of bets involved in cricket betting. Matched betting is the most popular choice where the gamblers predict on the probable winner. Tied Match betting is common in test cricket. You can also place bets on toss outcome, first man out, odd/even run score, total match score, partnership stands, total fours/sizes, top scorer, best bowling figure, the man of the match and a host of other possible events.

Upcoming Events

If you want to make the most out of cricket betting, then it’s important to have the upcoming events on your fingertips. Here’s a look at the most eagerly anticipated cricket event all set to take place in the near future.

IPL 2019

The Indian Premier League is all set to kick off on the 23rd of March. It’s the most popular T20 cricket league in the world. Eight franchise teams from different parts of India take part in this event.

ICC World Cup 2019

The biggest event in the cricket calendar is undoubtedly the World Cup. Played in 50 overs ODI format, the next cricket World Cup is scheduled to take place in England from the 30th May. There are 10 national teams in the fray – fighting for the ultimate glory. Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Joe Root or Steven Smith – no matter who your favorite cricketer is, you can be assured to find the biggest names of the game in action in ICC World Cup matches.