Can You Make Money Betting In-Running on The Betting Exchanges?

It’s now possible to bet in-running on the betting exchanges on a variety of popular sports such as horse racing and golf, and some punters must be making money betting this way, or else the in-running markets wouldn’t be as strong as they are. The big question is – can you?

If you’re trying to pick the winner of a horse race or golf tournament whilst watching it on your TV at home, whilst also trying to place your bets using an average broadband speed, the truth is you probably won’t make money. That’s because many professional in-running punters, armed with super-fast broadband, actually attend these sporting events and can see what is happening several seconds before you do on TV.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your knowledge and judgment to make a profit by placing well thought out in-running back and lay bets. That’s because you don’t even have to pick the winner of a sporting event to win money, as you also have the option of sports trading in the in-running markets to make a profit.

Sports Trading In-Running on Horse Racing

When faced with a horse race with a field of 20 runners, most punters will immediately try and find the winner. However, whilst that’s possible, it may be easier to work out how a certain horse in the field will run and make a profit from that knowledge by trading in running, meaning you can make a profit whether the horse wins or loses.

For example, if there’s a popular horse in the race who consistently wins small-field races by adopting front-running tactics, he could be one to take on. This is especially true when there are other horses who like to adopt similar front-running tactics in the field, as they are likely to take each other on and force each other to expend too much energy too early, leaving themselves no energy for the finish. However, it’s amazing how often this type of popular horse trades at shorter-odds than their SP as they approach the latter stages of the race. Therefore, it’s possible to make a profit by backing the horse before the race starts and then instantly requesting a lay bet at the type of lower in-running odds you’re convinced the horse will hit. If the horse then hits those odds, you’ll profit whether the horse wins or loses.

Sports Trading In-Running in Golf Tournaments

There are thousands of statistics when it comes to golf, and professional punters have designed computer programs to predict what odds a player who is leading by one-stroke with three holes to go should be. However, what computer programs don’t always factor-in is how the difficulty of those final three holes may differ from course to course. This is where doing your homework should pay-off. Of course, you can also expand this theory to different sections of any golf course. It may be that the middle six-holes of a golf course are the most difficult. Therefore, you may choose to lay, players, as they approach the 7th hole, with a view of backing them back at bigger-prices after the 12th hole to make a profit.

These are just a few examples of how you can make a profit from betting in-running on the exchanges. Just remember, whatever tactics you adopt, you just need to be right more than you’re wrong – and backing your own judgment against the other in-running exchange punters out there has never been more exciting than it is right now.

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Aideen O.
Aideen O.
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