SBK Betting Sportsbook Review

SBK is a mobile-only sports betting app and sportsbook that aims to provide improved odds over other similar sports apps. While mobile-only sportsbook platforms are relatively rare, SBK Betting tries to push itself out from the crowd.

If you have not heard of SBK Betting before or do not know what to expect, then this quick SBK Betting sportsbook review will break down everything you might need to know about the app and what it can offer you.

Pros & Cons


  • Fully secure and licensed.
  • Simple but useful SBK welcome bonus feature.
  • Great sportsbook promotions.
  • Varied payment method options.
  • The best mobile-only sportsbook available in the UK.


  • Limited live game offerings.
  • Customer support is not 24/7.
  • Cryptocurrency is not a valid payment method.

Registration Process: How to Sign Up to SBK Betting

Registering to play at the SBK sports betting app is easy. Since the focus is on the app and not the site, players need to register through the SBK app, which can actually simplify the process more than you might think.

To register, players only need to:

  • Download the app (available on both iOS and Android devices). You will need to use the app store, Google Play, or an Android APK to download the app, depending on your device.
  • Open the app and enter your email.
  • Click “Create Account” to begin the process.
  • Add any sign-up offer codes that you may want to use.
  • Enter your password, location, date of birth and mobile number.
  • Choose whether you want marketing emails.
  • Select your odds format.
  • Continue and start playing!

This process only takes a few minutes to complete, and the betting app automatically scales to work on different device screen sizes. This means that you should not have any trouble joining the online bookmaker.

You will be prompted to deposit after you sign up, but you can back out and explore the app for a while longer before you commit. Remember to set up your preferred payment options as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on any limited-time promotions.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like most sports betting platforms, the SBK app provides some useful bonuses to new players. These include a welcome bonus alongside a range of other bonus features, some of which may be limited behind an SBK promo code that you have to grab from a social media post or promotional banner.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus on the SBK sports betting app is relatively simple. New SBK app users can enter the code SBK30 when they sign up to earn £30 in free bets after an initial deposit of £10 or more.

This provides brand new customers with £40 in total (£30 of which is free bets) as long as they enter the SBK promo code. Be sure not to forget to include the SBK promo code when you sign up, or you may miss out on the bonus.

The nature of SBK promo code bonuses means that this welcome offer may change over time. The SBK sportsbook promotions could be replaced at some point in the near future, so make sure that you do not miss out on a valuable SBK promo code that never comes back.

Other Bonuses

Unlike a lot of sites, SBK only offers a few promotions at a time, and most of them eventually rotate out for new ones. This, unfortunately, means that there are currently no permanent bonuses, and there may be times when only the welcome bonus is offered.

Free Bets

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, if a new £20 in free bets bonus is added to the site, players can earn £20 in free bets almost straight away every single time. This new £20 in free bets bonus would be considered brand new, allowing you to use it on an SBK account that has already activated a similar £20 in free bets promotion in the past.

This, as well as the use of promo code systems, means that the SBK sportsbook has unpredictable but useful bonuses that can appear almost at random. A new SBK account may earn free bets when the user signs up, then more bets a week later if a new free bets bonus is added.

Sports Betting Codes

Of course, if you are a player who joined the SBK sportsbook app to get a lot of bonuses straight away, this promo code system might not be immediately gripping. Thankfully, all promo code bonuses go to the same promo balance, so both returning and new customers can handle bonuses in the same way.

Remember that the terms behind different bonuses may change and that full T&Cs apply. For example, a bonus might require minimum odds of 1.5 or a minimum deposit of £10 to activate – in these instances, full T&Cs apply as normal, and you need to meet these breakpoints to earn the bonus.

Seasonal Bonuses

Certain events, such as Premier League matches, may also have their own seasonal or specialised bonuses. There are no betting tips or guides for these since they can change every year, so be sure to check the page for details about the qualifying bet limits.

If a bonus asks for a qualifying bet, make sure you meet this limitation. Bonus requirements are hard rules, and you must meet them if you want to earn the bonus feature.

Product, Sports, and Betting Markets

Rather than bonuses, the SBK sportsbook app focuses mostly on the betting experience, aiming to be one of the best betting apps around. A mixture of in-play bet and pre-match bet options allows customers to bet on a range of different games and events easily.

