Royal Ascot – How to Bet on the Horse Races

Royal Asot

Horse racing has taken place at Ascot since the early 1700s and Royal Ascot began in 1911 when the third week or races in June became Royal Week. Every year Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, attends along with other members of the royal family. Besides being a huge week on the British social calendar, the races provide serious punters with excellent wagering opportunities on some of the finest racehorses in the world.

There are those who routinely wager on horse races and those who become excited at the time of major events (like the World Cup, Superbowl, or British Open). The influx of naïve individuals into betting markets can bring about very nice wagering opportunities for those who follow the horses more closely and understand the odds much better.

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Horse Racing – what you need to know

Horse racing goes back to antiquity as does betting on the horses. Today the worldwide betting market on horse racing is more than £90 billion a year. Throughout the world, there are many unique traditions and rules governing the sport including limiting races by age of the horse, breed, or other factors. Races are run over various distances making it important for the punter interested in horse race betting to know which horses are fast starters and favour short distance and which horses have the endurance to perform well at longer distances. A race track that is ideal for one horse may not be as favourable for another. And, knowing the jockeys is important as an experienced jockey will often bring out the best in a racehorse while an inexperienced jockey may often ride a favourite and lose!

But this is not always the cause when you have a valuable conditional jockey that is able to claim weight off the official racing wright of a particular horse which will enhance the chances of that horse with less weight to carry. So, be sure to take not of any conditional jockey that is riding well and frequent winners on the lead up to the race meeting.

Knowing the Horses

The first part of successfully betting on the horses is to know which ones are the favourites and which ones could surprise everyone (but you) with an unexpectedly good performance. This knowledge comes with paying constant attention to the sport, diligently checking reliable sources like the event reviews in Betopin, and having the experience to recognize a good wager when you see it. For example is that Ascot is a flat right handed galloping grass track. Some horses may run better going left handed than going right handed so it is key to take not of the horses form going both ways. Also, it is one of the most under utilized concept in horse racing is course form. Some horses light up and leave all their previous form behind when they come to a track that they have run well at before, so be sure to take into account horses that run above themselves when their hoofs touch the hallow turf of Royal Ascot. This sort of insight may result in a successful bet.

Knowing the Track and the Racing Event

Horses can be just like any other athlete. Some rise to greatness when challenged and others falter when confronted with a strong competitor. The point is that there are horses that have run undefeated for years when on lesser tracks and facing lesser competition. When they come to race during Royal Ascot they face the best of the best. A punter who keeps track of such things will know when to take advantage of odds that are really not correct due to many inexperienced bettors entering the fray during Royal Ascot.

Timing Your Wager

Due to the excitement of a major set of races, betting interest increases in the days immediately prior to the events. This factor will commonly change the odds. Smart punters may simply lay off a bet as the odds change and pocket their profit even before the races begin!

Choosing the Best Betting Platforms

Those who are experienced at betting on the horses, as well as football or anything else, know that some betting platforms are better than others, depending on your strategy. Here, again is where Betopin and the toplist become really important.

Betting Platforms for Horse Racing

There are various ways to bet on the horses at Royal Ascot or anytime. You can go through a sportsbook for standard odds versus the bookmaker or choose a sports exchange where your wager will be placed with another punter. While the sports exchange simply charges a fee for your wager, a sportsbook sets odds based on a consensus of thousands of wager. Another approach to betting on horse races is to us a sports trading site where you can put off your wager for a profit when the odds change in your favour.

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Betting Exchanges for Horse Racing

At a betting exchange, you will make your wager against another person. You can often make a bet that a horse will lose, called a lay bet. And, when you cannot find a sportsbook to take a wager, you may find an interested party using a betting exchange.

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Horse Racing Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks have a long history of handling horse racing wagers. This is a platform where an experienced punter can often take advantage of the rush of excited but inexperienced bettors hurrying to place a wager on the outcome of a Royal Ascot race. Most of these folks are betting based on emotions and not the sort of solid information that a punter could get from Betopin Reviews. Sportsbook odds can be quite attractive given the correct circumstances.

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Horse Race Spread Betting

An increasingly popular way to bet on horse races is with spread betting. A punter bets against the spread instead of wagering with fixed odds. You will buy or sell at set prices. Horses get “index points” according to the place in the race where they finish. This set of placements is used to determine wins and losses depending on the price at which you bought or sold. Wagers can feature a single race or the entire racing card for the day. Check out spread betting platforms for a new way to wager on the horses.

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Horse Racing Sports Trading

At a sports trading site, you can both lay and back wagers on horse races. Backing means you are betting and laying means you are acting as the bookmaker and offering odds on a horse race outcome. Experienced punters know that the odds will change as an event like Royal Ascot approaches. They will both back and lay wagers in such a fashion as to make their money before the event is over and commonly before a horse race starts.

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Horse Racing Matched Betting

In horse race matched betting, punters will arrange two or more wagers in such a fashion as to greatly increase their odds of winning. This approach works the best for those punters who are experienced with horse race betting, keep track of the events via Betopin reviews and other sources, and carefully place their wagers as the odds shift as a race approaches.

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Horse Racing Betting Markets

So, you are excited about Royal Ascot and want to bet on one more races. You have your racecard in hand, studding the form and tips from the newspaper. Now, what sort of bets can you make? Here are the basic horse racing wagers with their likelihood of winning.


In this wager, you choose a horse to place first, second, or third. This wager has a good chance of producing a win although the payout is not all that good, unless you pick a horse that no one expected to show.


With this bet, you pick a horse to finish either first, second or third depending on the number of runners in the race. The payout is better than betting to place but your odds of winning are less unless you have been following the reviews in Betopin and keeping up with how various horses have been doing.


Your chosen horse needs to win for you to win. Betting on a favourite will not produce much of a win but you will get your wager back. Betting on a “long shot” may produce a very impressive win if the unfavoured horse surprises everyone but you.


In this mixed wager, you choose three horses and bet that two of them will finish in positions one and two. This bet has an average payout unless you choose “long shots.”


This is a wager for a punter who follows the horses, knows the track and the jockey, and has paid attention. You need to choose both the first and second place horses in the correct order. The payout can be very good for this riskier bet.


This bet is a step harder than the exacta as you are picking the first, second, and third finishers in that order. And, it pays handsomely in the right situations.


This is a difficult wager even for experienced punters as you are choosing the top four finishers in the correct order. Of course, the payout can be spectacular when the right horses come in the right order.

Daily Double

This bet lets you pick the winners of two consecutive races and pays nicely when you pick well. For those with a taste for danger, you can pick 3 (three races and three winners) all the way up to picking the winners of six races in a row. There comes a point, certainly with betting on six consecutive winners, where the bet resembles playing the national lottery unless you studiously follow the expert advice on a site like Betopin!


Betting on the horses is a time-honoured way to enjoy the races. This can be especially true during world-class horse racing events like Royal Ascot. Placing the best wagers with the best odds of taking home a few quid (or a few hundred) requires that you know the horses, know the track, know your betting platforms, and choose the best betting markets. If you are new to horse racing betting, follow the pros of The Finishing Line for excellent reviews and tips, and Betopion will provide the toplist of the best platforms for your wagers on the horses