Spread Bet on Entertainment

Spread Bet on Entertainment

You are used to betting on events like Basketball and Football, maybe sometimes even Gymnastic, but did you know you can even bet on Entertainment? Just when you thought that they had run out of things to bet on they come up with yet another one. If you really think about it though it is not too far-fetched of an idea to bet on something like Entertainment. There are many traceable statistics in the Entertainment World and it can be a high risk high reward type wager.

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Say for instance lets take a look at a movie that just came out recently called “The Interview”. This movie features two very big Hollywood stars who are James Franco and Jonah Hill. The two stars have done many movies together and for the most part even if the movie isn’t that great a lot of people still go see it. We decide we want to place a Spread Bet on the amount of money the movie is going to make in its first weekend.

Before we place our bet we see some news that the Film company is under fire from the North Korean government for depicting their leader in the film and many feel that the movie wont be released. You on the other hand have a feeling that it will be released and place a bet saying that the film will make 100 million or more its first weekend. Much to your avail the movie does end up releasing and it had received so much free publicity that droves of people went to see it and it sold 130 million dollars the opening weekend. Cha Ching!

As you can see there are many chances to use tactics such as Spread Betting to strategically bet on Entertainment like movies. You can also use these same skills to bet on outcomes of events like the Oscars and other popular award ceremonies.