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Ned Sports

Bet Boost On Seleced Betting Events

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Neds Sports Welcome Offer & Promotions

Finding the best online bookmaker can seem a daunting task, and it is important that customers are able to feel totally secure, confident and happy about their choice; this is their hard-earned cash at stake after all! A great sportsbook needs to offer a variety of markets, cater to the most popular sports, and make the whole experience enjoyable, fun and lucrative.

Neds is an Australian online sportsbook which works super hard to tick each and every one of these boxes. Though fairly new compared to some competitors, they have nonetheless worked hard to ensure that all customers and visitors receive the best possible experience with every visit, and have developed a strong reputation within the industry. Don’t let their youth fool you. Neds is a polished and professional set up which is designed to cater from those casual flutters on the big matches to those who take their wagering experience far more seriously. No matter your preference, you are sure to find something to suit your needs!

Welcome Bonus

Australian legislation prevents online bookmakers from providing new customers with an incentive to join, and so Neds is unable to offer a traditional welcome bonus. There is no need to fear however, once you are a fully signed up member of the site, you will find yourself with the chance to grab a range of free bets and exclusive bonus offers.

Free Bets

Though there is no official welcome bonus, that doesn’t mean that players won’t get their moneys worth! As with the welcome deal, there are no free bets advertised as an incentive; the law strictly prohibits this. This means that Neds have had to be extra creative with their offers and deals, and helping customers get the very most from each bet. The ‘Bet Boost’ feature allows players to essentially grab free bets, without actually advertising this as a deal. When punters place a wager on selected sporting events or races, they can hit the Bet Boost button. This automatically increases your stake, without you having to spend a single extra penny. In a sense, this acts in exactly the same way as a free bet, though it is, of course, restricted to the event or match you were originally betting on. This is a small sacrifice, however, considering that there is a fantastic chance to increase your stake, and so your chances of a big win, without having to spend any extra cash! As far as freebies go, this is a great one to take advantage of.

Ned Sports

Bet Boost On Seleced Betting Events

Neds Sports – Latest Promotions Review

It goes without saying that a large part of the appeal of any casino for many players is the chance to pick and choose from a variety of different promotions, deals, and offers. For an established sportsbook, this may involve deals which offer matched bonuses or free bets, and this can be a great way to help build up an account balance, maximise profits, or simply act as a much welcomed-welcome to the site!

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Welcome Offer Terms and Conditions

Neds is an online sportsbook which is based in Australia, and this means that there are restrictions and limitations placed on the site by law. One of these is that no casino or betting site may use incentives to draw in new customers; such techniques are seen to be advertising and promoting gambling and are strictly prohibited. As a result, Neds are unable to offer a traditional ‘Welcome Bonus’ in the same way as other sites; they cannot advertise matched bonuses, free bets or any other method to tempt new customers through the doors and into the betting environment.

More Neds  Bonuses and Promotions

Despite the ban on offering rewards and incentives, Neds does offer deals and bonuses which help to keep customers satisfied. One major aspect of this is the ‘Bet Boost; a feature which is the closest thing Ned’s offer to a matched bonus or deal. This feature means that when certain sports or matches are selected, you will be able to boost any wager you make on the match, simply by selecting the Best Boost button. Without you having to spend a single extra penny, the site will automatically boost your wager up to a much higher figure, and this means that your return in the event of a win is much higher.

In a sense, this works in the same way as the site matching your deposit or wager but does not have the same legal implications as a direct advertisement. There are downsides; obviously, this is a perk which can only be used on preselected matches and sports, but it is nonetheless a great offering from a sportsbook which has its hands firmly tied.

Neds may not have the biggest range of offers, but that does not mean they are not an option worth trying out!

Neds Sports – Free Bets

When it comes to picking the best sportsbook, there are a few ‘must-haves’ which tend to interest new customers and give them a great reason to try this site over a rival alternative. There should be plenty of sports on offer to choose from, and a range of deals, offers and promotions to choose from.

One of the main issues with Neds Sports is their location. Australian law prohibits sportsbooks and casinos from adding incentives to draw in new customers, and this means that Neds are unable to offer a traditional ‘free bets’ deal like those commonly found in similar sites.

How to Claim Free Bets at Neds

The restriction means that Neds are unable to offer a specific free bet or matched bonus deal, and this could put them at a serious disadvantage seeing as these have become common on most sites. They do, however, have a sneaky solution which could just be the answer for those looking to get their hands on the best deals. A ‘Bet Booster’ is available on certain pre-selected games and matches. As the name suggests, if you place a wager on this match or game, you will find that the casino increases the size of your bet, at no extra cost to you!

Terms and Conditions for Neds Free Bet

One of the major advantages to this deal is that there is no need to do anything extra; you simply place a bet on the game which has been selected. The site will automatically increase your bonus, and this makes it one of the simplest deals to claim and enjoy!

Other Promotions

As we have mentioned, there are a range of bonuses, promotions, and deals on offer, and these do tend to change. Players should make sure they are keeping up with the site to avoid missing out and ensure that you are accessing the latest deals and promo codes to benefit you. Offers may include an extra bonus boost, a matched deposit offer, or the chance to grab extra special odds on a certain game.

Reload Bonuses

The closest thing Neds offer to a reload bonus is the Bets Boost option; this does mean that you can maximise your deposit and make the most of your bet, just in a less traditional way!