SBK offers betting on a huge range of betting markets, from standard events like football and tennis to more niche experiences like cycling and handball. All the markets go into a surprising amount of depth, with some events hosting countless sub-markets.

Football is a good example, with some football games having over 100 sub-markets that players can choose to bet on. SBK offer a huge number of ways to bet, even on events like greyhound racing, where the event itself follows a streamlined set of rules.

Horse racing is another example, with the horse racing options at SBK providing some amazing pre-event and in-play bet options. Players can even use bet builders to put together custom betting strategies, something that many mobile app options completely lack.


Football is by far the most popular event on the SBK sportsbook app and for a good reason. New players can get a huge range of varied markets to choose from, spread across countless events and individual games to bet on.

This variety also comes with a lot of different odds, meaning that players get plenty of freedom to bet on whatever seems to meet their odds preferences best. This is great for players who are more concerned about the odds than the actual events they are betting on.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the more notable events in the SBK sportsbook app and receives a lot of attention as a result. There are a lot of horse racing markets to choose from, as well as unique bonuses that apply to specific racing events.


Cycling is another major sport that gets a lot of involvement in the SBK sportsbook. Players can bet on a range of major and minor events through a varied list of markets, each providing different odds for a completely unique experience.


While often less popular than other sports, handball has its own entire section on the SBK sportsbook site. Whether you are a fan of handball or not, this is a good example of how varied the app’s games and markets list is since many sites would completely overlook this niche.


Both major tennis events and more minor local games are fully available to bet on at SBK, allowing punters to jump right in and start tennis betting on whatever markets appeal to them most. This includes a variety of major tennis games that die-hard tennis fans will be desperate to bet on.


Just like most of the other sports, golf comes with a lot of betting markets that new and existing customers can enjoy at their own pace. The number of markets means that there is something for everybody, even people who do not usually bet on golf.

Other Markets

Beyond these sports, there are over a dozen other major categories to bet on, as well as countless smaller markets to choose from. These range from political events to various major races at Royal Ascot, all given their own unique odds.

This makes the SBK mobile app great for people who want to bet on a range of games at their own pace, switching back and forth whenever they feel like it.

This SBK review can’t list all bet markets, especially since some may change or be added over time. However, a mixture of pre-game and in-play betting is available for most markets.

Live Games

Live betting is also an option for in-play for certain events and games. These in-play markets often come with live streaming, allowing for easier in-play betting based on what is happening in front of you.

There are no special betting tips for live games, and the usual rules apply: for example, debit card minimum deposit amounts or qualifying bet requirements.


While odds are obviously a major part of any betting site, they are especially important at SBK. The SBK betting platform tries to deliver great odds at every turn, aiming for a min odds average lower than most other betting platforms.

While this does not mean the min odds average at SBK will always be lower than the min odds average of another given site, it does mean that you consistently get some of the best odds in the UK. New customers can enjoy a range of markets while also getting excellent live odds tailored to each event.

This is a major selling point of the app, which openly advertises that it tries to deliver the best odds possible in every situation. If you are interested in playing with odds that are weighted slightly in your favour, then SBK is the place to turn.

Design, Theme, & User Experience

The SBK betting platform is streamlined and simple, using a mixture of black, white and green tones to try and create something that is appealing to look at and simple to use. As an app, it also tends to get better performance than most browser sites and is not reliant on your browser working correctly.

Using the Betting Apps

The overall design of the app is clearly meant to be accessible. Different markets are displayed in an easy-to-compare way, and details about particular betting options are very easy to understand. Like a lot of new sportsbook sites, the SBK betting app is also very accommodating to brand-new players with no betting experience.

Account settings and other important customer support pages are readily available, and navigation is easy. This also means that it is easier to find responsible gambling details, track down SBK offer pages, and switch between SBK sportsbook markets in only a few taps.

Since the SBK betting app is only available on mobile, there is no desktop version to compare it to. However, the SBK site itself does still provide SBK customer support and a breakdown of things like responsible gambling and betting rules. While you can’t bet on a desktop device, you can still get support there instead.

Payment Methods

SBK Betting offers a good range of payment methods. Some of these can only be used to withdraw money, while others can only be used as deposit methods, but all of them are fully tested and work perfectly fine with the app.

