The Essential Betting Guide to Golf

How To The Essential Betting Guide to Golf

In the last decades, golf has been experiencing a fantastic rise in popularity, mainly due to the emergence of the sports first true superstar, Tiger Woods. Golf has also made it to all major bookmakers as well, as bettors try to find value in betting on major and minor golf events.

Take a look  at our Golf betting page to keep up to date with the latest events in the Golf World.

There is always a learning curve when trying to bet on new sports and Betopin has prepared this How-To: The Essential Betting Guide to Golf to help beginner and regular bettors quickly adapt to the sport of golf by providing them with all the key ingredients for a great betting experience.

The guide features a How to Get Started with Golf Betting section, where we cover the bookmakers which offer the best value for betting on golf, as well as the most popular betting markets. There is also a Golf for Beginners section covering the rules of the sport, major events and the equipment used.

Keep reading and you will be betting on golf in no time.

How to Get Started with Golf Betting

It is always good to start by choosing the right bookmaker for you. The offer of bookmakers is growing every day and sometimes it is difficult to navigate and select the right one. We have selected several bookmakers that offer great value for betting on golf.

We have also covered the most popular betting markets and how to place bets on them.

The Go-To Golf Betting Sites


is one of the largest bookmakers in the world and they have a great offer of golf betting markets covering all the major tournaments. The odds are competitive as well, to go along with a streamlined betting experience of their platform.

Paddy Power:

is an Irish bookmaker that has been around for some time and they have one of the best offers of golf betting markets in the world. All the major events are covered, including a bunch of minor ones, so there is plenty of action to choose from.

William Hill:

is a British bookmaker known for having one of the most comprehensive offers of the betting markets for all major sports. Golf is no exception here with stellar coverage of both major and minor golfing tournaments along with very diverse betting markets which include future bets as well.


offers an innovative betting platform that is easy to use along with some of the most competitive odds in the market. Golf is a sport where they truly shine, great betting markets for all major and minor events. A great choice.


is an industry-leading bookmaker from the UK which has set numerous industry standards during the last two decades. They also cover golf quite well with a variety of events and betting markets, coupled with competitive odds and the best live streaming experience in the industry.


is a smaller bookmaker compared to some of the names we have mentioned earlier but they have a reputation for providing great value on their odds, particularly in golf betting markets. Keep that in mind, even though their betting experience leaves a lot to be desired.


Operates the second largest betting exchange in the world where bettors can place bets against each other on all major sports. Golf is no different, as they cover all the major events. While the offer of betting markets might not be the best, the value for experienced bettors who know how to use the betting exchange system is too good to pass up.


is one of the oldest British bookmakers, starting its operation in 1926 through brick-and-mortar betting shops. They are also present online with a solid offer of betting markets and events on all major sports. Golf is covered with all the major events, even though the variety of betting markets tends to be a bit slim.


Most Popular Golf Markets

Tournament Winner Betting Market

Tournament Winner betting markets give bettors a chance to pick the player which will win a particular golf tournament. The bookmaker sets odds for each of the players due to their form, past results and reputation. The value in these bets is quite high since it is a very rare occurrence that a single player dominates a lot of tournaments and odds reflect that.

Finishing Position Betting Market

If you are keen on making bets that offer less variance at a cost of a smaller pay-out, Finishing Position betting markets give you a chance to do just that. The bookmaker sets odds for each player to finish in the Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 or Top 20 in a particular tournament and the bettor can choose the bet to place their stake on. As long as the player finishes within the range of the bet, regardless of the actual finishing position, the bet is a win.

Double Chance Betting Market

Another popular golf betting market is the Double Chance market. Here the bookmakers set odds for a pair of players to win a particular tournament. The bettor can choose the pair they like and as long as one of the two chosen players ends up winning the tournament, the bet is a winning one.


Golf for Beginners

Golf Course

The Rules

Golf has enjoyed immense growth in popularity during the last two decades across the globe. Once thought of as the sport of the elites, it has gone mainstream with golf courses popping up everywhere.

Golf is a game played on grass courses which are divided into 18 separate holes. The objective of the game is to put the golf ball into the hole from the starting point of the hole. The fewer strokes needed to complete that, the better the score.

Each of the 18 holes is marked with a PAR number (for example 4), which means that as long as the player can put the ball in the hole in that number of strokes, he will be rewarded a zero score for the hole, or par. In case more strokes are played, the player will receive a positive score of +1 for each additional stroke. A lesser number of strokes will receive a negative score of -1 for each stroke under par. The winner of the game is the player who has the lowest total score after 18 holes.


The majority of golf tournaments are played in rounds, often played at consecutive days. A round is a full play of the golf course, covering all 18 holes. Most of the golf majors are played in 4 rounds, meaning that players have to play through the course 4 times, for 72 holes in total.

Major Events

Golf shares a lot of similarities with tennis, due to the similar social background of the sport, as the main events are the US Open and British Open (also known as the Open Championship) along with the Masters and PGA Championship. These are the 4 most prestigious tournaments in the world.

There is also a Ryder Cup event, where golfers compete wearing the colors of their national team.

The Clubs

Bag of Golf Clubs

There is not a lot of equipment that golfers use to put the ball in the hole but the key piece of every golfer is a bag of clubs. The clubs all have different names, such as the Driver, Wood, Iron and Putter. Each of those clubs has a separate purpose.

Bag of Golf Clubs

The Driver is used to drive the ball as far as possible and it is the usual choice for the opening stroke on each hole of the golf course. Wood clubs are used for driving the ball with top-spin for more straight drives that do not require a lot of elevation. Iron clubs are used for more technical shots, that require elevating the ball higher and putting backspin on it, in order to land at a precise point. The Putter is a club used for tapping the ball on the surface, instead of airing it, almost exclusively used on the “greens”, areas close to the hole.


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