Best of the Best BOTB (Airport Super Car Competition) Review

If you’ve ever flown anywhere from the UK chances are you will have seen Best of the Best (BOTB) offering awesome supercar competitions at stands in the airport departure lounges.

So, are Best of the Best airport supercar competitions any good?  We take a closer look at the company, the prizes, the games and what they are about.

First of all a little history.

Best of the Best was founded in 1999 and since they has given away over £17m worth of prizes.  Until this year they were doing one competition a month, but now they are giving away a brand new (super) car per week.

How do they work?

It’s actually pretty easy to play and is a game of skill rather than pot luck. Hence the company is not regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.  To win the car you have to play spot the ball.  You basically look at a picture of a football game with the ball airbrushed out then have to guess where the ball should be.  The closest guess wins the car competition.  They don’t put the ball back where it was, instead ask three independent judges to place there own guesses and use that as a result.  You can have a go here.

Do people actually win the cars?

One of the biggest problems with competitions like this is that people think it’s a scam and have no chance of winning.  Or if they do the company will renege on the prize and disappear.

Founder William Hindmarch goes to great lengths to show total transparency and prove that the company is legit.  It’s clear that they and you can check for yourself.

Firstly Best of the Best PLC is a public company.  This means they are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  being a public company means they are accountable to shareholders.  Anyone can be a share holder, so you can buy shares through your stock broker and go along to the AGM and quiz management on their performance.  Being a public company listed on the LSE means you have to publish a fuller set of accounts on a more regular basis.

You can view the Best of the Best share price and read the company accounts on the London Stock Exchange website here.

Secondly, Hindmarch and Best of the Best ask for contact details of your nearest and dearest so they can turn up with the won car to surprise the winner.  This is part fun, part publicity and also partly to show that someone does actually win the cars.  Check out the latest winner below:



Thirdly, if you want to know more about the company watch this video produced by Proactive Investors.  William Hindmarch explains more about the companies history and aspirations.


On a final note, Best of the Best PLC is the only dedicated car competition “clicks and mortar” that’s worth playing.  Tickets are expensive but the prizes are immense.

Click here to go to the Best of the Best website and have a go.

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