Cricket Spread Betting

Cricket is arguably the most suitable sporting discipline for spread betting, especially when it comes to Test Cricket – where an outright win-loss result is often out of question. Fixed odd betting is not conducive to test matches, but spread betting can keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of five days. Spread betting has also found traction in ODI and T20 cricket matches.

Instead of predicting the outcome of an event, spread betting allows you to bet against a spread of match situations like individual runs, team score, wickets were taken and the like. Spread betting is becoming just as popular online cricket betting, as the risks are lower compared to fixed odds bets due to the range (spread) of index offered – thus increasing your chances of winning.

Sounds interesting? Then register with one of the recommended spread betting platforms and see if you can make the correct predictions.

If you like spread betting but aren’t too familiar with the world of cricket take a look at our essential cricket betting guide to get you up to date on all the rules so that you will become a cricket betting expert in no time.

Top Cricket Spread Betting Platforms

While fixed odds betting has been in the market for quite some time, the concept of spread betting is relatively new. There aren’t too many betting platforms around which offer cricket spread betting. Although the options are limited, it is important to opt for a spread betting partner of solid market reputation.

Those, who are new to cricket betting, often find it challenging to decide which platform to trust. We are aware of this tricky situation on the part of aspiring cricket punters. In fact, our mere existence is to make the decision easier for you. Our experts have done all the hard work in researching, testing and reviewing the top cricket spread betting platforms. The end result is this hand-picked list of the best in business.

Betting Exchange New Account Offer Our View & Reviews Commission Liquidity Founded Visit Site
£10 no risk bet for new accounts Claim Offer Some really good innovative features. Smarkets Reviews 2%
Can be a little thin on secondary markets
2008 Visit Smarkets

BetDaq BetDaq

Up to £1,000 commission cash back Claim Offer Superb all round exchange - recommended. BetDaq Reviews 2%
Excellent liquidity on all markets
2000 Visit BetDaq

Matchbook Matchbook

Up to £500 commission cashback Claim Offer Great for US sports. Matchbook Reviews 1.5%
Very good for US & Asian sports through
2008 Visit Matchbook
Betfair Betfair £10 risk free bet Claim Offer Probably the best bookie in the world. Betfair Reviews 5%
Best all round liquidity
1999 Visit Betfair

What To Look For in a Cricket Spread Betting Platform?

There are several considerations to pick up the right spread betting platform for cricket. Cricket betting is a complex market. Without detailed insight and deliberation, it’s difficult to achieve the core objective – that is to earn money in a safe and secure way.

When we evaluate a spread betting platform, we take into consideration its reputation, licensing, payment options, promotional offers, user interface and availability of features among many other factors. If you are looking for a satisfying spread betting experience, then it’s important that you carefully check the below-mentioned aspects before taking the final call.


Reputation can’t be built overnight. It takes time for a spread betting platform to convince the punters about its intent, fairness, and reliability. To minimize the risk factor, it’s worth trying out a well-established platform which has been in business for quite some time. Beware of the scam sites – there are quite a few. Spending a few hours researching on cricket betting forum can give you a fair idea about the reputation of specific cricket spread betting platforms.


A platform with approval from a well-known licensing authority is more likely to be a safer bet. To be specific, the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority are held in high regard among the gamblers.

Spread betting platforms licensed by either of the two ensure complete fairness and transparency. The regulatory body makes sure that there is no conflict of interest between the establishment and the players. So for a fair cricket betting experience, choose a platform which is accredited by a trustworthy gambling regulator.

Promotions/Bonuses/Free Bets

Promotional offers are a great way to enter the betting market. Top betting platforms always promote exciting offers to hook wannabe punters. You can earn free bets, discount deals, cash back offers and loyalty points by signing up with the top spread betting operators.

To ensure that you grab the most exciting deal, it’s important to scan through the offers section at different spread betting websites. We give due emphasis to promotional deals and platforms with lucrative offers usually find themselves on top of our recommended list.

