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With TV/Novelty betting sites, punters can profit from their skills in the betting world and their insights into which TV personality will win in theirs. Who will replace whom in the most recent TV dancing competition? Or, will Trump or Putin be Time’s “Man of the Year” again? Who will win the BBC competition for sports personality of the year? Many betting sites offer TV/Novelty betting. For the best sites always check the Betopin toplist and for the best betting platforms, check with Betopin as well.

TV/Novelty betting essentially includes every kind of betting except sports. These betting opportunities can include politics betting like for general elections, talent contests like Idols and the X Factor, the Oscars or Grammys, whether the next royal celebrity baby born will be a girl or a boy, pop culture events like the breakup of a popular band or singing group or how many seasons a television show will stay on the air.

For those who are more interested in popular culture, current events, and politics than sports, TV/Novelty betting has more to offer as well. From fairly benign wagers about the royal family, to speculation about President Obama being assassinated while in office, TV/Novelty betting offers something for everyone. For the best TV/Novelty betting sites, always check first with the Betopin toplist.


TV/Novelty Betting Options and Success

The world is a big place and if you are interested in TV/Novelty betting you need to pick and choose your wagers. Betting on the Premier League is difficult enough with so many teams, players, important games, and tournaments to consider. Now consider that every non-sports betting option may have the same degree of complexity and the same potential for rewards when a punter pays attention, chooses his or her betting markets carefully, and then uses the most appropriate betting platform for that wager. For the best TV/Novelty betting sites, always check the Betopin toplist.

If you like the TV shows that feature dancing competitions, you have a skillset that you did not realize that you had. You know the contestants, you recognize good dancing, and you have become familiar with the judges and what they like or don’t like. As the show progresses and the seasons progress, you find that more often than not you can predict the winners long before anyone else has a clue. This is the sort of skill that a punter can put to use in TV/Novelty betting.

When a person knows enough to make intelligent bets regarding who will win the Grammys, Academy Awards, or Time Man of the Year, they are ready to consider TV/Novelty betting. Then, the issue is what bets are available, where do you find them, and how do you decide which betting site is the best for your purposes?

Most TV/Novelty betting happens on sportsbooks and some will have a wide range of wagers available. If you have a bet that you want to make that a sportsbook does not offer, there are betting exchanges where you may find someone to take your bet. Picking and choosing your wager is important so that you retain the advantage that your knowledge and experience give you. Then you need to make sure that you are getting the best odds for your wager. Here is where you can consult the Betopin toplist for the best betting sites.

TV/Novelty Betting Platforms

There are several platforms or ways to bet on virtually anything. The most commonly used betting platform is the sportsbook which is an online bookmaker. There are many wagers available for popular bets both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. At a sportsbook, the available odds will shift as an event becomes more popular or is coming to the point where a decision will be made. This brings in a lot of folks who are betting on their favourite with a sense that they are supporting the person they want to win. When enough of these folks place their bets the odds shift. A punter who knows their subject can take advantage of this fact and make a few quid or a few hundred. This punter may choose to use another betting platform that lets them make a wager and then lay it off for a profit. When the event is decided, this punter will have already pocketed their profit!

TV/Novelty Betting Exchanges

This betting platform is where you look to make a wager that your favourite sportsbook will not take. For example, you are interested in the Academy Awards and want to bet on something other than best picture, best actor, best actress, you may find a kindred spirit willing to take your wager on a betting exchange. The betting exchange does not set odds in this case but rather collects a fee for setting up the wager.

TV/Novelty Betting Sportsbooks

A sportsbook is where you will probably do the majority of your TV/Novelty betting. Many sites carry a wide variety of possible wagers. A large part of your job is to find the best betting sites with the best wagers at the best odds. Punters who have done their homework on a lot of these wagers can do quite well, especially when interest is high and lots of folks enter ill-advised wagers based on their personal sympathies rather than on cold calculation of who will win. Always be sure to check the Betopin toplist for the best TV/Novelty betting sites.

TV/Novelty Spread Betting

Your favourite dancing competition, the Miss Universe Pageant, and the general election are all betting opportunities where spread betting applies. You don’t just pick the winner but rather you pick who will be in all of the top spots. In spread betting, you bet against the spread and not on fixed odds. This betting platform is good for punters who are more knowledgeable than their peers.

TV/Novelty “Sports” Trading

A trading site is where you can both place or “back” a bet and also take or “lay” a bet. Backing a bet is what you do when wagering at a sportsbook and laying a bet is what the sportsbook does. At a TV/Novelty betting trading site you can do both on the same wager. For example, when a dancing competition begins, one of the couples may look like the certain winner and another couple may look like sure losers. The “sure losers” will have very poor odds of winning. But, if your experience tells you not to be so sure these folks will lose, you wager (back a bet) for a few quid on them. Then, as the season progresses, your opinion turns out to be correct. The apparent losers are now looking like possible winners. Now you have two choices. You can keep your bet and hope that you win or you can lay off our bet to someone at substantially different odds than you had at the beginning. Many punters use this approach and walk away with a tidy profit even before a winner is decided.

The Most Popular TV/Novelty Betting Markets

As we said at the beginning, the world is a big place and there are lots of potential TV/Novelty bets. And, there are popular bets with enough interest that betting sites and especially sports books will carry them. Here are a few of the TV/Novelty betting opportunities that you will encounter.

Time Person of the Year

Every year since 1927 Time magazine has featured the person who for good or ill did the most to influence the events of the year. It started out with Charles Lindberg who changed aviation with his solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, as well as Ayatollah Khomeini, were named person of the year for their impact on the world rather than any belief in what they stood for.

In betting on person of the year, punters need to keep in mind the track record of featuring despots as well as heroes. One sure thing is that every sitting US president has been featured at least once but Trump has already been featured once.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

This competition may be more difficult to bet on as there are more than 50 likely prospects, none of whom has better than 4.5 to 1 odds. While a broad knowledge of world affairs is useful for the Person of the Year Award, the BBC sports personality is strictly focused on persons in the UK. Being familiar with each and being able to anticipate which factors will lead to a winner are important.

In every case of TV/Novelty betting, punters will do better if they stick to what they know, think about which betting platforms will work the best, and check with the Betopin toplist for the best betting sites for a particular wager.


If your primary interest in life is the Premier League you should be betting on football. And, if sports leave you cold but many other things in life interest you, leave the football alone and look into TV/Novelty betting. The key to success in this arena is to stick with what you know, choose your bets carefully, learn which betting platforms to use most effectively, and always check with Betopin’s toplist for the best TV/Novelty betting sites.

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