What Happened to Stratabet?

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What Happened to Stratabet?

Stratabet, the football analytics platform that helped thousands of bettors make accurate predictions on sports betting, has been closed down indefinitely by the London-based parent company Stratagem Technologies.

In the recent past, Stratabet has served the football analytics community with distinction, providing free access to advanced statistics and insights that would otherwise be inaccessible to individual punters.

Their unfortunate demise is expected to have significant repercussions on the sports betting landscape, especially when it comes to football betting. The actual reason behind this sudden shutdown has not been made public as the officials from the parent body continued to maintain thorough silence.

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Stratabet Was a Pioneer in Betting Industry

The brainchild of Stratagem, a financial trading company, Stratabet combined predictive algorithms with artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide gamblers concrete data on the possible outcome of football matches. While they were not running a direct betting platform, the idea was to show potential bettors the best available betting opportunities for particular games.

They covered almost all major football leagues from across the globe, offering comprehensive pre-match analysis and live insights on each game day in and day out. They used qualitative and quantitative match data including team news, individual player abilities, tactics, previous trends, recent performances, and motivation levels to come up with pre-match and in-play predictions. Stratabet also maintained a database of players and teams with bespoke ratings to show the impact of possible events.

With Stratabet, bettors could have all the information that they needed at their fingertips to make informed choices while betting on football matches. Instead of betting on random hunches, people could rely on professional tips based on statistical analysis. In fact, Stratabet had successfully provided the cue to many high-stake winning bets over the past few years, helping bettors to say goodbye to betting in the dark and follow the path to an analytical model of gambling.

Stratabet’s near-accurate prediction has a lot to do with its ingenious data collection methods. Stratabet didn’t just rely on publicly available data sources to feed its predictive algorithms but had an in-house team of 65 data scientists and football analysts to generate its own databases. Once the numbers are cleansed, processed, and crunched, it led to spot ‘alpha’ in the market – mispriced or slow-moving odds where the bettors had a better chance of striking rich.

In short, Stratabet revolutionized the idea of generating proprietary data and using technology to analyze sports betting markets. It’s a concept borrowed from the financial markets with a vision to establish sports trading as an alternative asset class. They developed software that looked and felt like the tools used to trade in equities – something similar to the Bloomberg-styled interface. The idea was to professionalize sports betting, ably backed by solid statistical data. Loads of data, unique insights, screeners, feeds and the ability to execute bets straight from the platform through selected betting exchanges contributed to Stratabet’s immense popularity among sports betting enthusiasts.

To make it even simpler, Stratabet came up with a dashboard showing all upcoming matches and a 1-5 star rating against each of the games. A signal of 5 stars indicated the maximum possibility to win a bet – thus helping bettors cut the risk factor while picking suitable odds.

With accurate stats, signals, and graphs to rely on, people could follow the pre-match and in-play insights to make informed decisions. When it came to a consolidated, concise, and relevant stimulus for betting opportunities, Stratabet had no alternative. It served the football betting community with unprecedented accuracy – something which will be dearly missed by the sports bettors after its unfortunate shut down.

Betting World is Shocked and Appalled

The news of Stratabet shutting down its operation left the football analytics community in a frenzy. Everything seemed to work smoothly and there was no indication that Stratagem Technologies was going to take such a drastic step.

Initially, people thought that the portal might be down due to maintenance or hosting issues, but gradually the news broke out on Twitter that Stratabet decided to indefinitely suspend its operation with immediate effect.

There was no public notification issued by the parent company as to the actual reason behind this sudden closure – which allowed the rumor mills to have a field day. The official website, as well as the Twitter handle, were taken down in a haste without giving any clarity about the ongoing troubles. Without any suitable alternatives, Stratabet’s demise left the flabbergasted sports betters out on a limb.

It is reported that many leading sports betting exchanges were encountering losses suffered due to the rise in the percentage of winning bets generated from the Stratabet interface. The dip in profit margin affected their sustainable business model. It is not clear whether the betting syndicate had a role to play in the closure of Stratabet, but if it turns out to be the actual reason, that would not be too surprising for the market insiders.

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