Payment Methods

Are you a predominant card user or prefer making payments through bank wire? Digital wallets too are a massive hit among punters belonging to the younger generation. In an ideal scenario, you should sign up with a cricket betting operator which offers a diversified range of payment solutions.

You should also take into consideration the minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal amount. The higher the withdrawal cap is, the quicker you will be able to encash your earnings – if you are a high-stake gambler.


Hacking and other forms of security vulnerabilities are a common occurrence in the online gambling market. Many dreams have been broken owing to brute force attacks, malware/virus infection and sensitive data exposure. As gambling platforms deal with your financial information, it is vital to check the security measures in place.

SSL protection, multi-factor authentication, and proactive network monitoring can be crucial to safeguarding your sensitive data. So before joining a spread betting site, do go through their privacy policy and security framework. When it comes to web security, it’s always better to be proactive.

User Experience

Site interface, functional navigation, and helpful features can enhance the user experience to a great extent. To make the most out of spread betting, it’s important to master the platform.

An easy to use platform gives the punters confidence, while a cluttered one kills the entertainment factor. It’s important to keep the players engaged and there’s nothing better than an interactive interface to achieve that objective.

Availability of Mobile App

With the rapid rise in the popularity of smartphones, many betting platforms are trying their best to tap in mobile users. Responsive design, dedicated apps, and mobile app bonuses are becoming common to lure ardent smartphone users.

Moreover, there is no denying the fact that mobiles bring portability. It allows you to keep up with the proceedings on the move. So before finalizing a cricket spread betting platform, don’t forget to check whether it offers a mobile app or not.

Customer Support

Like any service-based business, customer support plays a key role in online cricket betting. The customer support team is the face of a spread betting platform to the players. It offers the assurance that there is someone to look after their issues and complaints. That’s why punters prefer to deal with cricket betting sites that offer 24×7 access to dedicated customer support representatives.

How Does Cricket Spread Betting Work?

Want to understand the nitty-gritty of cricket spread betting? Spread betting is basically a derivative strategy. The platform would offer its own prediction on a match situation – usually in the form of a range. The players are to decide whether the prediction would come true or not. It’s loosely based on the stock market buy/sell principle.

If you consider the platform’s quote to be low, you would ‘buy’. If you think they are too high, you would ‘sell’. The objective is to stay closest to the final outcome.

Let’s illustrate the point with an example:

  • Suppose India is playing a 50 overs ODI game against Australia and there is a spread betting index for Virat Kohli scoring 40-50 runs.
  • Now suppose you think Virat won’t be able to go past 40 runs mark in this game. So you sell $5 per run at 40.
  • Your hunch comes true and Virat got dismissed for 28.
  • So you win the spread bet and earn a profit of 40-28=12*$5=$60.

What Kind of Fixtures are Available?

When it comes to cricket spread betting, you can be assured to find all formats in the mix, i.e., test, ODI and T20 cricket. Top spread betting platforms cover all international cricket matches, including but not limited to ICC world cup, bilateral series, multi-nation tournaments, and international cricket leagues like IPL, Big Bash, and CPL.

What Kind of Bets are Available?

As already mentioned, cricket spread betting doesn’t offer fixed-odds on outright match results. There are lots of betting options like individual runs scored, team total, per over score, wickets taken, number of fours/sixes etc. The range of bets largely depends on the specific platform. There are a few that offers 15-20 different betting markets for a single cricket match.

Upcoming Events

Cricket is an all-season game. No matter which month of the year it is, you can be assured to find an on-going cricket match. Passionate cricket bettors know the forthcoming schedule like the back of their hands. If you are an aspiring cricket better and want to keep yourself up-to-date with the upcoming events, then do keep an eye on this section.

IPL 2019

The most famous T20 cricket league in the world, the Indian Premier League is scheduled to get off the mark on 23rd of March.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

ICC World Cup is the most glamorous cricket event when it comes to the 50 overs ODI format. The tournament is back in 2019 after a hiatus of 4 years. England is hosting the cup this time around and it will have 10 top cricket teams fighting for the ultimate glory. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 starts on the 30th of May.