This means that it is easy to set up a payment option straight away and start playing almost immediately. Be sure to check for deposit limits, as well as the minimum deposit requirements of certain bonus features or sign-up offer terms.

Unfortunately, right now, SBK does not accept either cryptocurrency, Apple Pay, or any prepaid vouchers. While the addition of cryptocurrency seems unlikely, vouchers could eventually happen – it just depends on which payment options the platform decides to accept.

Deposits should take only a matter of minutes, whereas withdrawals may be delayed by a day or two. Either way, it is not hard to move money into (or out of) the SBK app, and the support team is always there if something goes wrong.

Deposits Options

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • Bank Transfer

Most payment options have deposit minimums of £10, except PayPal (minimum of £20) and Trustly (minimum of £40). Making a first deposit using debit card payments is usually the easiest option, especially if you want to make a qualifying bet for the new customer offer.

Withdrawal Options

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • Bank Transfer

Most payment options have withdrawal minimums of £10, except bank transfers (minimum of £20) and Trustly (minimum of £40).

Customer Support

Customer support is readily available on the app or on the desktop/mobile site if needed. Support is supposed to be easy to access and rely on, so do not be afraid to contact them if you run into issues during your time on the site.

Support is currently not available 24/7, but it is still good enough to support new UK customers who might have questions or not understand certain details.

For example, if you have issues trying to make a first deposit using debit card payments, support can help you figure out why you can’t make a first deposit using debit card funds. From there, they can help you resolve the issue or recommend an alternative payment option.

Reliability, Reputation, & Legislation

SBK is a trustworthy site that offers a lot of great features, but proper legal standing is also important. The platform is fully licensed and registered to operate in the UK and is under the authority of relevant legal bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission.

This means that the platform is operating legally and is not able to do anything illegitimate or malicious – not that SBK seems like the kind of site to attempt scams of any kind, anyway.

Features like the bet builder and the low min odds level are also proven to be legitimate and are not based on any kind of questionable ethics or manipulative sign-up offer tactics.

In terms of security, SBK is properly protected using all of the expected measures, meaning that your information will not be stolen easily. The site is protected against malicious third parties and uses proper verification systems to prevent identity theft.

Overall, as a new UK player, SBK provides a great range of features and backs them up by being genuinely trustworthy. Of course, if you want to investigate the site yourself to be sure, it is not hard to find their terms and conditions page.

The app is available to UK/IE/Malta customers only. This also means that the live streaming can only be accessed by UK/IE/Malta customers and that only UK/IE/Malta customers can register for the site.


The SBK Betting Zone is a great app for both long-time and new players alike, boasting great min odds averages and a huge range of markets. A good balance of accessible and highly competitive odds means that new UK players can enjoy the site without feeling overwhelmed by high odds.

Being able to bet on Premier League matches, the Cheltenham Festival and other major events also make the SBK betting zone a perfect place for newbie punters who want to bet on their favourite sports. For veterans, the live streaming and live betting features allow for some very exciting and high-stakes betting.

SBK is a surprisingly versatile app within the betting industry, focusing on things like the bet builder and the live betting over trying to spread itself thin. While the bonuses may be lacking, sometimes reaching only £10 in free bets with a promo code, that £10 in free bets usually still gives new UK players a good experience.

As a pure mobile app experience, SBK is not going to be the ideal bet platform for everybody. However, if you already bet from your phone (which most people do), then this can be a great new UK bet platform to enjoy.

This SBK review has covered as much as possible about the platform, but there could always be specific details that you need to know. Do not hesitate to visit the site for yourself or contact the support team to learn more about whatever information matters to you most.


How are Bonuses Handled at SBK Betting?

The bonus features at SBK change semi-regularly. One month you may be able to get £20 in free bets, while another may offer you only £10 in free bets.

If a promo code offer lets you get £20 in free bets, you will need to enter that code to secure the £20 in free bets – but a £10 in free bets bonus that activates automatically will not require that.

In general, if the site offers a way to get £20 in free bets, then you can get £20 in free bets by following the related instructions. Free bets expire after a set amount of time, and full T&Cs apply to all bonuses.

What is the SBK app?

The SBK app is a betting platform app that aims to offer improved odds for all users, as well as allow for easy betting on a wide range of different events and markets.

Who owns SBK betting?

SBK is owned by Smarkets, a company fully licensed and registered with the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

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