Ned Sports

Bet Boost On Seleced Betting Events

Loyalty Program & VIP management

When it comes to keeping customers happy in the world of online sportsbooks, there are a few essential elements which the site needs to meet, and one of these is ensuring that repeat customers feel valued, respected and rewarded for their time and effort. Often, this aspect is achieved through a dedicated VIP or loyalty scheme – an attribute which Neds have yet to master. This is a little disappointing, though it is worth mentioning that there are a range of deals, offers and promotions available throughout the site, and many of these will primarily first be offered to players who have shown the most dedication or dropped the most deposit on the site.

The product, Sports and Markets

Neds is a sportsbook which offers a range of sports and activities to choose from, but the primary strength of the site appears to be racing, and there are some fantastic odds on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing. For fans of any of these categories, Neds is a great place to place a bet on your gut instinct; it could pay off big time! In addition to racing, there are a range of popular sports available, including football, AFL, NRL and A-League to name just a few.

The range is not as grand as some alternative sites, but there is nonetheless a great choice for players and fans of all shapes and sizes.

Features such as Live Streaming and In-Play betting are of course missing from the site, due to legal restrictions. Despite this, Neds does a great job of putting together a smooth, slick site for everyone to enjoy.


One major benefit of the site is that they are constantly voted as being amongst the best providers of eSports in the market, and this is a pretty impressive reputation. It helps to make up for missing features such as the lack of welcome bonus and means that players will nonetheless get to enjoy a great betting experience.

Mobile & App

Another area Neds can be proud of its full mobile compatibility. In a world of 24/7 connection and communication, it is only reasonable that players expect this feature from their online casinos. Apps are available for both iOS and Android, and this is a perfect chance to take your favourite sports, opportunities and game son the go, and interact or place a bet any time, from any place. There is no longer any excuse for missing out on a potentially massive win, as you have access to all the details and information you need at your fingertips; you could even find yourself cashing in while you are waiting in line, taking a shower, or having a nap!

 Neds – How to Open An Account

Taking a gamble and placing a wager on your favourite sports, matches and activities is an undertaking which should be fun,  easy and enjoyable for the player. A big part of this is finding an online sportsbook you can trust, and once this is established, the sign up process needs to be speedy and painless for both parties.

Getting started with a Neds Sports account is a fast and smooth process which can be achieved in just 4 simple steps. Read on to get started, and enjoy the perks and benefits on offer!

Step 1 – Head to Neds

The first step in this simple process is of course to head over to the site – Immediately, it becomes obvious that this is a fun and friendly sportsbook, designed to help players feel at ease and enjoy the entire experience.

Step 2 – Join Here

Once you have headed to the site, the option to Join will be highlighted in the top right-hand corner. Clicking this link takes you to the signup form, and this is the next step.

Step 3 – Fill In Your Details

The first page asks you for a title, and your name and email address.

The second stage is to pick a username and password.

The third page asks for your date of birth, mobile number, and address. You will also have the option to set a weekly withdrawal limit.

Step 4 – Verify Registration

Once you have completed the short and simple registration process above, the next step is to tell the site that you are a real person. This is achieved through clicking a link to confirm your registration, and this will be sent via your email address.

Ned Sports

Bet Boost On Seleced Betting Events

Making a Deposit at Neds

Once you have completed the registration and sign up process, there is just one more step to take before you can enjoy your bets and wagers; make the initial deposit. This is often required for welcome bonuses and other promotions, and will officially unlock your account, leaving you free to enjoy the opportunities to win!

Licensing and regulation

Players enjoying an online betting experience need to feel confident that they are protected, safe and secure. Neds takes care of this by holding a licence from the Northern Territory. This means that they are required to comply with all safety, security and fairness issues deemed necessary to grant the permission, and this is great peace of mind for players. They also take steps to keep all customer data and details totally safe and secure by encrypting their site; this means you can relax and have fun knowing that your financial and other payment details are totally safe and private throughout.

Customer Support

In the event that you run into questions, have a problem with your account, or simply find yourself with a query, you will be pleased to know that help is at hand. The site boasts a FAQ section which claims to have the answer to the most common and pressing needs, and there is a high chance that this will direct you to the answers you seek. If this fails however you will need further assistance. In this case, there are a number of options available; Live Chat is the most popular and allows you to connect directly with n advisor as and when you need. Other options include international telephone, email, and an online contact form. The good news is that this support is available 24/7! No matter your issue, you will be up and running in no time.


Getting started with the site often involves making a deposit, and of course, withdrawing winnings is an essential element to the sportsbook. For this reason, Neds offers a range of payment methods to allow you to pick the one which is the best fit. Customers can choose from credit or debit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa, direct bank transfer, POLi, or BPay. The range of options may be slightly limited compared to other sites, but players will have plenty of choices and can find something to suit their needs.


Many of the issues and complaints I have seen associated with Neds come from their lack of offers and deals; both factors which are not actually the fault of the sportsbook. Instead, they find themselves restricted by Australian law, and this heavily limits the promotions they have available. On the whole, feedback is generally positive, and this is a good indication for the site.

Business Information

When compared to rival sites, Neds are still relatively new, having been formed in 2017. They were founded in Brisbane by Dean Shannon – former CEO of Ladbrokes Australia. This means that despite their youth, they have years of extensive experience behind the scenes, and this helps to give them a serious edge. They are on the rise in popularity throughout Australia and have expressed aspirations to branch out into a global market in the near future.

Betopin’s Verdict

Don’t let the relative youth of Neds fool you; they are run and operated by a seasoned pro, and this is part of the reason for their high quality. If you are a fan of racing, this is the perfect match, and even those whose passions lie elsewhere will be impressed by the smart aesthetic, quality bets, and range of sports that are on offer.

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