Royal Ascot Spread Betting

You’d be forgiven for thinking of spread betting in the same terms as fast cars, bespoke suits and plenty of expensive bling. But it’s really not the case anymore, especially since the concept has spread into the world of sports. There is one thing that remains the same, though, and that’s the chance to win big money, especially when it comes to renowned events like Royal Ascot.

Spread Betting and Royal Ascot

The prestigious Royal Ascot consists of 35 exciting races spread out over 5 days, and that means betting opportunities abound. Statistics show that more than half of the races are won by horses that feature in the first three in the betting.

This is explained by the proportion of Group races that are reserved for the very best horses, typically competing at level weights. So, a horse rated 100, for example, carries the same weight as a horse that’s rated 90.

The handicap meetings are the exceptions. With these, each of the horses is weighted according to form. For example, a horse rated 100 needs to carry 10 pounds more weight than a horse that’s rated 90.

Horses are typically weighted to finish together, so finding an outright winner is a tough task.

If you want to bet each-way (as in win and place) on Royal Ascot races, make sure you look out for special place terms. Bookies tend to pay out on the first four horses in handicaps of 16 runners and up.

How to Spread Bet on the Races

Spread betting sites make predictions on a number of scenarios and events. The spread consists of 2 prices, a buy price and a selling price. If you believe the platform you’re betting at has pitched too low, you can buy at a higher price in anticipation that the make-up of the market will be larger than the price.

On the other hand, if you think the buy price is too high, you can sell at the lower price in the belief that the final make-up will be less than the price you sold at.

Popular Royal Ascot Spread Betting Markets

When it comes to Royal Ascot and spread betting, you have plenty of choices for your betting enjoyment. Here’s a look at the most popular spread betting markets.

Individual Race Index

An individual race index is a popular form of spread betting on horse races. With this market, points are awarded to horses based on where they finish in a particular race.

The points structure differs depending on how many runners are in the race. For example, a contest with 11 or fewer runners would look like this:

  • 1st place – 50 points
  • 2nd place – 25 points
  • 3rd place – 10 points
  • All other places – 0 points

This particular market is a fantastic opportunity to back or oppose a horse, something traditional betting markets don’t offer.

Winning Distances Bet

This is a market that predicts the aggregate total of the winning margins of a race. Typically, the maximum winning distance for a flat race (like those at Royal Ascot) is set at 12 lengths.

Favourites Index

This Royal Ascot spread betting market lets you place a bet on how this year’s favourites will perform at a particular race. For this market, a favourite is awarded 25 points for winning and 10 points for coming in second, as well as 5 points for finishing third. Should a race start with joint-favourites, the spread betting site will take the favourite as the horse with the lower race card number.

Racing Post Favourites Index

This market is pretty similar to the Favourites Index. But in this case, the favourites are the horses printed first in the betting section below the race card in the racing post. Again, these favourites are awarded points like this:

  • First – 25 points
  • Second – 10 points
  • Third – 5 points
  • Any other place – 0 points

In the case of joint-favourites, the first named horse in the particular racing post is the favourite.

Jockey Index

If you’re a fan of horse racing, you probably have your favourite jockeys, and for Royal Ascot spread betting, this is a popular market. For this market, you bet on how an individual jockey will perform. It’s also similar to the favourites market wherein points are awarded like this:

  • Winning ride – 25 points
  • Second – 10 points
  • Third – 5 points
  • Any other place – 0 points

If the jockey the market is based on doesn’t ride his intended horse in a race, yet the horse still runs, the horse’s finishing position counts as if it had been ridden by that particular jockey.

The Benefits of Spread Betting and Horse Racing

So, why would you choose spread betting for Royal Ascot instead of the usual fixed odds action? There are plenty of reasons:

  • Make big profits – the more accurate your prediction, the bigger your profits. So, if you believe that a spread betting platform has made a big mistake in their predictions, you can use this to your fullest advantage.
  • Betting on winning and losing – besides buying and benefiting from a horse’s success, you can also sell in markets you think the performance will be poor.
  • Interest in every race – a lot of the markets spread betting traders create run throughout the course of the event and cover every meeting. There are plenty of different ways to bet in every race, giving you 5 full on days of action and interest this summer.

You can take advantage of the best spread betting for Royal Ascot at any of Betopin’s recommended spread betting sites.

How to Get Started with Spread Betting

When you start out with spread betting, it’s important to be cautious. Unlike fixed odds betting, you can lose more than your stake. Getting a particular market wrong can be a painful exercise and a costly one at that. Rather start out with a stop loss system in place, which is offered by spread betting platforms to cap the amount you can win or lose from each bet. It’s simply a safe option.

The spread betting market gives you a fantastic chance to back your favourites. In terms of match betting, especially, there’s a chance to win big profits.

While there’s usually a favourite and the spread is structured around the expected margin of victory in lengths, occasionally things can be too close to call. In such cases, the spread bookmaker may quote your choice, allowing you to pick your favourite out of the two. It’s a great way for punters to delve into the history of the two favourites. Perhaps one is a first timer and the other likes soft ground. Who will have the best draw? Will the pace be strong? All these things are thrown into the pot and if one horse happens to tick all the right boxes, you can place your match bet and hold thumbs.

Remember, if you want to place bets on Royal Ascot horse races, you need to spend a little time studying the form of your favourite horses. Also, study the form of the trainer, the form of the stable, the draw and even the weather. It’ll all help to shape your view on the outcome.

The Best Spread Betting Sites for You

Here at Betopin, we want you to have the best online betting experiences. That’s why our team has spent countless hours rating and reviewing spread betting platforms to bring you the best Royal Ascot spread betting sites for 2019.

When reviewing a platform, we take a look at the markets on offer, whether or not a site is regulated, the customer service and even the payment options. We also put the site through its paces in terms of how easy it is to sign up, fund a new account and take advantage of any bonuses and promotions that may be on offer.

With Royal Ascot being the biggest horse racing event of the calendar, it’s important to us that you only bet at legitimate and reliable sites. We recommend taking a look through our list of top betting sites to find the best one for your horse race betting needs.

Spread betting takes some practice and knowledge. We’ve put together comprehensive guides to help you get started. If you’re a horse racing aficionado who’s ready to put your predictions and studies to the test this summer, it’s time to get ready for Royal Ascot and be on your way to spread betting profits!

Not sure how to get started? We also have step-by-step guides on how to sign up with a site, fund an account and start betting. Check it all out right here at Betopin before you even place a bet on this year’s right royal racing event and why not check out what the lads from The Finishing Line Podcast think of Royal Ascot.